Rushi 17 saat əvvəl
What's funny is that those big muscular dudes who look scary ate mostly gentle giants and nicest of people you will meet, this video is proof of that.
Александр 17 saat əvvəl
Alessandro Cavaliere
Alessandro Cavaliere 18 saat əvvəl
Ahaha 💪👨🏽‍🦲🤣🤣
Lucia Sanz
Lucia Sanz 18 saat əvvəl
angela 18 saat əvvəl
Психолог Непсихованный
Психолог Непсихованный 19 saat əvvəl
Когда пересел с легковой машины на грузовую🤣
Manish Kashyap
Manish Kashyap 19 saat əvvəl
Nikhil Pandey
Nikhil Pandey 19 saat əvvəl
Only Indians can understand -- " marna hai tereko dar nahi lagta " 😅😅
Morning Owl
Morning Owl 19 saat əvvəl
Doesn’t give up on his diet either, it seems…
Sukuna 19 saat əvvəl
Damm man those are soke big dudes..
Caolan Hogeweide
Caolan Hogeweide 19 saat əvvəl
Why not use a real peach basket with a small hole in the bottom to push the ball out.
Caolan Hogeweide
Caolan Hogeweide 19 saat əvvəl
I really don't understand the point of puncturing and ruining a perfectly good basketball.
Caolan Hogeweide
Caolan Hogeweide 19 saat əvvəl
Instead of making the hoop smaller, why not just shoot with a larger ball?
moh. hab.
moh. hab. 19 saat əvvəl
Vive le hidjab !
exgeeinteractive 19 saat əvvəl
Meh... Russ was also hitting shots in practice and bricking them all in game (minus all of this of course). Fatigue, defense and all.
Leni Maryam
Leni Maryam 19 saat əvvəl
Cari gara-gara aja orang itu.
Anjeet Pradhan
Anjeet Pradhan 19 saat əvvəl
Mar nhi PDA hai esko
A & P official
A & P official 19 saat əvvəl
Part 2😔 🥺 :- 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇azshow.infou8HuO020280?feature=share
Хизри Закиев
Хизри Закиев 19 saat əvvəl
Toing 19 saat əvvəl
strong people are not good, more towards understanding that he is not the right opponent bro
Thangaraj s
Thangaraj s 19 saat əvvəl
Don't forget Ronaldo
Руслан И
Руслан И 20 saat əvvəl
Junior Bello
Junior Bello 20 saat əvvəl
Christina Thomas
Christina Thomas 20 saat əvvəl
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣This stuff be so funny
Desley Jaime
Desley Jaime 20 saat əvvəl
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez 20 saat əvvəl
Rohit Pandey
Rohit Pandey 20 saat əvvəl
Ndo chemp lodha chemp kariya
Николай Иванов
Николай Иванов 20 saat əvvəl
Вы заметили , что все здоровики , милые и прикольные ребята? 😁 . А дрищи , чаще всего крикливые и гавнистые 🤣