BLACKPINK Pretty Savage Lyrics (블랙핑크 프리티새비지 가사) | Color Coded | Han/Rom/Eng sub

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BLACKPINK Pretty Savage Lyrics (블랙핑크 프리티사베지 가사) | Color Coded | Han/Rom/Eng sub


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Brought to you by Chaecado 채카도

• Artist: BLACKPINK (블랙핑크)
• Song: 'Pretty Savage'
• Album: 'THE ALBUM'
• Release: 2020.10.02

• Lyrics: music.naver
• Romanization: Chaecado 채카도
• English translation: genius


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blackpink pretty savage lyrics
blackpink pretty savage
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pretty savage blackpink lyrics
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블랙핑크 pretty savage 가사
블랙핑크 pretty savage
pretty savage 가사
pretty savage 블랙핑크 가사
pretty savage 블랙핑크
블랙핑크 프리티사베지 가사
블랙핑크 프리티사베지
프리티사베지 가사
프리티사베지 블랙핑크 가사
프리티사베지 블랙핑크
블랙핑크 프리티새비지 가사
블랙핑크 프리티새비지
프리티새비지 가사
프리티새비지 블랙핑크 가사
프리티새비지 블랙핑크
blackpink how you like that lyrics
blackpink ice cream lyrics
blackpink pretty savage lyrics
blackpink bet you wanna lyrics
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blackpink crazy over you lyrics
blackpink love to hate me lyrics
blackpink you never know lyrics
블랙핑크 how you like that 가사
블랙핑크 ice cream 가사
블랙핑크 pretty savage 가사
블랙핑크 bet you wanna 가사
블랙핑크 lovesick girls 가사
블랙핑크 crazy over you 가사
블랙핑크 love to hate me 가사
블랙핑크 you never know 가사
블랙핑크 하우 유 라이크 댓 가사
블랙핑크 아이스크림 가사
블랙핑크 프리티사베지 가사
블랙핑크 벳유워너 가사
블랙핑크 러브식걸스 가사
블랙핑크 크레이지오버유 가사
블랙핑크 러브투헤이트미 가사
블랙핑크 유네버노우 가사

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Chaecado 6 ay əvvəl
I have made a corrected lyrics video for Pretty Savage, please come and watch: All "You better run run run" parts are sung by Jisoo. I'm so sorry.
Rashid Taj
Rashid Taj 2 gün əvvəl
Rashid Taj
Rashid Taj 2 gün əvvəl
Rashid Taj
Rashid Taj 2 gün əvvəl
rayssa antoniansa chimmy❤
rayssa antoniansa chimmy❤ 2 gün əvvəl
Mais que burrice do cao parace cega não viu a voz dela não te surda então vamos limpas os ouvidos e ela que fala as doas partes do run run run misericórdia que burrice
Guwani Kariyawasam
Guwani Kariyawasam 4 gün əvvəl
It's OK 👍 👌 🙆‍♂️
Aarya Il əvvəl
popular opinion : *everyone wants a MV for this song*
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo 4 gün əvvəl
@Joms YESSS it's my favorite too.
Aaron Maurice
Aaron Maurice 14 gün əvvəl
Lee y/n
Lee y/n 24 gün əvvəl
Amir Abbasi
Amir Abbasi 28 gün əvvəl
Jiezel30 2 ay əvvəl
@Joms same
10 S
10 S 3 ay əvvəl
In this album, all B-tracks are so good, an album full of a combination of feelings and self-confidence
Nothing ❄️
Nothing ❄️ 2 ay əvvəl
Oh my God JENNIE voice is everything, whether it's rap or singing. She's a really complete artist. I hope she gets more rap lines because she deserves. She's the main rapper, but she's being wronged by not giving her more rap.
