The LAST Update of Fortnite Season 7...

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Ay əvvəl

Today I'm going over "everything" in the last update of Fortnite season 7...

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid in Season 7! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible. Hope you enjoy!

Bombless Ay əvvəl
The I'm sorry jonsey I dident know it was you there I thought... bi*** get your a** outta here
rocky taco
rocky taco Ay əvvəl
Broooo I need lobby's like this
Carlos Steward
Carlos Steward Ay əvvəl
iso x headshots
iso x headshots Ay əvvəl
nice vid
joco Ay əvvəl
Just imagine sypher on 0 ping, its easy mode compared to us 40-50 ping players
anmol1716 Ay əvvəl
Why did he looked a bit slower in builds aiming and edits today
Christopher Meek
Christopher Meek Ay əvvəl
Grotto was an every game drop. I miss it. I’d probably go back to playing if it came back
The HAINYEZ Ay əvvəl
Look Sypher doesn’t miss shots, he just unintentionally will send warning shots at other players every now and then.
Googus Ay əvvəl
This season was kinda annoying to me honestly, the UFOs are so annoying and they added way more IO Guards with Alien animals constantly following me everywhere. The rail gun and Cow back piece saved this season.
Imsogood Ay əvvəl
Pumps better still be a thing
Samer Abdallah
Samer Abdallah Ay əvvəl
Sypher ngl is getting rusty no hate ofc
Fortnitewiener Ay əvvəl
If u play and u land nearby or at corny u can see a timer for a quick sec
Abiezer Acosta
Abiezer Acosta Ay əvvəl
10 of his kills were bots.. z
Gurjeet kaur
Gurjeet kaur Ay əvvəl
bot lobby???
Mathew Burgess
Mathew Burgess Ay əvvəl
The groto was the best place on the map
Briann Postema
Briann Postema Ay əvvəl
i still dont understand how Sypher is 100x better then me and comes across players who arent that good, but when i play i come across the biggest sweats ever lmao
itsIANWOOD Ay əvvəl
Nothing new? All the main game options menus updated! :-) It's much better now.
Cody Perez
Cody Perez Ay əvvəl
What was up with this whole server being bots 😂😂
Banana Adam
Banana Adam Ay əvvəl
Can you gift me something from the item shop
K S Ay əvvəl
I’m austrailian and you recorded when we were asleep
K S Ay əvvəl
I don’t like the grotto anyways
Fr3ck Mula
Fr3ck Mula Ay əvvəl
Dnt upload this kinda stuff replays did it a while ago. This is alll bots man come on lol your better
Thomas Gonzalez
Thomas Gonzalez Ay əvvəl
Wait if nothing happens in the last update that means that the live event or season 8
X2 SpaZ
X2 SpaZ Ay əvvəl
You've got a lot of bots Sypher
xD Sh0ckwav3
xD Sh0ckwav3 Ay əvvəl
How dont you get sweats in your lobby iv got 73 or more wins and im getting ppl that are sweating like they are in fncs😐
Peter The butcher
Peter The butcher Ay əvvəl
Should change the name to BOT LOBBY PK
Maddox Campos
Maddox Campos Ay əvvəl
Can you just quit fortnight it’s so bad nothing to do with it it’s sucks
Aaron Castillo
Aaron Castillo Ay əvvəl
Do Minecraft
Jeffery X12v
Jeffery X12v Ay əvvəl
Subscribe with bell 🛎
Jeffery X12v
Jeffery X12v Ay əvvəl
Haven’t Been on the game for 2 weeks and I uninstalled it but im reinstalling it
daahrk Ay əvvəl
when the season starts
Leo Bretho
Leo Bretho Ay əvvəl
Why are ur lobbies full of AI. In my pub lobbies I get no AI.
floydjoy Ay əvvəl
Btw syp the update is big they added a big boom in corny complex and DrSlone is not there anymore she left.
a Ay əvvəl
Rafa Rodríguez
Rafa Rodríguez Ay əvvəl
No tilted towers, Epic clickbaited us again.
Chago Calderon
Chago Calderon Ay əvvəl
Fortnite is dead it’s just bad I hope it all ends
Little donkey
Little donkey Ay əvvəl
Something I'm guessing is that there won't be an update for the event as in its all ready for use not sure about the season through
Rezo_IQ Ay əvvəl
yo sypher lets 1v1 my name is ReZo_IQ
i hate this clickbaiter i am Un subscribing
Gaming Shadow
Gaming Shadow Ay əvvəl
5:54 Crack head energy be like No hate
MenamesOliver Ay əvvəl
Slurpy swap is now called sludgy swap and there is no slurp water now cause the alien abducted slurpy swap and there Is now slurp going through the pipe because they have broken in half
Ryder Drinkard
Ryder Drinkard Ay əvvəl
If they took out ufos it would be the best update ever
Johann Vincent
Johann Vincent Ay əvvəl
Looks like Sypher's got Shadow Superman and we all know that sypher doesn't do challenges
N Irwin
N Irwin Ay əvvəl
Plzzzzzz can u make a video about your settings on keyboard and mous
LaXy Ay əvvəl
I love your vids man keep up the good work😁😁
Trevor Scallan
Trevor Scallan Ay əvvəl
I always landed grotto
Jacob Parker
Jacob Parker Ay əvvəl
4:35 in 0.25 play back speed ,there is another player right behind one that you killed and didn’t even see lmao
Benjamin leach
Benjamin leach Ay əvvəl
He is so funny on stream
