The Lighter Side of Star Trek
2 Sides of Snake Eyes
Capt. Binoy Varakil
Capt. Binoy Varakil 3 saat əvvəl
Very good 👏👏👏 Thanks a lot 🥰🥰🥰
Mugsykins 3 saat əvvəl
Oh look. They went down the list of virtue signal checklist and made sure tick off as many boxes as possible. Look at all the tokenized ethnic groups. Willing to bet the killer will be a white male. F off with this SJW pandering.
Diego Levy Hernández
Diego Levy Hernández 3 saat əvvəl
bradyn Anderson
bradyn Anderson 3 saat əvvəl
KID-KAM-FAM 3 saat əvvəl
no sonic is poopee 😂
Jamie Thomas
Jamie Thomas 3 saat əvvəl
Sidney got more lives than Michael Myers
Jay Raymond MGTOW
Jay Raymond MGTOW 4 saat əvvəl
The killer is going to be Gale. Remember she has always hated the fact that Sidney blamed her for believing that cotton didn’t murder her mother. She was also smacked up several times by her. Her husband is also overprotective of Sidney, which could make her jealous. Also the fact that her writing career has been suffering and in her being the killer, she would win all kinds of awards and go out being captured in style
draculaissus 4 saat əvvəl
finally have something to look forward to scream being my favorite slasher including the tv series
Ronnie XFILE
Ronnie XFILE 4 saat əvvəl
Halloween 🎃 right mattressI like those ghost face, and likes Candyman too. And like villains.
Ralston Brickerson
Ralston Brickerson 4 saat əvvəl
Hello Sidney, it's an honor
Marven Abello Piera
Marven Abello Piera 4 saat əvvəl
He doesn't want anybody other than his family to be in the Ark? Yeah sure.
George Reid III
George Reid III 4 saat əvvəl
Why do they stay in this damn town if he keeps doing this shit? I feel the same way about people in tornado alley- move to Arkansas or Tennessee and cut the shit!!!
Zahara 4 saat əvvəl
I’m so excited! 👏
GUY VER 4 saat əvvəl
Hell yea, you can always rely on scream to keep shit real. This trailer makes that terrible halloween kills movie look like dog piss. Cant wait to see what wes brings to the series next. Good ol ghost face is back to keep horror actual horror. Show neo fascist hollywood how its done!
Sean McClure
Sean McClure 4 saat əvvəl
It’s either going to be a girl as the killer or three girls. Predictable predictable predictable.
Hazardous Harleigh
Hazardous Harleigh 4 saat əvvəl
Great movie loved it
Seth G
Seth G 4 saat əvvəl
It always made me think could they make a Scream Movie Scary in modern Era. N they pulled it off.
Mr. Gibbs
Mr. Gibbs 4 saat əvvəl
i wont be watching this because Bam was exiled. some friends to leave him out of this reunion.
Chris j
Chris j 4 saat əvvəl
So wack
Sharkattack300 69
Sharkattack300 69 4 saat əvvəl
Perfect trailer for Halloween Kills in the theater.
Harrison Morales
Harrison Morales 4 saat əvvəl
Scream 5 it takes place after events of scream 4 I saw all scream movies I have original ghostface mask
Sami Haavisto
Sami Haavisto 4 saat əvvəl
Seriously someone has landline nowadays lol?! 👻
MEWAII 4 saat əvvəl
ijolumut sukacoklat
ijolumut sukacoklat 4 saat əvvəl
I watched scream 1 to 4 this sunday because of this lol
Emily Browne
Emily Browne 4 saat əvvəl
“We are offering a $25,000 reward for the capture of the big red dog” is a sentence I never thought I would hear said with a straight in a actual Hollywood movie
Jessica Wilson
Jessica Wilson 4 saat əvvəl
I mean…….. do you like scary movies?
abcumm25 5 saat əvvəl
We never really did see Stu die…..tho this could also have some connection to Randy….maybe his sister who appeared briefly in Scream 3…
Sean Tremayne B. Prado
Sean Tremayne B. Prado 5 saat əvvəl
sad thing they didn't keep gangsta's paradise but H E Y O O H is still cool
Tim Feller
Tim Feller 5 saat əvvəl
Should have just rebranded it as "The Scream"
ururh 5 saat əvvəl
unknow.. 5 saat əvvəl
Kesini gara gara ada yang terinspirasi ngebunuh
annag cocl
annag cocl 5 saat əvvəl
Bring a knife to a gun fight and still always win: Scream, Jason, Michael.
Diana Laitumondang
Diana Laitumondang 5 saat əvvəl
Gianna Jeong hot scandal Ursulla Yeon 바람부는 윤아 핫 포토세션 박나나 추연 케이팝 아이돌 핫씬 18+ 고향차차차 Hot scandal Julia Cheom 선해임 17+
Hp Hp
Hp Hp 5 saat əvvəl
I feel 25 yrs younger - hell ya
Daniel Zahabi
Daniel Zahabi 5 saat əvvəl
Do we need to see all movies to understand this one?
santiago 4 saat əvvəl
watching the older ones will probably give you a better experience when watching this one but from what i'm seeing no, you don't "need" to see the other ones.
PlayGlow 5 saat əvvəl
@annag cocl This isn’t a remake.
