Skip Bayless is furious over Cowboys missing playoffs, 'It's on Mike McCarthy' | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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The Dallas Cowboys' chances of winning the NFC East slipped right through their fingers. Dallas never led, but they had an opportunity late to take the lead when Andy Dalton threw a pick with under a minute and a half left. Two plays later, the New York Giants fumbled the ball, and after some initial confusion over who recovered, officials conferred and determined that it was New York ball, allowing them to run the clock out and end the Cowboys' season. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about the Cowboys being eliminated from playoffs.

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Skip Bayless is furious over Cowboys missing playoffs, 'It's on Mike McCarthy' | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED 6 ay əvvəl
Who is responsible for the Cowboys missing the playoffs?
Baggmaina 4200
Baggmaina 4200 Ay əvvəl
《TEXAS GOLDIE》 2 ay əvvəl
The cowboys staff and team n owner...hands down whole team needs to be gutted like a crackhouse...
Raylan Parker
Raylan Parker 3 ay əvvəl
The whole cowboy squad who don’t have any fight to win games
McDiamond 3 ay əvvəl looks like ezekiel elliot waved out
Laws of Power 48
Laws of Power 48 3 ay əvvəl
It’s Skip’s fault
Marc Whitlock
Marc Whitlock 5 gün əvvəl
Pause at 4:39 Shannon's face says it all
Donald Anderson
Donald Anderson 8 gün əvvəl
32 million a year to not care about stats and points that poke holes in your talking points
carmelo everhart
carmelo everhart 20 gün əvvəl
Listening to skip you would of thought only the coach and Zeke came to the game
Lucy 20 gün əvvəl
I'm not from Texas.
Lucy 20 gün əvvəl
They're proud.
Lucy 20 gün əvvəl
That's high school.
Fen Chen
Fen Chen Ay əvvəl
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solde Squad
solde Squad Ay əvvəl
Dak Prescott is a generational talent PERIOD.......
solde Squad
solde Squad Ay əvvəl
Cowboys are supposed to be 1 of the best with Dak Prescott
Alexander Matthew's
Alexander Matthew's Ay əvvəl
The Muleboys could be 4 - 12 with 1 Game to go this upcoming 2021 Season & Skippy will Say MMMMMMM I Think we can Still Win the Division, Unc Shay Shay be Laughing Lighting up a Honey Backwoods from CVS Pharmacy Lol. 2021 Season the Muleboys will have 4 Wins & Dak will have great STATS 5,500 PASS YDS 45 TDs 5 INTs 🤣
Charlie Martinez
Charlie Martinez Ay əvvəl
Hope after 50 years of skip being dead, Dallas thinks, "should we go another 50 before we get to the NFC title game?" Y so serious 😈🃏🥃
Alexander Matthew's
Alexander Matthew's Ay əvvəl
Dallas Muleboys 🐴
David Zwissler
David Zwissler 2 ay əvvəl
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Jay Williamson
Jay Williamson 2 ay əvvəl
I love these two when they get heated at eachother 😂
Roe Adcock
Roe Adcock 2 ay əvvəl
Its jason Garrett fault lmfao
Pinoy masabaw
Pinoy masabaw 2 ay əvvəl
Another one!!! 😂😂😂😂
Shane Ticknor
Shane Ticknor 2 ay əvvəl
Da Boys are not very good team , Jason Garrett at the helm for years was a joke and now it is starting to show.
Lucy 2 ay əvvəl
Cooking 12/7.
Lucy 2 ay əvvəl
"UpSET." -trigger words
Lucy 2 ay əvvəl
That's hilarious. "I paid for my healthcare insurance."
jamareon rishard majors
jamareon rishard majors 2 ay əvvəl
I really dislike this decade
jamareon rishard majors
jamareon rishard majors 2 ay əvvəl
Twentieth century fox didn't like that!
Mara Jaded
Mara Jaded 2 ay əvvəl
Skip is like Frankenstein in Young Frankenstien, MhMM , MMMhhhhMMMM, MMhMMM.
