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An unlikely duo 💥 Tony Stark and Killmonger join forces in a new episode of Marvel Studios’ “What If…?”, now streaming on Disney+.

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An unlikely duo 💥 Tony Stark and Killmonger join forces in a new episode of Marvel Studios’ “What If…?”, now streaming on Disney+.Reddit: reddit.com/u/marvel-official

Chad Gaming
Chad Gaming 17 gün əvvəl
Not hearing Robert Downey Jr.’s voice is SO weird.
JokerBatman87 27 gün əvvəl
Dragonball super is the reason why you will see Galaxus in the MCU. How you ask? Divine Dragon God Shenron showed as all how cool it would be to see a Kailua surrounded with endless galaxies. In summer era DBS made Galaxus as big as a Galaxy!
Ana Rosa Pereyra
Ana Rosa Pereyra Ay əvvəl
This episode suks iron man death and killmonger next black panter
Ferefly Ay əvvəl
I like how when he said they could miniaturize an arc reactor he put his hand on his chest
Bincy Px
Bincy Px Ay əvvəl
I've seen this episode, it has a lot of action sequences and tricky moments But the tragic part is Tony's death coz he already had a couple of deaths in previous episodes
SlayQuinn Ay əvvəl
Why do What if Directors keep killing Tony? 🥺
Afrinaut Ay əvvəl
What if...Killmonger is still misguided. And the trope of Black-revolution being inherently evil is still presented by "allies" or supposedly "progressive" writers. smh. Audre Lorde: The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house. This episode's writing could learn from her.
Mister SoMeister Backup
Mister SoMeister Backup Ay əvvəl
This is a interesting episode
Nishant Jain
Nishant Jain Ay əvvəl
This was a sick episode
Jean Lickman
Jean Lickman Ay əvvəl
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BubbaUltra Ay əvvəl
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Bright Johnson
Bright Johnson Ay əvvəl
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Sarah Bright
Sarah Bright Ay əvvəl
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Janice Marisa
Janice Marisa Ay əvvəl
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David Michael
David Michael Ay əvvəl
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Erick🗣️ Ay əvvəl
Karan Kumar
Karan Kumar Ay əvvəl
Ooo marvel when you will dubb it in hindi language i am eagerly waiting for this
Aṣeel F.G
Aṣeel F.G Ay əvvəl
I did not like this episode, not one bit Tony is not that easy to kill even if he is was not iron man his strength was the fact that he is super smart and his ability to act fast not to be able to even escape or maneuver Killmonger didn't feel like Tony at all
sussi sujetin
sussi sujetin Ay əvvəl
Why is Marvel killing Tony Stark over and over again?
Aidan Shea
Aidan Shea Ay əvvəl
An interesting consequence of this reality is that the miniaturized arc reactor will most likely be created for the first time by Ivan Vanko So mabye Crimson Dynamo?
SDCCvideo 14
SDCCvideo 14 Ay əvvəl
I won't be signing up for Disney+ but thanks lol
Eric Killmonger
Eric Killmonger Ay əvvəl
Bayu Ji
Bayu Ji Ay əvvəl
We want what if.....in Hindi language
1 guy = HAVIER RAVEZ. 2 hot asian girls = MARLIN PIE KYOHEDI LEDR & CEROBLAST. 1 hot white girl = DEB. Sitting in the tree :P HAHAHAH! OOPS HAVIER RAVEZ strive indeed :P
Free fire Boy
Free fire Boy Ay əvvəl
Plz make a film Avengers 6
The Pigs And Yoshi Bros 5
The Pigs And Yoshi Bros 5 Ay əvvəl
What If Tony Stark Became Black Panther?