Maria patrici Antunes
Maria patrici Antunes 11 ay əvvəl
Eu amo essa música
bark __ LeLe
bark __ LeLe 5 gün əvvəl
Me too😭💞
Jenxoxo✰ 3 ay əvvəl
Don't worry, you are not the only one listening to this in November, this is a masterpiece 💯
Matt 12 gün əvvəl
January gang
bluegray 27 gün əvvəl
Ransi Stephen
Ransi Stephen 2 ay əvvəl
BTS Forever
BTS Forever 2 ay əvvəl
November now
Daehwi's #1 fan
Daehwi's #1 fan 2 ay əvvəl
November now
My fav in the album is : 1 pretty savage 2 love to hate me 3 bet you wanna 4 how you like that 5 lovesick girls 6 crazy over you 7 ice cream 8 you never know I luv all blackpink songs just my OPINION love u all blinks
ella Ay əvvəl
Bet you wanna is literally worse song on the album
lubna mkki
lubna mkki 7 ay əvvəl
Me to
jjyyuu 9 ay əvvəl
mine is: 1. crazy over you 2. love to hate me 3. pretty savage 4. how you like that 5. lovesick girls 6. you never know 7. ice cream 8. bet you wanna
Crazy Lollipop
Crazy Lollipop Il əvvəl
@baby bear tae tae ok no one asked for ur opinion why are u even in these comments u must be a whole fan then 🤣
@baby bear tae tae then why r u hearing their songs duh.....
Aisha Sadayeva
Aisha Sadayeva 10 ay əvvəl
Love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Diana Rocha Oliveira
Diana Rocha Oliveira 4 ay əvvəl
LINDAS!!!!!!!!!!!!PARABÉNS pela MÚSICAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IE Elezângela Ribeiro
IE Elezângela Ribeiro 2 ay əvvəl
Palhaço Melozinho
Palhaço Melozinho 3 ay əvvəl
Amo essa música ❤💖💘💗
Diana Rocha Oliveira
Diana Rocha Oliveira 2 ay əvvəl
I AM AN ARMY GIRL 💜🔥 11 gün əvvəl
This Song Sure Deserves an MV 🔥🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵🥵🥵
Alhia Faye Sandoval
Alhia Faye Sandoval Il əvvəl
This song is a masterpiece and deserved an MV. Periodt Who's agree? Blackpink is the Revolution
Dhiraj Adhikari
Dhiraj Adhikari 3 ay əvvəl
I have a yum and a lot to do for you and I
Akbarali Gajiyani
Akbarali Gajiyani 3 ay əvvəl
fernanda serna
fernanda serna 4 ay əvvəl
Naa It was going to be like ic all over again, lisa already has the most lines and center in an mv she would also get the most screentime ( she tend to have the most screentime),etc.
dreamgirl jewel
dreamgirl jewel Il əvvəl
it really did tho!!! we lowkey lost 😭😭😭 i love them though but omg a pretty savage MV would’ve took me out!!!
Eduardo Torres
Eduardo Torres Il əvvəl
Bruh all the songs in the album deserve a MV
Lindsay 4 ay əvvəl
I love it ❤
Ariane Vieira
Ariane Vieira 4 ay əvvəl
Amo todas
La mejor Jungkookista
La mejor Jungkookista 2 ay əvvəl
Amooo esta canción
vilagone mahanousith
vilagone mahanousith 8 ay əvvəl
Great song👍👍, nice lyrics and beat is so awesome especially Lisa rap track🔥🔥Rose vocal still angel❤️ I understand their meaning to haters well I feel so happy everytime when I hear this song and I can't listen without any dancing By the way I love all Blackpink songs❤️ My fav song ❤️ Love Blackpink ❤️
Jennie's brr is even more savage than haters whole existence.....
Yuri 💜
Yuri 💜 16 gün əvvəl
@Kuru Adrastea bruh , clowns are meant to be funny not dumb
Yuri 💜
Yuri 💜 16 gün əvvəl
Haters don't have a life so its better not to talk about that existence 😂
Lubna Shehzady
Lubna Shehzady 19 gün əvvəl
@Kuru Adrastea what you mean?
tani jaiswal
tani jaiswal 23 gün əvvəl
Lee y/n
Lee y/n 24 gün əvvəl
@Kuru Adrastea oof but yeah
samantha khier eunice de joya
samantha khier eunice de joya 3 ay əvvəl
i love the song so much its sooooooo cool for partys !!!!
Ariane Vieira
Ariane Vieira 4 ay əvvəl
Eu amo a Jisoo, e adorei ela cantando " É melhor vc correr correr correr" a melhor parte
Diana Rocha Oliveira
Diana Rocha Oliveira 2 ay əvvəl
Larissa Sthefany
Larissa Sthefany 3 ay əvvəl
na vdd é a jisoo que canta
PINZILICI G. 4 ay əvvəl
Thank you very much for your video and for the translation.
