Don’t Say It Challenge | Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings

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They got this! ✅ Watch Simu Liu, Awkwafina, and Meng’er Zhang go head to head in the ultimate "Don't Say It!" challenge! Experience the #1 movie in the world, Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings,” only in theaters NOW! Get tickets:

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MRmushroomBoi Gün əvvəl
Shang-Chi Joins the marvel cast AYYYY
Luis Rodrigues
Luis Rodrigues 2 gün əvvəl
Pregunta epica fino señores
Sarah Wilder
Sarah Wilder 2 gün əvvəl
Meng'er could have said "Sibling" but she went for "Shang-Chi's father's other child". Impressive! 👏
Orlan Maylas
Orlan Maylas 12 gün əvvəl
I live In San Francisco
Haruki Shirota
Haruki Shirota 17 gün əvvəl
Stars stars
Stars stars 18 gün əvvəl
My favorite parts: 0:58 And Simu Lui's reaction too! 1:44 Well, that was a good one. 2:18 Whaat? Simu Lui is a good player at this game. I loved the whole game!!
Chad Gaming
Chad Gaming 21 gün əvvəl
This was fun AND funny!
Kevin Jiang
Kevin Jiang 23 gün əvvəl
i like your style simu !!! i like how you say next question!
Dexter More
Dexter More 23 gün əvvəl
Simu li??????
Lil Peep songs with pictures of Rei Ayanami
Lil Peep songs with pictures of Rei Ayanami 27 gün əvvəl
amanda pragita
amanda pragita 27 gün əvvəl
Meng'er Zhang is a queen and I stan for her omg she is so cool in portraying the character :")
ayesha 28 gün əvvəl
i love love these three
The Fangirl Rachel
The Fangirl Rachel Ay əvvəl
Me wandering if I should go see it Awkwafina: Humans interating ... with humans Me: I"M SOLED
misstery25 Ay əvvəl
This is basically Shang-Chi Taboo 😄
Aryanthite_af Ay əvvəl
"I have a fanny pack" The rock liked that !
The mysterious Furry
The mysterious Furry Ay əvvəl
"Humans... Interacting... With..... Humans.." Wow what a great description might watch it sounds so cool!
Rachael Berg
Rachael Berg Ay əvvəl
These three are adorable! I love watching them together. If you haven't already seen Shang-Chi, I highly recommend it - AMAZING!
BTS💜TWICE Ay əvvəl
Da Niel
Da Niel Ay əvvəl
Where's Jackie Chan
sudharshan R
sudharshan R Ay əvvəl
xu xialing
CocoNaut Ay əvvəl
1:28 Awkwafina: I... have a fanny pack (silence) *ding ding!*
Rider Ay əvvəl
2:06 I love when in 2:06 seconds how awfwafina says guy guy she said guy 🤣
Dhanashekar Bala
Dhanashekar Bala Ay əvvəl
The movie went op
Singing Science Student
Singing Science Student Ay əvvəl
Love “Act Up” in the background
Abraham Begashaw
Abraham Begashaw Ay əvvəl
Abraham Begashaw
Abraham Begashaw Ay əvvəl
Super Hero Ten Rings
Sai Dela Cruz
Sai Dela Cruz Ay əvvəl
For GOD so Loved the world that He Gave His One and Only Begotten Son JESUS CHRIST, so that anyone who Believes in Him will not perish but have Eternal Life (John 3:16)
E Ay əvvəl
Awkwafina’s fanny pack moment really got me good 🤣
kusu Ay əvvəl
Fadoredo Ay əvvəl
He so hansome why Chinese dont like??
Lisa Y
Lisa Y Ay əvvəl
Love the movie also the cast!! Dear Marvel, Can we get a prequel with Wenwu!? How he found the rings and how he build his organization? Lots of events in between leading to Shang Chi that needs explanation. Disney+ so...? P.S. Wenwu have to be played by Tony Leung again. No younger guy version.
Spidey Yedips
Spidey Yedips Ay əvvəl
Hey spoilers!