logan parker
logan parker Ay əvvəl
I like how Killmonger fired Obadiah stain killmongar Rules
clinton dix
clinton dix Ay əvvəl
stop hiring craptavists
mahendran muthiah
mahendran muthiah Ay əvvəl
Can anyone tell me that who is kilomonger coz I didn’t watch the movie till now 😅
Adi Ay əvvəl
This is the dumbest version of tony I have seen so far
Adi Ay əvvəl
Worst what if's episode I have seen so far
Netflix fan
Netflix fan Ay əvvəl
Whoever did Tony Stark's voice did a great job👏
LynxCODM Ay əvvəl
Marvel should start to make an abomination movie lol
Midhun Ay əvvəl
We want episode : What if tony stark survived the snap 😣
Piyush Kumar
Piyush Kumar Ay əvvəl
Marvel showed the dumbest version of tony stark
Adi Ay əvvəl
pizzagamin YT
pizzagamin YT Ay əvvəl
So far in the series iron man has been killed 3 times. Poor guy
BryceeBoy Ay əvvəl
I find it hilarious how iron man has died in half of the episodes so far
Jaxen Daniel
Jaxen Daniel Ay əvvəl
What if…? Spider-Man No Way Home had more trailers
Clay Octane
Clay Octane Ay əvvəl
This was probably the best episode so far in so many ways
Seria Mau
Seria Mau Ay əvvəl
Ehrmegherd ehrnly ehrn Dursney Plurse.
Adam Gornick
Adam Gornick Ay əvvəl
One of the worst episodes possible you can't skip over Jarvis when someone is taking stuff from Tony after killing Tony in front of Jarvis come on marvel really Jarvis let him have everything like that
Humanoid Creature
Humanoid Creature Ay əvvəl
This episode was amaizing: the battle between Eric and Stark was really fun to watch and it felt heartbreaking when Killmonger killed Tony, It was amaizing to see Killmonger talk to T'Challa after drinking the black panther syrup. And after all of that, the episode still managed to end in a positive note. This show is going really good so far, I hope we get to see more of Corrupted Strange in season 2.
tushar madaan
tushar madaan Ay əvvəl
Is there a universe where Black Panther snaps fingers and says “Wakanda Forever”
just molex
just molex Ay əvvəl
A new what if episode what if Thor never went to earth and he’s hammer never became that the worthy can lift
Mighty Superheroes
Mighty Superheroes Ay əvvəl
Please I can become a member of marvel universe I am the biggest fan of marvel universe I have all knowledge of marvel universe
xxdd Ay əvvəl
so let me get this straight, assuming that what if...? is canon (which i assume it is) when comparing to pre-multiverse MCU. does that mean tony stark actually made a synthetic version of vibranium, *AT* his malibu home in Iron Man 2?
Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma Ay əvvəl
Which episode is this?
SubashShamis Raja
SubashShamis Raja Ay əvvəl
Where is Happy
Ankit Bhola
Ankit Bhola Ay əvvəl
Stop killing tony again and again
Rishab Paul
Rishab Paul Ay əvvəl
Who is killmonger😶
Hafiz Al
Hafiz Al Ay əvvəl
Is this season released yet?? Does anybody know??
Mattia Bolzon
Mattia Bolzon Ay əvvəl
I liked this episode a lot because already in the first place I like that they filmed the story of the first Iron Man with the same vibes and everything else and above all because it is one of my favorites, in fact the live action film is one of my MCU favorites. Then what to say, I was really impressed and happy with how well they handled the character of Killmonger, I state that he is one of my favorite characters along with his musical theme since he made his appearance in the Black Panther movie, I like a lot of the style and the caretization they gave him, from hair to clothes up to his motivations that push him to do what he does in the film. In this episode, however, in my opinion it was characterized better than the film, they gave him the same motivations but made him carry them out in a much more mysterious way and full of intrigues and twists that I liked a lot. It thrilled me a lot and also excited to see the Avengers lined up in a circle in the battle of New York and to see Iron Man with the gems of infinity in the battle of Endgame that utters the iconic phrase "I am Iron Man". I was also excited a lot to hear the voice of Chadwick Boseman, OUR KING ❤️ and the scene where after fighting and destroying the drones in Wakanda, T'Challa's mother with tears in her eyes screams: "For T'Challa!" and all the money intones the battle cry with spears raised to the sky, I literally shivered at that moment. Extra honorable mention for the really spectacular fights, ok that the strength of all the episodes released so far are the fights, but these with the rhinos, the vibranium spears, the Dora Milaje, the moves and the strength given by power of the Black Panther, in addition to gasing me a lot I'm above all the others hands down.