Patrick Ayers
Patrick Ayers 2 ay əvvəl
I realized how much of a die hard skip is after this video
David Ruble
David Ruble 2 ay əvvəl
Skip is terrible
Alex Diaz
Alex Diaz 2 ay əvvəl
Skip skip just stoopp 😂😂
Life Of Brandon
Life Of Brandon 2 ay əvvəl
Why do Tv personalities in the morning always wear suits ? I like when they are relaxed a little more like Colin or some of the pregame shows or something more casual. I understand they are on the network and look great but idk lol maybe when I run a network
charlene mckissic
charlene mckissic 3 ay əvvəl
Why didnt u trade for justin fields but you trade wash up player coming from being hurt I thought u were a good coach but u not letting justin fields be trade for u smh everybody u want dallas even the two u trade to dallas they won u the nfc go back get justin fields now
Chris Burnell
Chris Burnell 3 ay əvvəl
Lmfao I like when they get all passionate about what there saying. neither is worth a heart attack guys then we all lose it's alright lol
Any chatters in chat
Any chatters in chat 3 ay əvvəl
I love coming back to this clip man. Shannon S K E W E R E D Ol' SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIULLLLP on this one. " Didn't Arizona rush for 7,000 yards on ya? " " YOU LOOOOOOOUUUUWWWWST! " " YOUR PATHETIC. PUTRID. COWBOYS!" " YOU CAN SEEEE BUT THEN YOU CAN'T GOOO IIIHHHHHNNN. HOOOOO BOY THAT HURT I KNOW THAT HURT" amongst many other things. Skip got toasted so bad on this one and towards the end the fact that you could hear he yelled himself out "voice all raspy" was beyond hilarious. I love this show and both of these guys.
Bulldozer 3 ay əvvəl
Shannon wakes up every day and stares at himself in the mirror and convinces himself to believe the lie .... it will be his undoing
Rob Ingo
Rob Ingo 3 ay əvvəl
Hahahahah skip is funny man
Mara Jaded
Mara Jaded 3 ay əvvəl
DaLLLLLLLLLLLLLLas went from coach Clap to coach Pocket.
Mara Jaded
Mara Jaded 3 ay əvvəl
If NFL games were only the 3rd and 4th quater DaLLLLLLLLLLLLLas might have won 10 games.
Yahweh Shekelsteinsilverblatt
Yahweh Shekelsteinsilverblatt 3 ay əvvəl
slimjay73 3 ay əvvəl
My team won the second half 10-3 😂😂😂
Sean Bond
Sean Bond 3 ay əvvəl
“They loth and you theethin”
Jack Drahota
Jack Drahota 4 ay əvvəl
“Andy dalton was terrible” not the thing you wanna hear when your team just signed him for 10 mil😐
GamerClub WorldWide
GamerClub WorldWide 4 ay əvvəl
When Skip starts saying “I don’t care” it’s over lol. He sounds like one of my kids I work with 😂 giving straight facts telling them what they did wrong and they just keep saying “I don’t care”
Donovan Lennox
Donovan Lennox 4 ay əvvəl
Broncos need a qb
Donovan Lennox
Donovan Lennox 4 ay əvvəl
That's what you get for saying zeke is better than leveon bell, after one year. You say outlandish things and later down the line you will pay for it and next time hopefully you bite your tongue
Ker Loz
Ker Loz 4 ay əvvəl
The homely daniel ophthalmoscopically lock because note naively remain concerning a languid house. greedy, curvy toad
cecilio alvarenga
cecilio alvarenga 4 ay əvvəl
5:00 party starts for Skip Bayless
Goonies Never Say Die!
Goonies Never Say Die! 4 ay əvvəl
Not matter what quarters Skip saw or didn’t see, the Dallas Cowboys lost, don’t matter....
JustAnotherYoutuber 4 ay əvvəl
Otávio Ferreira
Otávio Ferreira 4 ay əvvəl
Unc already have no mercy when it comes to the Cowboys He should have even less
Linda Bell
Linda Bell 5 ay əvvəl
What are you talking about Skip the Cowgirls didn't have more wins than everyone in the division! What about those 3 Ls without TDs?
Mara Jaded
Mara Jaded 5 ay əvvəl
I thought the Redskins had to lose for a Cowboy Playoff. The Red skins won...