Vic 4 ay əvvəl
DIOSAS! (^-^)
Nelly Yuki
Nelly Yuki Il əvvəl
I love how blackpink always deliver bad bitch vibes in their song.
hyunjae's mwohasaeyo
hyunjae's mwohasaeyo Il əvvəl
ikr and I love it
♡Nukithepuki♡ Il əvvəl
*ice cream you never know as if it's your last stay and don't know what to do* 👀
Lazaro Hurtado
Lazaro Hurtado Il əvvəl
@Soranno Chan please be respectful to all groups if you can translate every girl groups rap it's very Savage and badass
Lazaro Hurtado
Lazaro Hurtado Il əvvəl
Not all the time
Anne T
Anne T Il əvvəl
@Soranno Chan ohh thats wrong :( e.g. Everglow, Mamamoo, also Dreamcatcher sometimes, unfortunately I don't know that many groups but I am sure there are soo many outside Edit: I think Secret Number is going in this direction as well^^
Anna Jullia
Anna Jullia 10 ay əvvəl
Eu amo ela de mais💕💖💞💞💞💖
Madysen Wilson
Madysen Wilson 3 ay əvvəl
This song is forever iconic
Marinna Bonetti
Marinna Bonetti 10 ay əvvəl
They are perfect 😊😊
Anjini Maunikum
Anjini Maunikum Ay əvvəl
Blackpink songs always make me feel powerful
Leo Solor
Leo Solor Il əvvəl
I really like Rosé voice . when I first time heard Blackpink song .. I find Rosé voice is very unique ..
Asmi Thakur
Asmi Thakur 6 gün əvvəl
She forces her voice to be nasal it was way better predebut
IsabelleOnYt 18 gün əvvəl
IsabelleOnYt 18 gün əvvəl
Fatheemat Omobolaji Shofunde
Fatheemat Omobolaji Shofunde 21 gün əvvəl
@S.I Munira Jisoo didn't have unique voice, She sounds like many Korean singer just deeper tone while Rosie hardly sounds like anyone in Kpop world and Jennie voice is also unique with those Squeak
EXO ❤ 3 ay əvvəl
ا@Joker guy
NewSmurfAccount Dummy
NewSmurfAccount Dummy 10 ay əvvəl
I. LOVE THIS. SONG !!!!!!!!!!!
Palhaço Melozinho
Palhaço Melozinho 2 ay əvvəl
Amo essa música é muito linda ❤❤😍😍 só as BLACKPINK para fazer músicas lindas como essa 💘💖
Diana Rocha Oliveira
Diana Rocha Oliveira 2 ay əvvəl
Isso é pura verdade
Jolina Dacanay
Jolina Dacanay 3 ay əvvəl
What I like about blackpink is that the members' voice/tone don't sound the same. You can easily differentiate whose member is singing. No offense to other gg (newborn or not)( but their members sound the same). No one is doing it like blackpink REALLY.
Ransi Stephen
Ransi Stephen 2 ay əvvəl
Yeah,they are unique
raya the last dragon
raya the last dragon 2 ay əvvəl
This song will always be iconic. ʎɐp ʇɐǝɹƃ ɐ ǝʌɐɥ 'ʎɐʍʎu∀ ¿sᴉɥʇ ƃuᴉpɐǝɹ noʎ ǝɹɐ ʎɥʍ 'oǝpᴉʌ ǝɥʇ ƃuᴉɥɔʇɐʍ oʇ ʞɔɐq ʇǝƃ 'osl∀ ˙ʇᴉ ƃuᴉpɐǝɹ puɐ ʇuǝɯɯoɔ sᴉɥʇ ƃuᴉʞᴉl ɹoɟ noʎ ʞuɐɥʇ I 'ʎɐʍ ɹǝɥʇᴉƎ ˙ɹǝʌo uǝǝɹɔs ɹnoʎ pǝuɹnʇ puɐ pǝʇɐǝɥɔ noʎ ǝqʎɐɯ ɹO ˙uʍop ǝpᴉsdn pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ sɯǝǝs ʇI ˙ᴉH
raya the last dragon
raya the last dragon Ay əvvəl
@Evelyn Chen Well congratulations Lol
Evelyn Chen
Evelyn Chen Ay əvvəl
When you read it without tilting your phone I'm a legend
Arhab Qasim
Arhab Qasim 2 ay əvvəl
I give you a dislike but upside down 😁😏 You got me😁😁😁😁
raya the last dragon
raya the last dragon 2 ay əvvəl
@Thương Võ Thị Thanh You too god bless
raya the last dragon
raya the last dragon 2 ay əvvəl
@Kirti jat aww Thank you you too
Kris Almojuela
Kris Almojuela Il əvvəl
So this is why Lisa said that "PRETTY SAVAGE"is her favorite. Damn she's not lying this is really pretty good and cool.