Zain GamePlay
Zain GamePlay Ay əvvəl
I think this movie didnt get expected reach. That's y this kind of videos. We are just waiting for Spiderman with Tobey
Joey Ouyang
Joey Ouyang Ay əvvəl
i... have.... a fanny pack
Laylay Ay əvvəl
everyone's response is funny and good
Bboyealex Ay əvvəl
i think i just spoiled the entire movie fir my entire class LOL
DarknessDragon Ay əvvəl
A movie about humans interacting with other humans, I'd watch it
Son Grogu
Son Grogu Ay əvvəl
This guys are so likable, i can't wait to see the movie 🤗
Shadowplayz Ay əvvəl
Israel Roze
Israel Roze Ay əvvəl
It's a movie about a super hero that has magical bracelets, now it's more than 9 bracelets but it's less than 11.
Stanley Ezen
Stanley Ezen Ay əvvəl
The cast was astounding. I want a sequel. Loved the fights and family drama
RIO BIRD Ay əvvəl
Awkwafina is looking so cute in pink..aww🥺
Kamila Im
Kamila Im Ay əvvəl
I love them gosh
Chayla Leticia Pratista 1318022
Chayla Leticia Pratista 1318022 Ay əvvəl
oOOo i think Simu Liu is now my other crush in marvel WHY AM I HAVING CRUSH ON SO MANY MARVEL ACTORS AND ACTRESSES
Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.
Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr. Ay əvvəl
In Loving Memory Of Brad Allen (1973-2021)
ʜᴇᴀᴠᴇɴʟʏ sᴏɴɢs
ʜᴇᴀᴠᴇɴʟʏ sᴏɴɢs Ay əvvəl
Imagine Katy, Korg, and Luis scene where they all talking to each other
They were bangles not rings...
Darlene Lewis
Darlene Lewis Ay əvvəl
As a Canadian so proud of Simu Liu! :)
yankee doodle
yankee doodle Ay əvvəl
Why u everywhere
PCSA Ay əvvəl
I have a fanny pack
Imran Khan
Imran Khan Ay əvvəl
The other child is a Beauty
Dannielle MacDonald
Dannielle MacDonald Ay əvvəl
DMA Ay əvvəl
this movie is seriously awsome
AMJH 4LAH Ay əvvəl
Brilliant film 🙌🏻❤
Seiko Nakamura
Seiko Nakamura Ay əvvəl
I love this trio omfg xD Two things: The ?????? After Awkwafina answering the last question lmaaaaaao wasn't expecting that And Meng' Er being hella confused at her response of who is Xialing: "He is Shangchi's father's ...... other child...." -internal question marks Lmaaaoooooo
Sameer Ghimire
Sameer Ghimire Ay əvvəl
The hype is on for this awesome movie 😀
Mutahir Nadeem  Bhatti
Mutahir Nadeem Bhatti Ay əvvəl
Hi like my comment if you want to see 3 Spiderman in No way Home😍
Amogh Verma
Amogh Verma Ay əvvəl
Watching Kungfu Hustle or IP Man or both This movie is for you to be added in your list👍🏼
Sem Break Cooking
Sem Break Cooking Ay əvvəl
We love to watch Chang-chi in theatre 🎭 but here in Philippines 🇵🇭 all movie theatres or cinemas are close because of rising COVID-19 cases So our request is,once our cinemas will open Chang chi should release here in Philippines 🇵🇭 cinema We love to watch this incredible movie in theatre Marvel,this is on of our request 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😔😔
Eshan Gaming
Eshan Gaming Ay əvvəl
Just kidding marvel is good
Eshan Gaming
Eshan Gaming Ay əvvəl
@Xd Df4lol bro I just written that comment for fun lol marvel is good
Xd Df4
Xd Df4 Ay əvvəl
lol a DC fan boi
pizzagamin YT
pizzagamin YT Ay əvvəl
That was so funny lol
Aniket K
Aniket K Ay əvvəl
I'll GIVE YOU BETTER CHALLENGE Release the movie in OTT platform swing theaters are closed
REXUS703 Ay əvvəl
Ga iso nonton.
pinki das
pinki das Ay əvvəl
I watched it tomorrow it was so good at last Shang-chi got the ten rings
Parzival Ay əvvəl
This movie was .perfect....