Mara Jaded
Mara Jaded 3 ay əvvəl
Yes they did, a DaLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLas win meant nothing.
pythonl0rd 5 ay əvvəl
Thank god they didn’t win the game before my eagles decided to tank. This would’ve been way worse.
Ifeanyi Akunna
Ifeanyi Akunna 5 ay əvvəl
This team is a decade away from becoming the Knicks. Only the older generations will remember them as good.
William Saul
William Saul 5 ay əvvəl
I HATE VERIZON!!!!! “Gamers.....🤮”
Jeff Yeager
Jeff Yeager 5 ay əvvəl
Dallas blows
Bruce Bernard
Bruce Bernard 5 ay əvvəl
When you put 50 unmotivated men together, this is the result. Jerry Jones has no business being the GM and owner of the team. He needs to hire someone to be the GM and stay out of the football end of the operation.
Chris G
Chris G 5 ay əvvəl
"Tampa didn't win the division." Aaaaaand we're in the Super Bowl, so 🖕🏽😎, Shannon Sharpe.
Chris G
Chris G 5 ay əvvəl
And Super Bowl victory, Shannon Sharpe. 🖕🏽😎✌🏽️😎
Ian 5 ay əvvəl
Skip’s facial expressions everytime its Shannon’s turn are hilarious 😂
Jerome Grogan
Jerome Grogan 6 ay əvvəl
Skip is right on this one. . .loss is on the coach!
Michael Polite
Michael Polite 6 ay əvvəl
This was epic
Michael Polite
Michael Polite 6 ay əvvəl
The question was who is responsible for the Dallas cowboys missing the playoffs dit dit dit dit dah!!!!! The NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS
Entertainah the sauce God
Entertainah the sauce God 4 ay əvvəl
Lmfaooooooooooo YESSSSSSIR
Michael Polite
Michael Polite 6 ay əvvəl
Plays don't win you games points wins you games lol
Michael Polite
Michael Polite 6 ay əvvəl
Shannon Sharpe said YOU LOST lol I'm crying
JAMES GIUNCO 6 ay əvvəl
Guys I think we can all say it’s the cowboys year next year😂😂
Entertainah the sauce God
Entertainah the sauce God 4 ay əvvəl
Lmfaooooooooooo that’s what they all say every year 😂😂😂
Teknical Xtacy
Teknical Xtacy 6 ay əvvəl
Skip gives new meaning to Fantasy Football - if my team did this , if my team did that, if my coach did this. Welcome to the NFL - you lost - bye.
Nostalgia King
Nostalgia King 6 ay əvvəl
He loves to marinate with that “bel air bul jive “🤣🤣🤣🤣
CuhhPlz _
CuhhPlz _ 6 ay əvvəl
Now if Zeke tore his quad skip would be in tears
William 6 ay əvvəl
Can’t spell Dallas without Double L’s. 😄🏈
Bob& SilentJay
Bob& SilentJay 6 ay əvvəl
The depths at which Skip will go to dig up excuses for any team or player he roots for is absolutely mind boggling. He has zero credibility at this point.
gor9027 6 ay əvvəl
I kinda wish the Cowboys won in Week 17. Skip would have been infuriated when the Eagles tanked on SNF.
Chrissie Buchanan
Chrissie Buchanan 6 ay əvvəl
i genuinely love shannon and skip's chemistry. it's so fun.
KaeHaych 6 ay əvvəl
Skip cant scream about cherry picked 'what ifs' in this game when IF the giants didn't drop a million balls on both offense and defense, this game would've been a blowout from the first quarter on
dawdawd awdawd
dawdawd awdawd 6 ay əvvəl
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Wanda Washington
Wanda Washington 6 ay əvvəl
Skip is so funny he is not a true Cowboy fan, he is back and forth only with the Cowboys when they play good. SHUT UP Skip, your team is a losers!!!
jack rosado
jack rosado 6 ay əvvəl
Bruh this might be one of the best segments ever, have to say putting up with both of these dudes only talking about their teams all year is worth it when they lose..... specially skip
Sneaky Shart
Sneaky Shart 6 ay əvvəl
It's sad when America is happy that America's team is not in the playoffs.
norman ashworth
norman ashworth 6 ay əvvəl
"looking down at that sorry team of yours "
Ray W.