Vin Siapno
Vin Siapno Ay əvvəl
Worst episode so far
Peter Quill
Peter Quill Ay əvvəl
LMH Ay əvvəl
What if, Tony did built a Gundam?
Sumit Kumar Das
Sumit Kumar Das Ay əvvəl
Please release a hindi dub
raj sd
raj sd Ay əvvəl
iron man fans: why are you doing this. marvel: my programming directive is to destroy the iron man
Suman Das
Suman Das Ay əvvəl
🤩🤩🤩truly awesome show♥️♥️♥️
Bikash Sharma
Bikash Sharma Ay əvvəl
Please dubbed in Hindi
Aseem Behera
Aseem Behera Ay əvvəl
I am eagerly waiting for this episode, love you 3000 tony..
Le Pop Collectibles
Le Pop Collectibles Ay əvvəl
Poor Tony, dies prematurely in every timeline.
Why Marvel is behind killing Tony everytime 🥺😥....in the same series so many times 😑
How many days left to release trailer of spider man no way to home. Waiting 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Surya Prakash
Surya Prakash Ay əvvəl
What if episodes totally damaged iron man 😭🙄
Azote米 一种 电阻 到 升
Azote米 一种 电阻 到 升 Ay əvvəl
Mes cousins nous avons regardé ensemble
Chris Hassan
Chris Hassan Ay əvvəl
I really want to see an episode that explores what would have happened if Thanos had erased the other half of the population instead.
Ashbiha Fathima
Ashbiha Fathima Ay əvvəl
I don't think anything would change honestly.
naathi ahmath
naathi ahmath Ay əvvəl
Dei arc reactor sinnathu aakalam da vera time line la paaru da loosu payale
Kenny Tanza
Kenny Tanza Ay əvvəl
Im slept watching this,
Yatharth Ay əvvəl
Ahh yes “ Im slept” 🗿
Raghul S
Raghul S Ay əvvəl
If black panthers father just took young killmonger to wankanda then there will be no killmonger
Montasir India
Montasir India Ay əvvəl
💕💕💕💕 next episode please
MCU and The Fast Saga Talks
MCU and The Fast Saga Talks Ay əvvəl
Please make Iron Man 4
KingtheKid Ay əvvəl
i missed the part where that's my problem
Rupam Mondal
Rupam Mondal Ay əvvəl
We All need the full Animated Scene of Tony Making The Mark1 suit😭😭
Sunny Pa
Sunny Pa Ay əvvəl
Now I see why IGN ranked Killmonger as the no.1 villain in the MCU.
Juan Mancilla
Juan Mancilla Ay əvvəl
0:04 "I understood that reference"
Syed Sami Ullah
Syed Sami Ullah Ay əvvəl
0:37 this shows Marvel is a fan of our Beloved IMRAN KHAN 😘❤️
We want iron man back
Hemlata Ay əvvəl
What if... marvel studios was not created?😂😂
Yatharth Ay əvvəl
Then this world would be dull.
Nandu krishna
Nandu krishna Ay əvvəl
Killmonger 🔥
Slobodan Parizoski
Slobodan Parizoski Ay əvvəl
Will we ever see in this series Iron Man/Tony Stark in his full glory?! Come on Marvel!
Ashbiha Fathima
Ashbiha Fathima Ay əvvəl
I think this series isn't for that. We've already seen Iron man is his glory a lot of time in the movies. But hey, doesn't hurt to hope I guess
Дарья Чубарова
Дарья Чубарова Ay əvvəl
6th episode is awesome!
Deo MM
Deo MM Ay əvvəl
what if killmonger rescued tony stark....................just to kill him after sometime😂😂
Onyx Prima
Onyx Prima Ay əvvəl
Let the good times roll.