Daniel Zahabi
Daniel Zahabi 5 saat əvvəl
@annag cocl what did I do bruv
annag cocl
annag cocl 5 saat əvvəl
Get some imagination and STOP REMAKING OLD MOVIES
Mindy Min
Mindy Min 5 saat əvvəl
Omg I'm so happy 😭
Jill Pierson
Jill Pierson 5 saat əvvəl
I wanna see this.
Hey You
Hey You 5 saat əvvəl
F 0 X Y
F 0 X Y 5 saat əvvəl
Omg they should just have stopped at the last one years ago. Trying too hard now. They should know when to call it quits
Trevor Schwarz
Trevor Schwarz 5 saat əvvəl
I just hope that Stu has something to do with all the things happening
Yeehaw lol
Yeehaw lol 5 saat əvvəl
Ligrep 6 saat əvvəl
Omg, so exited!
Richard Calisi
Richard Calisi 6 saat əvvəl
Neve campbell is still hot as hell...what a beauty!
frehduhrik 6 saat əvvəl
What a missed opportunity to title this “5cream.”
Zachary Siple
Zachary Siple 6 saat əvvəl
I had no interest for this at first, but now my interest is peaked a bit more. :) I had to look up the kid at 1:55- he's in Good Boys. (Izaac Wang.)
EJ Lee
EJ Lee 6 saat əvvəl
Clifford was one of my favorites during my childhood. Also, wow... Jack Whitehall's American accent is so good.
Madelyn Lewis
Madelyn Lewis 6 saat əvvəl
FREAK YES!!!!!! 💀🕸🎃
Enzo Matrix
Enzo Matrix 6 saat əvvəl
Calling it now. It's Stu's son.
Alice Brandon
Alice Brandon 6 saat əvvəl
I’m excited to learn who the killer is and what the connection is! This looks amazing
Pterodactyl Warrior
Pterodactyl Warrior 6 saat əvvəl
Cameron Rudan
Cameron Rudan 6 saat əvvəl
there is NO DOUBT in my mind, microwave society will make a video on this.
Order_7 6 saat əvvəl
bruh, this doesn't even look that scary
jason poore
jason poore 7 saat əvvəl
Get some imagination and STOP REMAKING OLD MOVIES
HazzMan4Ever 7 saat əvvəl
I thought Clifford was supposed to talk too did they end up changing that ?
Emerald Blitz
Emerald Blitz 7 saat əvvəl
I can’t waittttttt
Kid Carhartt
Kid Carhartt 7 saat əvvəl
Dewie is the/one of the killers. Calling it now.
Logan Randall
Logan Randall 7 saat əvvəl
Why couldn't they have just called it Scream 5
Hulusi Surucu
Hulusi Surucu 7 saat əvvəl
Stu Macher Come Back👍🥃
Elliot Ford
Elliot Ford 7 saat əvvəl
This looks like a ghostface that isn’t messing around
Chalk 7 saat əvvəl
It’s undeniable. The dead by daylight cinematic universe is starting. First Michael now ghost face.
grungepen 7 saat əvvəl
Ronaldo Vonsoski
Ronaldo Vonsoski 7 saat əvvəl
The Scream franchise is my favorite! I can't wait for this new one!
Abu Dhakal
Abu Dhakal 7 saat əvvəl
I'm sorry but because of Scary Movie I just laugh when I see the Scream mask lol
Albadr ALHAZMI 7 saat əvvəl
Do shadow the hedgehog
FireLord 6 saat əvvəl
Its to early for shadow
ApeWithNoBrakes 7 saat əvvəl
bro back in the day these things where scary as fuck for me
Bobby blazes
Bobby blazes 7 saat əvvəl
Hopefully Scary Movie reboots as well
cherie picariello
cherie picariello 7 saat əvvəl
Bring it on. So fkn ready for this one. 🍿Bringing it back to the beginning ♥️
Sarah Darling
Sarah Darling 7 saat əvvəl
Love these movies but I’ll never get over how they killed Randy, he’s my all time favorite scary movie character
Curtis Abshire
Curtis Abshire 7 saat əvvəl
Evil dies tonight
Rictainment™ 7 saat əvvəl
The trailer makes me feel like I've watched the entire film already 😐 I think the trailer showed too much personally but I'll still watch as I love the originals
Berry White
Berry White 7 saat əvvəl
Lol no, we were told not to trust the trailer. They put little things in the trailer that may or may not even be in the movie and it's all to mess with your head.
Ethan Wood
Ethan Wood 7 saat əvvəl
we’ve been waiting for THIS!
Ethan Wood
Ethan Wood 7 saat əvvəl
Mattie Cox
Mattie Cox 7 saat əvvəl
Hell yeah… but you can’t just call it Scream again can you? Lol
PlayGlow 5 saat əvvəl
Scream is also relevant to current horror tropes and trends. This is making fun of the recent trend of revitilizing a horror series and just called it the same thing as the first in the series. Take the original Halloween and Halloween (2018) as an example.
Gibson 7 saat əvvəl
Man i loved the books and the tv show growing up I'm definitely watching this
July Xm Butera
July Xm Butera 7 saat əvvəl
Sidney Prescott is back y'all!!!!
Afternoon -
Afternoon - 8 saat əvvəl
Rv B
Rv B 8 saat əvvəl