itz_nini 7 ay əvvəl
Ikr this is also my fav song
Izzah Faisal
Izzah Faisal Il əvvəl
@Mahito supremacist oh no i've spotted ot3
Ionna Blayil
Ionna Blayil Il əvvəl
ikrrrrr 😂
Ryuku Il əvvəl
@Mahito supremacist this song was meant for you
Ryuku Il əvvəl
I feel like she said that it's her favourite song since they are able to attack haters by being open and wearing that savage expression during the dance performance. The girls all had attitude while dancing and they were totally feeling themselves
PurpleSnowflakes Ay əvvəl
꧁꧂Manaمانا🥰👑꧁꧂ Ay əvvəl
Oh my God the song got stuck in my head because of creativity 😭💕💕
Guadalupe Escobedo
Guadalupe Escobedo 10 ay əvvəl
La mejor música que e conocido me encanta
Kumoサマ Il əvvəl
Essa música é incrível...
Namjoon’s broken glasses
Namjoon’s broken glasses 3 ay əvvəl
The “We some bitches you can’t manage” ALWAYS GETS ME HYPE AS HELL! 👏🏽👏🏽
✨ Z a y e o n i e ✨
✨ Z a y e o n i e ✨ 4 ay əvvəl
Our queens deserve a lot of attention They are the most followed artist on AZshow well deserved bp
Aarti Kulkarni
Aarti Kulkarni 6 ay əvvəl
This literally needs an MV
wellington sousa campos
wellington sousa campos 9 ay əvvəl
Life Goes On
Life Goes On Il əvvəl
I want a MV!!! This is legit masterpiece!!
John Tan
John Tan 5 ay əvvəl
before reading the song i’ve been vibing to the song but now after reading the lyrics i’m like you go girls
🖤💝 blink_ies_
🖤💝 blink_ies_ Ay əvvəl
I can't stop to love them... We are waiting for our queens are comeback again... And whole blink family stream again.. 🙂😭😭🖤💝
Priya Marwa Pia
Priya Marwa Pia 9 ay əvvəl
I love the whole song
Sumeet Dubey
Sumeet Dubey 4 ay əvvəl
s-a-v-a-g-e keep it pretty pretty savage is forever iconic
Kimberly Vázquez Moreno
Kimberly Vázquez Moreno 5 ay əvvəl
This is pretty savage! I love it.
Ankita Loha
Ankita Loha 4 ay əvvəl
Wow this song is so good but for me it's a masterpiece
Yamatzy Fiction
Yamatzy Fiction 2 ay əvvəl
November 1st, and me still listening to this masterpiece.
kaira g
kaira g 2 ay əvvəl
this is a great song!!
Bibix Kim
Bibix Kim 2 ay əvvəl
omg,this music it's so amaaaazin
Jay Patel
Jay Patel 10 ay əvvəl
i love this song
lanky box
lanky box 10 ay əvvəl
i love this song
Hermione 9 ay əvvəl
Pretty Savage is very good.♡ 프리티 세비즈 정말 좋다.♡
Lisa is really pretty savage at this song. She nailed it again. Blackpink nailed again.
Ujwala Kamble
Ujwala Kamble Ay əvvəl
@Lily Cohen x if you aren't a true blink then why you are asking a true blink to prove she is true blink or not?
