Skip Bayless reacts to his Cowboys trading down to get Micah Parsons | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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The Dallas Cowboys had hoped that they would be able to draft the first defensive player of the draft but their hopes were dashed as they saw both defensive backs Jaycee Horn and Skip’s guy Patrick Surtain taken with the two picks right before Dallas. Instead the Cowboys traded back to 12 with the Philadelphia Eagles and took linebacker Micah Parsons to help their run defense. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe share their thoughts on the Cowboys trading for Parsons.

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Skip Bayless reacts to the Cowboys trading down to get Micah Parsons | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Ay əvvəl
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Antonioconley Conley
Antonioconley Conley Ay əvvəl
SaVior TearS
SaVior TearS Ay əvvəl
You will win as long as you stop making us stare at skips reactionless face while shannon is talking -______-
Booboo9796 Psn-RobertMiller123
Booboo9796 Psn-RobertMiller123 Ay əvvəl
While u were sitting on Patrick I was wanting caleb Farley
Etc Hosts
Etc Hosts Ay əvvəl
8:14 university of California at Pennsylvania 😂
al black
al black Ay əvvəl
The NFL is an offensive league they the change the rules specifically to keep the scoring up. Problem with dropping first round money on a defensive back is that he can cover one receiver but what about the other receiver, the tight end, the slot receiver, or the back out the back field. Even worst when you put your number one drafted defensive back on the other teams best receiver but ...SURPRISE they line the receiver on the other side of the formation or put him in motion than run rub routes....Best any NFL team can do is build an overall adequate defense that can hold teams on the average in the high teens or lower twenty an hope your offense is potent enough to score consistently. May luck up a game or two an shutdown teams with a bad QB or offensive schemes but the days of shutting down teams every week defensively are gone....the NFL and TV sports gods won't allow it.
Fuck the left
Fuck the left Ay əvvəl
Justin Gardner
Justin Gardner Ay əvvəl
The Boys could of landed Elijah Molden and saved face! Instead took a HS basketball forward over him. Idc how short he is, hes a cover guy n football player. Also passed on Quinn Meinerz there as well, which would of gave them an above average interior lineman for next half decade to protect the $40M man. Either guy would have been a home run for Dallas.
JimBrownski Ay əvvəl
WFT fan...I give Dallas TONS of props and give them an A for their draft this year. And to think yall did it with Philly too!
John Lisle
John Lisle Ay əvvəl
I’ll say this. If our front end can shut the run down and pressure the QB, our back end doesn’t need to be great.
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips Ay əvvəl
ESPN: “only knock against him may be off-field stuff” Jerry Jones: “o rly ????”😏😏😏😏
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips Ay əvvəl
ESPN for a month: “WiLl ThE cOwBoYs TrAdE uP?!??” 🧃🥴🧢 Cowboys: trade down 🍷🧐🎩
Devin Hill
Devin Hill Ay əvvəl
Quinn knew what he was doing in this draft
eksentrysyti Ay əvvəl
Broncos must be spiting the Cowboys by taking Surtain. They desperately needed a QB and Justin Fields was on the board still, but they took a CB instead? Oof.
Elliot Green
Elliot Green Ay əvvəl
Actually a good pick trading down
Tru Steppa KT
Tru Steppa KT Ay əvvəl
Say it with me Cowboys fans, “Good move Stephen” 😂😂🤣😭😭😭😭
Kyle Bryson
Kyle Bryson Ay əvvəl
Giants played it fine, usually they never trade back when a guy they want is not there and reach for someone else. Instead they trade back and now own the Bears #1 pick next year while picking up a weapon like Toney
Aquarius Leviathan prophecy
Aquarius Leviathan prophecy Ay əvvəl
As an Giants fan im giving Cowboys an A+
John Anthony
John Anthony Ay əvvəl
How about a safety 🤔?
Primal Malice
Primal Malice Ay əvvəl
This dude will make all your DB's better. 6 '4 ,246pds, sub 4.4 40yds dash; let that sink in! I can see QB's trembling from here; lol!
Gregory Ay əvvəl
R2DTuck Ay əvvəl
Skips dallas melt down is going to be good this year.
JesseLJohnson Ay əvvəl
Stole Jabril Cox today too.
Thomas Johnston
Thomas Johnston Ay əvvəl
He's a troublesome pic!
