Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy | Story Trailer

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Twelve years ago, a massive Galactic War swept across the cosmos. Star-Lord, seeing opportunity for adventure and profit in a universe that's finally moving on, recently formed the Guardians of the Galaxy to sell their services as heroes-for-hire. But now, a grand organization known as the Universal Church of Truth promises to bring back everything that was lost in the Galactic War. Powered by their faith, they're spreading their beliefs to more and more worlds. It'll soon be up to the Guardians to save the galaxy. No guts, no glory.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is coming October 26, 2021 to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and streaming via GeForce NOW. Pre-order now to obtain an early unlock of the Throwback Guardians Outfit Pack:
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Cloud Version for Nintendo Switch also coming October 26.

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Aver 2 gün əvvəl
I want Nova and Adam Warlock too appear in the sequel of this game!!!
Alexander Tamara Steward
Alexander Tamara Steward 4 gün əvvəl
I can see ppl being disappointed because they went in expecting Spiderman PS4, and it turns out to be Marvel's Avengers with less scummy microtransactions.
वाचस्पति सिंह
वाचस्पति सिंह 21 gün əvvəl
Anna Mairi Macleod
Anna Mairi Macleod 25 gün əvvəl
Does this give anyone else GTA vibes?
WhyamihereGAMING 26 gün əvvəl
ANOTHER ONE?! Marvel is at it with these games
DELETE 27 gün əvvəl
Now I'm hoping this is gonna be similar to Destiny's mechanics with the added mechanics of Star Wars Squadrons/Battlefront for the spaceships. This looks absolutely amazing and here's hoping it won't be like the Avengers.
schrecknet Ay əvvəl
Way better than Avengers. An actual accurate representation of GotG. Instead of the messed up representation of Avengers.
Avinash Shaw
Avinash Shaw Ay əvvəl
Why did they changed the Look.
Valentin Babutan
Valentin Babutan Ay əvvəl
Is it availible on PS4 or only PS5?
MJ Trace
MJ Trace Ay əvvəl
Such high hopes for this game!
Green Arrow
Green Arrow Ay əvvəl
This game should’ve been made by insomniac
Jigar Punadiya
Jigar Punadiya Ay əvvəl
Nova is coming
Ryoma Hoffman
Ryoma Hoffman Ay əvvəl
I mean it looks good, I like the aesthetic, but I feel like it’s still trying way too hard to be like the movies
Abraham Begashaw
Abraham Begashaw Ay əvvəl
This Game is Gonna be Epic
out quick
out quick Ay əvvəl
Avengers game: dosnt use actual ppl. The world louses their mind. Gets a 3 star Guardians Game: dosnt use the actual ppl. ...... ...... 🤔👏👏👏👏
Caitlin Ay əvvəl
This looks like a great movie from the PS3 haha.
master creeper
master creeper Ay əvvəl
I don't like how some of the characters look but if it's fun and has a good story I'll buy it
BobombNik Ay əvvəl
They got Drax in here lookin like ripped Uncle Fester
Sintonel Ay əvvəl
whats the background song?
Guild of Free Action DnD
Guild of Free Action DnD 9 gün əvvəl
Space Riders with No Names (Music from "Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Original Video Game Soundtrack”) · Star-Lord Band · Steve Szczepkowski · Yohann Boudreault
Future Gohan
Future Gohan Ay əvvəl
The more I see of this game, the more I feel Square has learned their lesson from Avengers. Unless we still have loot boxes that is.
Pete R
Pete R Ay əvvəl
Still looks trash I've seen better Marvel mobile games
Fawaaz salie
Fawaaz salie Ay əvvəl
The legacy of James gunn
Highfield Ay əvvəl
Graphics look like 2010 at best...
The beginning of ww3.
Ashley Thomas-Evans
Ashley Thomas-Evans Ay əvvəl
These graphics look pretty poor considering its the end of 2021 and games like God of War, Ghosts of Tsushima and Death Stranding are a thing
Young Multiverser
Young Multiverser Ay əvvəl
Can we please have the classic blue uniform and element gun? PLEASE!!!
Annon Ay əvvəl
I would be excited but have nothing to play on
Alex One
Alex One Ay əvvəl
I like this Quill more than the MCU one and this Gamora is pretty badass too.
FunnyGuyTimmy Ay əvvəl
Was the dialogue supposed to be funny? Also the voice acting is pretty bland. Lacks the personality I feel these characters should have.
fantasyages301 Ay əvvəl
What’s the song used for this trailer?
