Social experiment | Would you help?!

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fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 19 saat əvvəl
I Love what that kid did to help...he has more heart than the adults
Fizon Idea
Fizon Idea 2 saat əvvəl
I love the way the boy pushes the man out of the way he is so nice 😘
Leila Visinia
Leila Visinia Saat əvvəl
That’s me when someone is literally drunk and is on a f&cking cliff
Marliete Dos Santos
Marliete Dos Santos 9 saat əvvəl
Que menino mais lindo ❤️😍🥰🌺🌺🌺🌺
RLKE Malady
RLKE Malady 9 saat əvvəl
And the kids are amazing 👏 the help they give is awesome
Karla Adari Toto
Karla Adari Toto 14 saat əvvəl
Porque es difícil encontrar personas así❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anderson Pereira
Anderson Pereira 9 saat əvvəl
Bom dia família parabéns ótimo atitudes
Rachel Te Haara
Rachel Te Haara 9 saat əvvəl
Omg this made me cry 😢 the boy was soooo nice
Fizon Idea
Fizon Idea 2 saat əvvəl
''It's OKEH to be OKEH ❤️(titan cry 😭) ''
Sabrina Brooks
Sabrina Brooks 9 saat əvvəl
I love how the kid is so nice to him and it’s not a mistake ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE
Samiya_khan💜 19 saat əvvəl
I was paralyzed for 16 years this gave Me motivation to wake up and jump out of my window,Thanks❤
shital b mehta mehta
shital b mehta mehta 9 saat əvvəl
Oh my god i love the way the kid falls after saving the man not intentional at all
ámbar Suárez
ámbar Suárez 2 saat əvvəl
good people have to be rewarded ❤️🥰
Retta Mendawati
Retta Mendawati 4 saat əvvəl
Love this and that ❤️❤️ Thank you
Khairil Redza Muhammad
Khairil Redza Muhammad 9 saat əvvəl
Respect for the invisible man for using he's last potion
🐇e̶l̶l̶a̶🐇 21 saat əvvəl
I'm praying for all the people who thought this was real
nora malone
nora malone 9 saat əvvəl
I Love what that kid did to help...he has more heart than the adults
Roxxane Wolf
Roxxane Wolf 2 saat əvvəl
Aww filled my heart ❤
Fizon Idea
Fizon Idea 2 saat əvvəl
Aww the fact that he took it from them with so much confidence it’s so cute and kind 🥰
Samantha Machado
Samantha Machado 4 saat əvvəl
Kazakistan'da neler oluyor?
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