Save the Geese
Save the Geese Ay əvvəl
They acting like Quinn was responsible for the LoB lol
Armando Garza
Armando Garza Ay əvvəl
Broncos way of bringing back Champ Bailey talent!
kydrek alexander
kydrek alexander Ay əvvəl
University of California Pennsylvania 😂😂
Nico Marcina
Nico Marcina Ay əvvəl
They made a good decision. I doubt a rookie corner would make a big difference in that Dallas defence
R0ad Warri0r
R0ad Warri0r Ay əvvəl
I didn't peg Skip as a coke man
Cmk1019 Ay əvvəl
Damn Dallas has 3 first round pick linebackers. LVE and Jaylon better step up because Parsons is coming
7comeEleven Ay əvvəl
SKIP ,stop dressing like 1980s Miami vice.
Lora Geiger
Lora Geiger Ay əvvəl
Parsons was the right pick and 10 and they traded down for him too, I like it. The CBs were off the board. Slater and the WRs didnt make sense..
Mike Muhl
Mike Muhl Ay əvvəl
stop talking about the pro-bowl it's a joke making it, it means nothing
Jason Cornelius
Jason Cornelius Ay əvvəl
We kicked skip less out of Dallas so not his Cowboys
michael350p Ay əvvəl
Come on camera man
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson Ay əvvəl
What's the lowest a Heisman winner ever been drafted???
Joe Bob
Joe Bob Ay əvvəl
Some have gone in the 3rd 4th even 5th round. Heisman dosent mean you’ll be good in nfl
John Ortan
John Ortan Ay əvvəl
Idk but Troy Smith from Ohio state won the Heisman and in I think the 07 draft was a 5th rounder. But I'm sure there are Heisman winners that went lower.
Harrisburg Pennsylvania stand up for Micah ❤️💯
Mike Jeffers
Mike Jeffers Ay əvvəl
Basketball, powder = fup
El Comandante
El Comandante Ay əvvəl
Regardless of who they draft. Dallas Cowpies going nowhere this season or seasons to come.
Eric Ay əvvəl
That trade was a masterclass by both the Eagles and the Cowboys. They both got who they wanted and Dallas ended up with an extra 3rd rd, but had Dallas not traded with the Eagles, the Giants would have taken Devonta or if they proceeded to trade back with the Bears, the Eagles would have ended up with Devonta and Dallas not have the extra 3rd rd.
Wraith Ghost
Wraith Ghost Ay əvvəl
Skip is dumb. They just had a linebacker retire. They needed a front of the pack LB.
Tyrell Gray
Tyrell Gray Ay əvvəl
Cowboys good freakin pick. Dont like the Cowboy but damn dude was in the top 5 pick that dropped
Mark Springer
Mark Springer Ay əvvəl
Sean Lee played more with his head, more than his body. Literally.......
Keith Anderson
Keith Anderson Ay əvvəl
You played football but don't know much about it Sharp, Dallas hasn't been able to block for their 100 million dollar running back,and pass block for milliondollar QB, and Dallas hasn't been able to stop the run on defense, neither of Dallas first 2 picks make since to man who really knows football,,Dallas should have picked Offence tackle #1,#2 defense end,anybody with common sense knows you can get a good LB in any round..not saying LB they picked isn't good,I never saw him play,but I did see the offense of TX Long Horns and the line that got picked early 2nd round should have been picked by Dallas...I think this LB is under sized, I wouldn't have a LB on my team that weighed less than 260.but what do I know I'm only undefeated 3 years on Madden. Yeah my Cincinnati Bengals from Brooklyn can't be beat,Jerry let me pick for you next year,
Chris McDonald
Chris McDonald Ay əvvəl
It’s crazy bruh cause me and my homies went to high school with Micah in pa. Smoked blunts with him and everything lol
Charles Wilkinson
Charles Wilkinson Ay əvvəl
The Cowboys can get whoever they want but the proof is in the pudding until they make the playoffs on a consistent basis it doesn't matter.
Westside of Corpus Christi
Westside of Corpus Christi Ay əvvəl
Solid pick by the COWBOYS.