Madhavi M
Madhavi M Ay əvvəl
what if series is so dark, tragedy everywhere
Jacob Ramirez
Jacob Ramirez Ay əvvəl
I Feel like Shang Chi is another perfect example by Marvel that no matter how obscure a character is or a new character being introduced into something for a first appearance as long as you got a greatness story,characters, and cast all mixed into one you will have a hell of an experience to enjoy and Shang Chi Proves it!!!!
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones Ay əvvəl
As soon as Awkafina started talking I busted out laughing 😂😂😂😂😂
Om Solanki
Om Solanki Ay əvvəl
Nice ..... movie
Rekjes Channel
Rekjes Channel Ay əvvəl
I'm asking if chintya candranaya is in the movie shang - chi, because in youtubenya chintya candranaya is involved in the movie
Giordano Altamirano Quintanilla
Giordano Altamirano Quintanilla Ay əvvəl
Spiderman is not from Sony is from Marvel and Disney
TaN BetSzZe
TaN BetSzZe Ay əvvəl
mo chi ki
mo chi ki Ay əvvəl
I love Meng'er!
d. b. ahir
d. b. ahir Ay əvvəl
Super 🔥 🔥 hit 5star
DITB01 Ay əvvəl
2:03 I laughed at that part XD This is a pretty cool challenge that I should start with my friends. This shows that Shang-Chi actors are not only good at acting, but they’re also good at describing things without using certain words and I think that is an amazing skill to have.
Uncle Jamie
Uncle Jamie Ay əvvəl
What about the "Don't Watch It" challenge instead? Too many winners?
nh dw
nh dw Ay əvvəl
The concerned kitten histochemically jail because flare intringuingly squash concerning a chunky encyclopedia. insidious, lopsided description
Sai Sumukh
Sai Sumukh Ay əvvəl
what are the full forms of MCU
NAHID 360°
NAHID 360° Ay əvvəl
Best movie in mervel
Isa Rodriguez
Isa Rodriguez Ay əvvəl
Can someone tell me why Shang Chi isn’t on Disney + ??
Albert Ismalaj
Albert Ismalaj Ay əvvəl
I like their personalities!
Ahsan Habib
Ahsan Habib Ay əvvəl
Best movie💙💙
JhaSuan games
JhaSuan games Ay əvvəl
add it to disney+
This video is spoiler😐
Rishi Rishi
Rishi Rishi Ay əvvəl
Here,who seen all the movie's of marvel, like here 👇👇
Guru charan Guru
Guru charan Guru Ay əvvəl
I'm huge fan of MARVEL, I sawed all the movie's of marvel
I love the cast chemistry with each other. Too bad i cannot watch Shang-Chi here in Indonesia yet due to our high Covid cases.
Naveendra Kumar
Naveendra Kumar Ay əvvəl
Katty's fans... Here....
かにたまころっけ Ay əvvəl
Sai Ganesh
Sai Ganesh Ay əvvəl
The score given by the DJ snake in bus fight is just lit 💥 he nailed it the entire scene with his BGM
Naveen Gupta
Naveen Gupta Ay əvvəl
meng'er zhang could not do it the short way so she did it the long way
Bella Tepes Uchiha
Bella Tepes Uchiha Ay əvvəl
Best lines of everyone Simu: "He punches people real good" Meng'er: "She is Shang-Chi's father's other child" Awkwafina: "Humans interacting.....with Humans"
Stars stars
Stars stars 18 gün əvvəl
Nandu krishna
Nandu krishna Ay əvvəl
1:45 Bruce Lee
Harsh Kulkarni
Harsh Kulkarni Ay əvvəl
*0:20* *"Simu, you ready?"* *"Absolutely Not"* *😂😂😂*
game bro
game bro Ay əvvəl
S-H-A-N-G SHANG!!!!!!! 1:24 Katy: John Chi
When is your spider man no way home 2nd trailer?
Nice One
Nice One Ay əvvəl
"mArVeL dOeSnT MaRkEt ShAnG-ChI"
lakshana Ay əvvəl
bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........................ifeel so bad for not seeing the movie yet
よろずや Ay əvvəl
Bernie Cho
Bernie Cho Ay əvvəl
I Love them so much and I think Akwafina's fanny pack is so funny what
Aswin S
Aswin S Ay əvvəl
Ott release date
Aswin S
Aswin S Ay əvvəl
Ott release date
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