Ujwala Kamble
Ujwala Kamble Ay əvvəl
@Lily Cohen x hey she can appriciate one member but can't hate any of them if she will hate then she ain't a true blink! Even my bias is lisa and i do love her more but still don't think or talk bad about others cause they are my world! 4-1=0 (only true blink can understand)
Lily Cohen x
Lily Cohen x Ay əvvəl
@Aditi Kushwaha BALALLalala look who’s talking
Aditi Kushwaha
Aditi Kushwaha 2 ay əvvəl
@Lily Cohen x this is the only comment i have seen about only lisa... While other's are getting praised do you all have problm when lisa is getting praised??? Why didn't you commented on jennie or rose or jisoo??? We lilies can't even now comment our idol who we stan
alertoo 3 ay əvvəl
Lavanya Sharma
Lavanya Sharma 10 ay əvvəl
Blackpink is a band which has everything , sweet and cute songs like ice cream 🍦 and badass songs like pretty savage 😎
jose franca 124
jose franca 124 6 ay əvvəl
Linda. 💗
carmen ღ
carmen ღ 2 ay əvvəl
이 음악은 정말 놀랍습니다 💞✨
🖤belulu🖤 2 ay əvvəl
AMO ESTÁ CANCIÓN se la dedico a una persona
LALISA Il əvvəl
Common mistakes Jisoo says "you better run run run" Jisoo says "blackpink in ur area"
Anny Chy
Anny Chy 18 gün əvvəl
i want to say it to
Forever Blinks
Forever Blinks Ay əvvəl
@lovesicksolar It was Jisoo
Forever Blinks
Forever Blinks Ay əvvəl
Exactly, Absolutely right
Jiminie_officail♡ Ay əvvəl
@lovesicksolar Its Jisoo
clara jones
clara jones 2 ay əvvəl
@blackiesun listen closely you can hear jisoo's accent she says "blackpeenk in your area" it is like that ,jisoo have extra length when saying some words especially pink .while Lisa have a very good english she just says blackpink in your area and jisoo's voice is a lot different from lili's .
橋高 11 ay əvvəl
Haters: Jisoo can't rap Meanwhile Jisoo: Hold my turtle Edit: woah road to 1k you've got to be kidding me?!?!!!!!!
Princess Universe
Princess Universe 2 ay əvvəl
I'm army Blink
Love yourself speak yourself 💜
Love yourself speak yourself 💜 2 ay əvvəl
2.7kkkk btw u are correct 😆
jong suk's wife
jong suk's wife 3 ay əvvəl
she was also able to rap Jennie's rap in 4D
CHOCKYMILK_019 5 ay əvvəl
@jung kyungsoo I love your name!
Mystic Rosey
Mystic Rosey 6 ay əvvəl
No no no, hold my turtle rabit kim
ATTITUDE GIRL 🥰 4 ay əvvəl
I'm proud to be a blink 🥰😍
Sarika Salodia
Sarika Salodia 6 ay əvvəl
I really like Lisa's voice in this song a lot
Bong Sarmiento
Bong Sarmiento Il əvvəl
Im not a fan but i respect and i should say this is so goooood
꧁*King*꧂ Il əvvəl
I would not mess with them after this song. Got goosebumps first time seeing those lyrics
Marsha Simpson
Marsha Simpson Il əvvəl
Same and hailed the queens of SAVAGE
Philo Mena
Philo Mena Il əvvəl
Me too
Jaidiah Forrester
Jaidiah Forrester Ay əvvəl
Love it
spbu 5483605
spbu 5483605 5 ay əvvəl
This is iconic
Vanessa Avilés
Vanessa Avilés 3 ay əvvəl
😍 love it 😍
jose franca 124
jose franca 124 6 ay əvvəl
Ms. Zyra MMD
Ms. Zyra MMD Il əvvəl
I love the power in their voices and lyrics
favOriTe 4 ay əvvəl
this lyrics still got all the antis foaming at the mouth and that's exactly what it was done for, I'm here for it 👑
miss butterfly 🦋
miss butterfly 🦋 16 gün əvvəl
I'm in love this song
Arina M.zin
Arina M.zin 4 ay əvvəl
I love this song
Yağız Turan
Yağız Turan 11 ay əvvəl
Aleeza Sarfaraz
Aleeza Sarfaraz Il əvvəl
Jennie's vocals slayed here. Periodt
Lioness Il əvvəl
Oh yeah
@Mehnaz Mehzabeen buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
amanda rizky
amanda rizky Il əvvəl
Preety Chingtham
Preety Chingtham Il əvvəl
She slays in every song
venxiii Il əvvəl
She is a Queen💗💗💗💗
Kenya Schmidt Reibnitz
Kenya Schmidt Reibnitz 4 ay əvvəl
I love end music ❤️❤️❤️
No YADOM no life
No YADOM no life 11 ay əvvəl
Let’s all swear but don’t tell Jisoo Let’s all rap but don’t tell Rosé Let’s all look at the camera normal but don’t tell Lisa Let’s not use a hat but don’t tell Jennie Anyways ot4
Blinky 4 ay əvvəl
Jisoo face😡
Okay Nickiii
Okay Nickiii 4 ay əvvəl
Your name is everything 😭
♡Cupido fue estupido♡
♡Cupido fue estupido♡ 5 ay əvvəl
Rosé isnt have a hat
Tiff .-.
