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I want to know more about transmen. I'm not sure if they get the same backlash as transwomen but there are more infamous stories about transwomen (that i know of) than transmen- idk it feels like people dont really include them when they talk about transgender people as a whole-
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No, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to do it all again. That's commitment.
You_Gube22 42 dəqiqə əvvəl
It makes me unbelievably happy that not only is my queen Bailey an ally but also using her platform to show her support and educating others!... as a member of the LGBTQ+ community it almost makes me cry everytime she stands up for LGBTQ+ rights cos its like she's standing up for me and helping me make the world a better more positive and accepting place for everyone!
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Edges you edges
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Bailey has done it again. Great video, and thank you to you and your team for creating this great show. 💯
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I love this so much! Thank you, Bailey, for acknowledging the real history behind Pride!
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“It’s the clawww” is from liar liar
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I've known about this case for a while and it is hands down the craziest case of police brutality.
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you should look up the Eugenics movement and the forced sterilization of men and women, so fk'd up
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My comfort creator
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But remember Matthew was fooled by those two men thinking that he was going home for some “fun Lovin’.” So obviously Matthew didn’t see the harm in touching him….. uhg! I hate people
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can i just say i L O V E your halloween decor
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I have a suggestion for another crime video. I don't know how much you'll find about the actual case because there's also a creepypasta with the same name but there was a "show" called Mr. Bear's Cellar and basically what the guy did was lure kids by saying it was a kid's tv show and then ended up burning the cellar with kids in it. Since the guy was wearing a bear mask in all of the "episodes" no one really knows who he was. Maybe that could be a cool video or maybe just something interesting to look into? You'd probably know where to look for more information about it than me lol. Love your content by the way!
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Hello I'm so glad you finally made a video on the LGBTQ community because as a bisexual and non binary person, and just someone who loves you, this makes me so happy
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Who ever was in charge during the time the evidence was destroyed should be arrested and jailed as well as who ever actually destroyed the evidence.. They know exactly when it was removed from evidence due to it having to be logged and just as it is logged when it's removed, it's def logged when it's destroyed, which would most def include the officers name and information. Who ever f'ed up this ATROCIOUSLY needs to be held accountable. This is just INSANE not to mention unacceptable ‼️ This is absolutely a cover up. Bailey you've nailed it right on the head 4 sure ‼️
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The live and let live needs to be a two way street. I like steak, guns, hunting, sporting dogs, rodeos, etc. I don't try to force my views on anyone. There are things people do that I don't agree with but guess what. This is America. You should be free to do 'you' even if I or someone else doesn't agree with it. People need to learn not to be offended by every little thing. Let things go. Walk on and do your own thing.
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Raeganne Fulwood
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I'm Australian. (You said Queensland wrong but it's understandable) This is one of the most well known cases in Australia although the details weren't very well known until I watched this edit: in my town it is believed he unscrewed her breathing tube
Shonda Casselman
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If this was on the news. You would think if he was the one who was cheating. Why didn't any of the women he was sleeping with come forward and say. Hey I was having any affair with him. But didn't know he was married or he was divorced and had kids or whatever excuse he gave them. That would have been proof right their he was being emotional and verbally abusive. And it would have help her get mentally evaluated. And when she went back to court maybe be found not guilty or something.
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He was the fall guy for a trafficking ring
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Thank you got this history. At 50 + I am still surprised at history we were never taught or were barely taught. Harriet Beecher Stowe or the amazing ladies at NASA who helped get us to the moon. The truly dark history of how so very many of our black citizens were not only enslaved, but after slavery was "over" were, lynched, beaten and robbed of the little property they worked so hard for. So many of these patriotic American Heros and just left out of history. I feel cheated at not learning about these amazing people who overcame adversities most of us can't begin to imagine.
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I'm finally branching out from the grwm mmmm videos. And I'm loving these other ones. The wine tasting.... hilarious. They could have taught her some simple stuff that everyone should know about wine regardless if they drink it but they were really cool guys.
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So if it took so long to find a bar that wouldn't serve them, was there not a better way to go about this??
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My middle name is Marie 🤣
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That was so brutal and hard to hear about. I think vince should've been taken out by police immediately.
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I hope you cover the Russian sleep experiment its freaky
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I always knew the basics of this case but now hearing all the details I’m SHOCKED this sounds like a horror movie
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People kept asking John . He would call a friends mother ,telling her that he had seen her son . throwing her off. I was spending the night ,she told me she heard the drums in her sons room. I stopped stared and said if your hearing him in his room ,he can't be alive . I don't think we said anything else. At all that night . but I do remember her running out the door chasing a ghost. So john called on a regular basis. That was in 77. If anyone looked into it close there would have been less victims. My brother in law and his older brother would debate over the death penalty. One was like yeah. The other said it didn't bring back their brother ,or make the family whole again . the tragedy touched them all and was like a curse ruining everything
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