I Built a Mansion (sort of)

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DIY Garage

DIY Garage

Il əvvəl

Hey guys, I'm back with another quick & easy DIY project, this time it's a mini mansion. This is a simple 19th century style manor with an "added" garage and a few modern touches. Turn on captions to follow along with the build.
What was your favorite part of the build?
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DIY Garage
DIY Garage
Hey guys, here's the latest engine build:
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay
Wow! The level of detail in this build and the little touches in the production are out of this world!
Brad Torville
Brad Torville 14 gün əvvəl
It's a pity the bricks and cinder blocks aren't to scale. Otherwise this would have been incredible.
Paula Helen Andrade Silva
Paula Helen Andrade Silva 28 gün əvvəl
I LOVE how everything fits so weeeeeell
That's so incredibly awesome!!!! I love architecture, I'd love to do one of these, I know my girls would want one made for their dollies 😂
Wow! Your editing skills and craftsmanship are phenomenal.
art with mama fairybread
art with mama fairybread 14 gün əvvəl
Luved watching this….wish I had time to make one too….❤️💜🧡
Woodworking art TV
Woodworking art TV
many interesting things you are a designer, a full-fledged architect and a skilled craftsman, congratulations
Aurore Campos
Aurore Campos Il əvvəl
Bonjour, ou peut-on trouvé tout ce dont vous avez utilisé dans la vidéo s’il vous plaît ?
Chanel 17
Chanel 17 Il əvvəl
Pretty much everything you build looks like a piece of art
TopZPac Gün əvvəl
there is no video more satisfying than this
RV Upload
RV Upload
Whimsically wonderful! ❤❤
Young Warrior
Young Warrior
Lovely work 😁
Elias Ahmed
Elias Ahmed
It is an amazing home I want to build a play house like this💜
Parabéns você é um artista,belo vídeo gostei.🇧🇷
🦋XxSimply LavenderxX🦋
🦋XxSimply LavenderxX🦋
If you get the smallest better your videos will take over AZshow!And I need that to happen!❤️❤️
UdrGrade 1 CAIE Choudhary pranika
UdrGrade 1 CAIE Choudhary pranika
i always like to make houses by my own
Paul Fellows
Paul Fellows Il əvvəl
Absolutely stunning. I am completely in awe of such skill.
Mel Brookes
Mel Brookes
Being a retired bricklayer this bought tears of laughter for me 😂 in a good way
tvitaly1 Il əvvəl
Вот это моделирование с настоящими кирпичами! :)
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