Kyle Gabriel
Kyle Gabriel Ay əvvəl
Parsons isn’t Devin white... top 5 pick vs not even top 10
Kyle Gabriel
Kyle Gabriel Ay əvvəl
@Joe Bob yes it does. Parsons has a lot of flaws white doesn’t have
Joe Bob
Joe Bob Ay əvvəl
Where they got picked means absolutely nothing.
ari96a Ay əvvəl
Skipp is dressing up like he runs a burlesque theater
Blue Danger
Blue Danger Ay əvvəl
They still TRASHHH
Drugula Ay əvvəl
Jaylon Smith seems to have a bigger problem with recognition and physicality than lacking speed
Grant S
Grant S Ay əvvəl
What's the point of having 11 picks when 9 of them would've gone undrafted? Every single third round pick was an insane reach. Matt Miller has the Cowboys' third round picks ranked 228, 242, and 315 on his board. There is no way to justify that. They could've traded up once or twice with all the picks they have but it's too late for that. Instead of getting some quality much needed talent, it's another year of getting more players who won't make it past training camp I like the Parsons pick especially since the two corners were taken right before 10. Kelvin Johnson was an okay pick but a bit risky. The last 3 were just plain unacceptable
Jacob Cook
Jacob Cook Ay əvvəl
Micah would be perfect for the Bruce Irvin role plays as a linebacker on 1st and second and rushes on 3rd down
c B
c B Ay əvvəl
Go Dawgs
LancerXDS Ay əvvəl
I guess good old Jerry finally learn the mistake on Randy Moss.
Haden Pare
Haden Pare Ay əvvəl
Bruh skip dripping on this segment fr
Zachary Torres
Zachary Torres Ay əvvəl
No skip he was crying cause he wasnt a cowboy
Poudi Jr
Poudi Jr Ay əvvəl
Guess where he went to school? ..... the university of California at Pennsylvania🤣🤣🤣🤣 skip is a clown man
First Last
First Last Ay əvvəl
"it tore my guts out"
Jonas Waltman
Jonas Waltman Ay əvvəl
Parsons is a Sean Lee replacement and he's also from the same college as Sean Lee
Kerry Yang
Kerry Yang Ay əvvəl
I agree with Skip
WRECK 215 Ay əvvəl
the Eagles made a good decision getting the wide receiver.
M.A.L Tv
M.A.L Tv Ay əvvəl
Man if the Eagles would have took Parsons I would have actually cried 😂😂😂😂
Trust the Process!!!
Trust the Process!!! Ay əvvəl
I know teams always say you pick the best player but I don't know if I would have went with linebacker for the cowboys even though the linebacker corps had an off season last year
David Jackson
David Jackson Ay əvvəl
"Jerry like them bad boys" 😂😂😂😂
Jon Ay əvvəl
I love love love this pick!
LongLiveEB 064
LongLiveEB 064 Ay əvvəl
Asante Samuel Jr is already in the league damn I’m getting old I watched his dad play he was really really good
Bot Fields
Bot Fields Ay əvvəl
LongLiveEB 064
LongLiveEB 064 Ay əvvəl
@John Miller 💯💯💯
John Miller
John Miller Ay əvvəl
One of my favorite Eagles forreal. Never had to worry with him as the No.1
Cristian Herrera
Cristian Herrera Ay əvvəl
Imagine if LVE could stay healthy they’d be one the best LB duos in football
Derick Rodriguez
Derick Rodriguez Ay əvvəl
Ken Holyfield
Ken Holyfield Ay əvvəl
Check out cornerback Robert Rochelle, Shannon Sharpe, he had a better combine than the top CB, he will be great for Dallas Cowboys.
cliff woodbury
cliff woodbury Ay əvvəl
Jerry loves PSU Linebackers
Marco Costa
Marco Costa Ay əvvəl
Love this pick.
Jason Pronti
Jason Pronti Ay əvvəl
I am a Bills fan. Remember everyone saying we got them "wrong" Josh, lol. You never know.
Chris Ay əvvəl
@Jason Pronti You can't be a top 3 QB if you only have 1 good season
Jason Pronti
Jason Pronti Ay əvvəl
@Chris I'm glad to have him. Where exactly is Rosen ? Who's better in the position, Mahomes and brady. Yeah, he is top 3 actually
Chris Ay əvvəl
Josh Allen is over rated. Has one good season and now suddenly he's a top 5 QB?
Tony White
Tony White Ay əvvəl
Cowboys did well
Marsonis2ya Ay əvvəl
It was smart to trade with the eagles. Devonta was going to either the eagles or the giants. The cowboys basically decided not to let the Giants have him and give him to the Eagles. The giants have a better offense then the eagles and getting Devonta would have made them the bigger threat then the eagles getting him.