Paul Niven
Paul Niven 4 gün əvvəl
@Guild of Free Action DnD thanks for finding out who this was done by🙂
Guild of Free Action DnD
Guild of Free Action DnD 9 gün əvvəl
@Paul Niven Space Riders with No Names (Music from "Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Original Video Game Soundtrack”) · Star-Lord Band · Steve Szczepkowski · Yohann Boudreault
Guild of Free Action DnD
Guild of Free Action DnD 9 gün əvvəl
Space Riders with No Names (Music from "Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Original Video Game Soundtrack”) · Star-Lord Band · Steve Szczepkowski · Yohann Boudreault
Paul Niven
Paul Niven Ay əvvəl
Sounds like steal panther doing the song
carlolovesgaga Ay əvvəl
why does starlord look like a douche?
Dominik Tranžík
Dominik Tranžík Ay əvvəl
Why star lord look like a beta male 2019 edition?
Diego Lee Acevedo
Diego Lee Acevedo Ay əvvəl
Seems good, but feels like it's not gonna be that good
Faizan Shaikh
Faizan Shaikh Ay əvvəl
I think character graphics of that dog is better than any other 😉😂😂😂😂
Shmluh Ay əvvəl
I wouldn't even get the Avengers game when they offered it to ps+ members for free, so, safe to say I'll wait til the reviews are in. Next episode of "Will Disney finally learn to let game devs craft experiences instead of shove out products?" is the GotG game
Thunder Goku
Thunder Goku Ay əvvəl
Disney had nothing to do with the failure of Marvel's Avengers game, that was all on Crystal Dynamics.
Kelvin Chuah
Kelvin Chuah Ay əvvəl
it is not come with switch?
Wllc_kl _
Wllc_kl _ Ay əvvəl
Universal church of truth wasn't the way magus was first reveled in the comics ? Could that mean that we will finally see a version of adam warlock in a more mainstream marvel way . Now im excited about this game. Even though i still find Star lord's character a bit overplayed. Even for his standards
Kenroy Malcolm
Kenroy Malcolm Ay əvvəl
I'm getting mass effect vibez 😅
UnitedFreedomOfAmerica Ay əvvəl
How can you call this guardians of the galaxy when we can only play as Peter
Azul Tarmizi
Azul Tarmizi Ay əvvəl
casting Chris Pratt as Star-Lord in the mcu has made other face of Peter Quill looks like a douche. This trailer looks good although it is made by square enix so we need to take precautions, I guess. Hoping Insomniac to make all marvel games from now on.
Simon Ghost Riley
Simon Ghost Riley Ay əvvəl
Careful now. Square Enix is just the publisher, Crystal Dynamics made the Avengers game along with a hodgepodge of other studios(might explain why the game is such a mess) but here it's just Eidos Montreal which is behind Deus-Ex and Tomb Raider so this might be a lot better. We'll see when it comes out.
Behemoth Ay əvvəl
Can you actually control the space ship in gameplay?
C.I.A Ay əvvəl
Considering how much of a flop Avengers was don't pre-order.
Jeffrey Tang
Jeffrey Tang Ay əvvəl
In 2021 honestly the graphic could be better
szmchs127 Ay əvvəl
for people who just want to see the thumbnail: 1:50
Gus Lopez
Gus Lopez Ay əvvəl
Honestly i think cosmo is my selling point. Come here good boi :D
FPSGamer48 Ay əvvəl
I’m a bit concerned given it’s combat and look still remind me of the Avengers game, and the choice to use the generic movie team is a bit sad (couldn’t have replaced Drax with Phyla-Vell or Moondragon?), but I’m….hopeful? Maybe? Hopefully?
Martin Kazinczi
Martin Kazinczi Ay əvvəl
But why can you only play as Star-Lord? 😥
Donyha Gordon
Donyha Gordon Ay əvvəl
Luke Kidd
Luke Kidd Ay əvvəl
How does this game come out next month and still look unfinished
Jon Mendoza
Jon Mendoza Ay əvvəl
I really wished that they have the save music just like the movie.
mamun Ay əvvəl
Nice 😈😃😍
Shawn McDowell
Shawn McDowell Ay əvvəl
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Kerem Koyaş
Kerem Koyaş Ay əvvəl
gonna be bad if we can just play quill
Can't Wait for see👀 Nova a.k.a. Sam Alexzander Live-Action in MCU...😘😘😘
Adamatronamus Ay əvvəl
Needs new guardians members.
Huntsman yt
Huntsman yt Ay əvvəl
Gurdyal of galaxy
Radheksa Bintang Akbar
Radheksa Bintang Akbar Ay əvvəl
Novangelions lol
Pig Pen
Pig Pen Ay əvvəl
1:04 Saint 14? Those aren't the right guardians.
SmileydeadJ Ay əvvəl
This game looks dope
George Gerardi
George Gerardi Ay əvvəl
I really hate Peter's new hairstyle. It's way too blonde and way too mohawk-y.