Tiff .-. 6 ay əvvəl
The third one got me- That was actually really accurate-
Kim chae_young
Kim chae_young 8 ay əvvəl
Yeah yeah yea yea yea yea ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ
Pahola Luna
Pahola Luna 5 ay əvvəl
Olivia 3 ay əvvəl
Pretty Savage es mi religion❤👑👑👑
Melissa Medina Quiles
Melissa Medina Quiles 7 ay əvvəl
Cool song i love it😍😍😍😍😍😍😄😄😄
Nana Aaboud
Nana Aaboud 4 ay əvvəl
I just love ittttt
no one cares
no one cares 5 ay əvvəl
Listening to blackpink while doing maths..the serotonin omg💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Erika 4 ay əvvəl
I like this song so much😁
I R I S 2 ay əvvəl
Kiah’s Life
Kiah’s Life 10 ay əvvəl
I love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️
cayene silva
cayene silva 3 ay əvvəl
Areeba Altaf
Areeba Altaf 7 ay əvvəl
This gives such bad bitch vibes!! Love it
Habiba Hodan
Habiba Hodan Il əvvəl
I wish I could download it I can't stop listening to it 😍😍😍
Freda Maps
Freda Maps 5 ay əvvəl
I just wanna say for Lisa's part she actually says "No matter how much weight I gain, I'm still slim, even if I'm slow at math, I'm quick to read the room"
Kindly help me reach 200k $ub •_•
Kindly help me reach 200k $ub •_• Ay əvvəl
Queen 👑 lisa
Rajib Phangcho
Rajib Phangcho 5 ay əvvəl
So beautiful 💜💜😙
Svetlana 6 ay əvvəl
BLACKPINK is the only group to have all of their songs timeless
Mari Diesel
Mari Diesel Il əvvəl
I really love Jennie's bold and badass vocal. She is savage . 🔥
bpchannel Ay əvvəl
Lioness Il əvvəl
Melissa Diener
Melissa Diener Il əvvəl
Melissa Diener
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Kingdom of Korea
Kingdom of Korea Il əvvəl
BLackpink Live Q&A after release of THE ALBUM [ English sub]🔥🔥
Kylie Nicole pronce
Kylie Nicole pronce 3 ay əvvəl
블랙핑크는 역대 최고의 여성그룹
$taryujin~ 3 ay əvvəl
Sssshinshin Mende
Sssshinshin Mende 3 ay əvvəl
Imagine Blackpink performing this on award shows especially on MAMA and got the crowd hype up But you suddenly re-read my first sentence 😀🔪
Slowmotion Channel
Slowmotion Channel 4 ay əvvəl
Cool,awesome, perfect...
BTS ARMY BLINK 2022 Ay əvvəl
Jennie's voice is so like V's voice
S.I Munira
S.I Munira Il əvvəl
"You better run run run " It’s actually Jisoo sing not Lisa.
lovesxjennies#roseyikoruyalım 17 gün əvvəl
Yes jisoo
prabanand achu akal
prabanand achu akal Il əvvəl
@S.I Munira listen well first
S.I Munira
S.I Munira Il əvvəl
@prabanand achu akal why you're calling me dumb?It's my comment.why You're replying my comment First? Dumbest
prabanand achu akal
prabanand achu akal Il əvvəl
@S.I Munira how dumb u are
S.I Munira
S.I Munira Il əvvəl
@prabanand achu akal It's not lisa It’s Jisoo. Watch Their performance video.
anuradha khandelwal
anuradha khandelwal 2 ay əvvəl
The part Jisoo sings in 1 minute 32 seconds killed me.
baji's wife
baji's wife Il əvvəl
im not evena bp fan anymore but this song is just on fire
sonusir1979 11 ay əvvəl