Dean Oliveros
Dean Oliveros Ay əvvəl
I don’t get how getting a corner helps the 2nd WORST rushing defense? I LOVE the Cowboys Micah Parsons pick. MP just put the Boys D in the top 10 vs the rush and hasn’t even played an NFL down
James McFarland
James McFarland Ay əvvəl
I played against micah in high school promise you you can put him at literally any position on the field i hope they try him at SS
DrummerBoy Ay əvvəl
Shannon just said "thunderlips"... my life is complete
Moochie Baby
Moochie Baby Ay əvvəl
Let’s Go Cowboys‼️
shane peterman
shane peterman Ay əvvəl
Dallas will sign Richard Sherman too..
shane peterman
shane peterman Ay əvvəl
Parsons is a younger and faster TJ Watt, he’s gonna be a monster...
Nate Lowe
Nate Lowe Ay əvvəl
Wish Parsons had been picked at 4
Dale Dan-Irabor
Dale Dan-Irabor Ay əvvəl
It’s simple! The cowboys made the trade with the Eagles because they’d rather the Eagles have Devonte Smith than the Giants! Lol
Travis Mannix
Travis Mannix Ay əvvəl
He ain't Devin white tho 9 sacks 15 tfl 100 solo tkls 2 picks 2 forced fumbles
Im telling you now watch our linebackers get right...and my boy jaylon gone get right he only 25 going to 26 he ain’t lose nothing just a bad year WATCH HIM TURN UP...
Marcelo Soprano
Marcelo Soprano Ay əvvəl
Earl Thomas still out there and plus the guys Skip said
irohied 1
irohied 1 Ay əvvəl
I saw a comment about how surtain reacted vs how parsons reacted 😂. You could tell parsons really wanted to come to dallas and I'm glad to have him on this team.
Avelino Cargile
Avelino Cargile Ay əvvəl
They didn’t resign Awuzie, I think their defense is gonna be below average still , vander esch cant stay healthy
AyeChillOut Ay əvvəl
I think the cowboys traded back with philly for the simple fact that the Giants were going after Smith. And adding him to that offense would’ve been pretty deadly vs adding him to phillys roster with Hurts at QB.
Robert Owen
Robert Owen Ay əvvəl
The Steelers used 2 have a defensive player like that from Hawaii.. We are talking about pre cognition. That by definition is "INTUITION". Intuition is knowing. Knowing We just KNOW whats gonna happen Intuition is a high speed camera eye. During the ancient old school days,we called it " natural law instincts" He can read the field,which is 2 know what they are gonna do,B they do it. Thats the difference in the speed of the waves. Brain waves,versus Heart waves Thats why,living thru Ur Heart and Soul,is a high speed light wave of knowing. Jerry could certainly use some of that light,2 experience how 2 go faster as we shift up in a higher musical octave.
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez Ay əvvəl
Cowboys got a steal Parsons
Just Tyson Deen
Just Tyson Deen Ay əvvəl
Great pick he’s going to be the heart beat like Shawn Lee was
Marcus Sotelo
Marcus Sotelo Ay əvvəl
Next year is a good corner draft so build a young defense
ThinkItsAGame -_-
ThinkItsAGame -_- Ay əvvəl
As a parent I'm sure you couldn't be happier for your child's success 😎
Vick Singh
Vick Singh Ay əvvəl
I mean they let the Eagles jump the Giants. In addition to the 3rd they gained, they also make up ground by the 3rd the Eagles lost.
Gabriel47xx Ay əvvəl
Jamari Jones
Jamari Jones Ay əvvəl
Well at least they were smart
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Ay əvvəl
John Ortan
John Ortan Ay əvvəl
Jones apparently should be in a retirement home with constant care.
Black Blue
Black Blue Ay əvvəl
And the Cowboys will still be an Accident waiting to happen there a Cursed Delusional Fanbase till Jerry decides Not to be the GM.
John Ortan
John Ortan Ay əvvəl
I'm not delusional, I know they're a huge let down, especially from 16-19 , having the most stacked team yet they couldn't do anything with Mr. Jv passes. If the nfc east was not trash, I would expect them to be a top 5 pick next year.
Psycho Mind
Psycho Mind Ay əvvəl
Parsons is either going to be boom or bust, because I don't see a middle ground with him. He struggles in pass coverage which is awful in a passing league.
King Joffrey Owns You
King Joffrey Owns You Ay əvvəl
I’d rather have an elite middle linebacker than a elite corner. Great pick for the cowboys
Chandler C Burch
Chandler C Burch Ay əvvəl
who cares about the irrelevant cowboys
Killa Massacre
Killa Massacre Ay əvvəl
Great move for both teams.
Giovanni di Capo
Giovanni di Capo Ay əvvəl
I don't see Micah translating well in the NFL. He'll be a wash.
The Fit Guru TV
The Fit Guru TV Ay əvvəl
Bobby Carpenter Jr
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