FourEyed Cyclopse
FourEyed Cyclopse Ay əvvəl
Wait, so can you play as all the guardians? I thought it was just Star Lord?
H Taylor
H Taylor Ay əvvəl
It is just him
Y0sh Ay əvvəl
It looks pretty good, but I wish Marvel would make canon games like Star Wars does.
H Taylor
H Taylor Ay əvvəl
God no.
Athul Kurian
Athul Kurian Ay əvvəl
MAX YEE TV - คลั่งการ์ตูน
MAX YEE TV - คลั่งการ์ตูน Ay əvvəl
soberchimera61 Ay əvvəl
Hopefully it’s an improvement from Avengers, but if not we have 2 great Marvel games on the way from Insomniac :)
LonWolf_1216 Ay əvvəl
I think a shang chi game should exist
Deerblood17 Ay əvvəl
Mmm mybe idk because you're averages game sucked and no spiderman so I'm good if it's not good
Marky 360
Marky 360 Ay əvvəl
Man this game looks great already got my copy pre-ordered
Manuel Amaya
Manuel Amaya Ay əvvəl
Marvel, tell us something, Is Guardian of the galaxy, Avenger, Wolverine and Spiderman is on game universe of Marvel Cinematic Universe? If yes then I would buy all game on it
PhantomMC Ay əvvəl
Will it be on PC?
Arcona Ay əvvəl
Kinda looks like a PS3 game...
Shaggy Ay əvvəl
The Legendary Gamer 20
The Legendary Gamer 20 Ay əvvəl
This game is going to be amazing
Debojit Das
Debojit Das Ay əvvəl
I just hope this wont have repetitive missions
Noppadon Imngern
Noppadon Imngern Ay əvvəl
I love that sound
shakezilla29 Ay əvvəl
after the avengers game, I am not too hopeful for this one. will be happy to be proven wrong, but i'm going to wait for the reviews to come out and maybe a sale
POPSICL3S Ay əvvəl
The cooler No Man's Sky.
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen Ay əvvəl
better than Gunn's films
blue in blur
blue in blur Ay əvvəl
I just can't understand how marvel future revolution have better expression in their faces than this and Avengers, eventhough the gameplay is boring.
Peter Min
Peter Min Ay əvvəl
Alyce S
Alyce S Ay əvvəl
I would’ve Pre-Ordered this game if the characters look liked the characters from the MCU
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Ay əvvəl
God i hope they dont blow it with these new marvels games like they did with avengers
Cochrane Ay əvvəl
I really want to see NOVA and Adam Warlock
Bacon Winner
Bacon Winner Ay əvvəl
I'm so look forward to this
James MacLeod
James MacLeod Ay əvvəl
This looks terrible
SushiSalad Ay əvvəl
It dosent even look like the characters
A.K. Run diz Beat
A.K. Run diz Beat Ay əvvəl
Huh, i see that Drax took a page outta G.O.D Kratos's look.
Ytalo Leite
Ytalo Leite Ay əvvəl
name of the background song , what and rook type ?
Guild of Free Action DnD
Guild of Free Action DnD 9 gün əvvəl
Space Riders with No Names (Music from "Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Original Video Game Soundtrack”) · Star-Lord Band · Steve Szczepkowski · Yohann Boudreault
ASTRO JET Ay əvvəl
Why they looks bad?
Archit misal
Archit misal Ay əvvəl
this game is going to be awesome....not like that repitative beat em all rpg avengers
SpartanTango Ay əvvəl
I'm waiting for some devs make a Moon Knight game, but this looks cool tho.
Drewstheman05 Ay əvvəl
After Avengers I don’t have super high hopes for games like this…Marvel should have let Insomniac handle everything….
JaZzY aSs
JaZzY aSs Ay əvvəl
Then it would've become playstation exclusive.
Vincent Gumayagay
Vincent Gumayagay Ay əvvəl
Looks like nova
Peace Maker
Peace Maker Ay əvvəl
Marvel: we want a God of war rip-off character 😄 : U got it
Sebastian von P
Sebastian von P Ay əvvəl
Yes for the art- and characterdesign, no for the jokes. Best trailer though.
Emil Lazar
Emil Lazar Ay əvvəl
Jokes just dont land that well like in the mcu guardians
Josef Berniquez
Josef Berniquez Ay əvvəl
this looks terrible
Veldt Ay əvvəl
Deus Ex died so Square could capitalise on these soulless Marvelesque games. Sad.
Skrrt Cobain
Skrrt Cobain Ay əvvəl
Why does star-lord have a 2015 fukkboi haircut
gian marco arevalo valdivia
gian marco arevalo valdivia Ay əvvəl
Like si eres fan de Marvel 🇵🇪
Tucker Bowen
Tucker Bowen Ay əvvəl
playable spaceship battles? awesome!
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