Ray W. 6 ay əvvəl
Love shannon and skip they r such a good pairing.
HARRY BALLS 6 ay əvvəl
1:37 What's he looking at? They to cheap to buy more rights from the NFL?
aers812 6 ay əvvəl
shannon the giants can catch they just watch the show and thought well skip bayless says andy dalton is the best qb in the nfc east so he wont over/under throw every ball so they wernt prepared for the terrible throws
Steven Grant
Steven Grant 6 ay əvvəl
I wish I could find someone as loyal to me as skip is to the cowboys. Dude tries everything to defend his team
StandaLon 6 ay əvvəl
THE NFL IS DEAD, and I'm fine with it. The league has no definition between teams except the uniforms. Maybe uniforms will be politically incorrect next year.
Chriis Dangelo
Chriis Dangelo 6 ay əvvəl
Skip should give Stephen A call.
AU_KryptoSilver Stacking
AU_KryptoSilver Stacking 6 ay əvvəl
sitting in the sideline wondering if he is headcoach... lol i dont blame him with Jerry Jones there lol
Chef Curry
Chef Curry 6 ay əvvəl
8:50-9:05 best part Shannon's face is priceless!
CA DZ 6 ay əvvəl
Man these guys go at it I love it Shannon is hilarious and skip gets overworked and says bazaar things. Great show.
SeanLondon 6 ay əvvəl
Uncle Shay got me rollin 🤣🤣🤣
R J 6 ay əvvəl
What? Its amazing they were even in contention this late in the year. They were a complete dumpster fire. Its only luck that their entire division was in the dumpster with them.
Matt Riddle
Matt Riddle 6 ay əvvəl
lonzo gibson
lonzo gibson 6 ay əvvəl
HE WAVES OOOUUTT!!!!!🤣🤣🤣 You gotta love angry cowboy fan skip
Rene Avalos
Rene Avalos 6 ay əvvəl
Ur going HOME 😂😂😂🐐🥳🥳🥳
Callie Williams
Callie Williams 6 ay əvvəl
The scintillating timbale thoracically reign because muscle worryingly afford against a stereotyped apparel. disagreeable, abandoned scanner
jneroo226 6 ay əvvəl
How does Skip not use the N word? lol
Aidan Burkett
Aidan Burkett 6 ay əvvəl
how bout them cowboys?
cacapedo2 6 ay əvvəl
I think the Dallas Renegades (XFL) can beat the Dallas Cowboys...
Frankie Chapman
Frankie Chapman 6 ay əvvəl
Cowboys will never come back to the playoffs. They will forever be mediocre.
Jared Starman
Jared Starman 6 ay əvvəl
I have yet to find anyone selling what Skip is smoking
Matt Scarey
Matt Scarey 6 ay əvvəl
Skiiiiiiip even if it was 10 to 0 in the second half. They would have still lost.
Mike Richmond
Mike Richmond 6 ay əvvəl
Packer fans know that Mike McCarthy sucks. He cost the Packers at least two Super Bowl appearances. Wasted best years of Aaron Rodgers’ career.
Robert Hawes
Robert Hawes 6 ay əvvəl
This argument doesn't make sense....It wouldn't have mattered if Dallas Cowboys would've won or loss...The Washington Football Team defeated the Eagles, in effect, causing the Cowboys/Giants game inconsequential...actual a win by the Cowboys would have been NEGATIVE...becuase it would've resulted in a lower NFL 2021 Draft pick
Coyote_Mach B
Coyote_Mach B 6 ay əvvəl
If Dallas won,us fans woulda been excited for what 🤷🏻‍♂️ 6 hours?! Then had yet another LET DOWN cause Washington LOL..who cares,trash season regardless 🤮
Kreole Kidd
Kreole Kidd 6 ay əvvəl
Cowboys receivers literally kept dropping wide open 1st downs constantly 😂
KD Kev
KD Kev 6 ay əvvəl
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