Hxlpz YT
Hxlpz YT Ay əvvəl
Sypher u should visit Australia
Some part of it will be on land and water of the mothership
nut master
nut master Ay əvvəl
Where's the police cars man??
Geni Berta
Geni Berta Ay əvvəl
Mothership will fall at misty medow
Gideon Bell
Gideon Bell Ay əvvəl
Has anyone else has a lot of problems seeing the shadow superman at night? I've lost several fights cause I'll lose track of them visually.
Preston -_-
Preston -_- Ay əvvəl
Sypher: the raven skin Also sypher: lets wear the superman skin
Junior screaM
Junior screaM Ay əvvəl
it looks live evry morning sypher is drunk he
Aedan The Human
Aedan The Human Ay əvvəl
Lemme guess (I haven't seen the video yet) is he gonna explain how the old maps coming back
Nathan Heacox
Nathan Heacox Ay əvvəl
Bounce pads are back
Himeda Jayasinghe
Himeda Jayasinghe Ay əvvəl
they fixed creative skill base matchmaking
Rock'n'Roll Brammert
Rock'n'Roll Brammert Ay əvvəl
how is it that when I play fortnite I land in the most sweaty lobbies in excistance and Sypher has like total bots. I mean 2:50, what is even that!
Adenis Ay əvvəl
on to season 8
Ty-in-Pie Ay əvvəl
what about tilted :(
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Ay əvvəl
These guys jokes and whatever he says is shit💀🤡
Skystu Ay əvvəl
4:14 I don't miss anymore chat Meanwhile: 2:33 😂🤣😂
Catal Ay əvvəl
Oh Okay
Kaasjoch Ay əvvəl
The gamemodes lay-out is new, but it came after the update
Stanley Gomes
Stanley Gomes Ay əvvəl
Full prw
powerplayero Ay əvvəl
Sypher will the old background come back? (After the metal umbrella campaign is up)
Ειρηνη Δεσιμπρη
Ειρηνη Δεσιμπρη Ay əvvəl
30 bouncers, what???
grxgr Ay əvvəl
I remember this on stream 😄
aquo Ay əvvəl
Obey Fez man
Obey Fez man Ay əvvəl
Maybe he saw just 1 pube
Luka Kandido
Luka Kandido Ay əvvəl
Stfu i always land at Grotto
ollie___ Ay əvvəl
When is the event
Gaming bro
Gaming bro Ay əvvəl
I buy my first battlepass on Fortnite season 8 chapter 2 😋
X LORD Ay əvvəl
Anonymous Gaming
Anonymous Gaming Ay əvvəl
is it just me... or all the other players that sypher killed were wither bots or noobs?
Wayne O'Hara
Wayne O'Hara Ay əvvəl
How do you have such boty lobby's???
South Sydney Rabbitohs
South Sydney Rabbitohs Ay əvvəl
It knight time for me because I live in Australia
Airpond Ay əvvəl
If anyone has ever seen the ship that crashed in xenoblade x, or just a picture of it, if the mothership looks like that when it falls it will be sick
DaveDave65 Ay əvvəl
Pls bring back the minecraft series
XXtroller_gamerSpamerXX Ay əvvəl
If exotics are still in the game then where is the dub exotic ?
Tea With Danny
Tea With Danny Ay əvvəl
𝐆𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐩 Ay əvvəl
Yooo Sypher!! I am your biggest fan here I really appreciate the content you upload it's Amazing!!! One video suggestion: Maybe make a video about your journey of being a AZshowr? Thanks once again.
EPIC Chilli
EPIC Chilli Ay əvvəl
Playing with bots and getting 20 kills is not easy guys It needs a lot of skill
Football world
Football world Ay əvvəl
6:40 He killed ssnsanta
Sprig planter
Sprig planter Ay əvvəl
We get most of the information from leaks all your doing is playing so we don’t get info of the leaks this is NOT a hate comment
Yung_cxrt Ay əvvəl
sypher is no bugha or prime tfue but i’ll tell you he is so fkn clean wid it and just amazing to watch
Nepin Fiddler
Nepin Fiddler Ay əvvəl
That's not your dad, that's your blonde mom lmao jk sypher your cool and good.! :)
Eleven Ay əvvəl
0:39 IN CHAPTER 2 SEASON 2 me and my frnds always landed there and I died to the henchmen lmao
anshumaan sonker
anshumaan sonker Ay əvvəl
Well this could be last update for chapter 2
Fillbobb Ay əvvəl
Slurpy is called slurgy
Luke Dwyer
Luke Dwyer Ay əvvəl
Creative got a massive update
Harith Keshav
Harith Keshav Ay əvvəl
hey sypher is the picture in your wall anime and what is the name of the anime
Kipperman32 Ay əvvəl
Honestly this chapter 2 is dreadful. I prefer the graphics of the old map. I’ve unsubscribed to all the Fortnite AZshowrs, to me unless they went back to the old map then I’d still much rather play warzonr
JoJo Is Not Vibin.
JoJo Is Not Vibin. Ay əvvəl
I really need to grind fortnite, how many time do we have left? I need to reach Rick before the season ends but like I’m around level 70s
AceTag Ay əvvəl
Sypher says: enjoy this 20 bomb in solos Me: oof this is gonna be fun Sypher: kills legit bots who don't know how to build
Elias Crandell
Elias Crandell Ay əvvəl
I gotta play this game in the morning holy bots
Ray P T
Ray P T Ay əvvəl
That wasnt a miss it just wasnt a hit 😂 lmao
Vydex Ay əvvəl
i feel like fortnite is entering the same state as overwatch
Ravin Gopal
Ravin Gopal Ay əvvəl
I'm from south Africa
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