Rizorb Ay əvvəl
Zombie one was epic. I hope u guys continue that story
hunter james
hunter james Ay əvvəl
I new Rhodes would die as soon as he was with klaw
Lynam HQ
Lynam HQ Ay əvvəl
The many deaths of Iron Man In this series: 1. Episode 3 (Killed by Hank Pym) 2. Episode 4 (Evil Doctor Strange Destroyed the universe) 3. Episode 5 (Zombie) 4. Episode 6 (Killed by Killmonger) To be continued 🤣😂
Lynam HQ
Lynam HQ Ay əvvəl
This episode was brilliant
Aksh Kaushik
Aksh Kaushik Ay əvvəl
What are you all doing guy's only dr. Strange episode is good out of these 6 episode
Iqlipso Ay əvvəl
Tony Stark and Killmonger is a awesome team ☺☺
J Ay əvvəl
Worst episode of all time
Anubhav Pal
Anubhav Pal Ay əvvəl
he didn't even allow tony to get to his full potential and the universe and earth in that universe is currently not much in safe hands with death of tony
Glasses&Mouthplates Ay əvvəl
Killmonger says he likes anime and does shadowboxing with the Liberator prototype. Me: I understood that reference.
ishan patil
ishan patil Ay əvvəl
It seemed weird how stark did not care about how his own missile was about to kill him.. after all that was the first time he realised that people r using his tech against the world in the first movie
Runanka Roy
Runanka Roy Ay əvvəl
@Princeton Chia Bro the point he is trying to make is that Yinsen and Tony won't have those good moments, which we have seen in the first Iron Man movie. Try not to be so literal. Moreover, this also points out how a life savior can redirect your interests in two completely different directions.
Vince Lumontad
Vince Lumontad Ay əvvəl
@Princeton Chia Chill dude, I know what you're saying but the implication of Killmonger murdering Yinsen while uncovering files and documents of Stane hiring Ten Rings to assassinate Tony is pretty dark and fitting for Killmonger's tendency to kill anyone so long it furthers his goals which he succeeded in this What If episode
Vince Lumontad
Vince Lumontad Ay əvvəl
@Princeton Chia True but not the Yinsen on Ten Rings captivity or probably Killmonger silenced him when he was finding out Stane's connections with the Ten Rings.
Vince Lumontad
Vince Lumontad Ay əvvəl
In that What If, Tony vowed to make more weapons for the US military after Killmonger saved his life. Shame he never gets to meet Yinsen
Arron Adler
Arron Adler Ay əvvəl
This episode was forced. It was the moment Tony saw his own missile that was the reason he started digging deeper. What if said only one decision changed many things but this Tony even at this point is very different from Cannon Tony. This is now how Tony would react after seeing his own missile. It's crap. MCU animations is crap
Kurt E Monster
Kurt E Monster Ay əvvəl
So this confirms my theory that in "Iron Man 2," Stark creates synthetic vibranium for the core of the arc reactor in his chest.
Michael Myers
Michael Myers Ay əvvəl
Episode ends out of nowhere 🤷 and we don't even see the big consequence of a universe without iron man
Ryuzakii Bk201
Ryuzakii Bk201 Ay əvvəl
How much backstabbing you want in this episode? Marvel : Yes!
WUSTL7 Ay əvvəl
What if has been a failure. Give it up. It'll never crack the top 10 in streaming shows. Go back to live action and start competing with Netflix again. Right now you're getting crushed by Netflix. Stats never lie.
Alpesh Narnaware
Alpesh Narnaware Ay əvvəl
This much of boring
Cammi Wright
Cammi Wright Ay əvvəl
1:00 that eye-rolling is so "Tony Stark" lol
Aadya De Silva
Aadya De Silva Ay əvvəl
tony is just a man in this episode not the iron man
Sarthak Tewari
Sarthak Tewari Ay əvvəl
I mean he would not have been iron man if he had not met Yinsen.
Wolf Ay əvvəl
'i's dotted, T's crossed" Honestly such a Tony thing to say.
Wolf Ay əvvəl
This was honestly such an action packed and fun episode. I loved it!
Guest Diamond
Guest Diamond Ay əvvəl
Guess some people never change
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