The BEST Item in Fortnite Season 8?

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Today I'm reviewing the new Sideways minigun and saying sheesh a lot in Fortnite Season 8!

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid in Season 8! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible. Hope you enjoy!

tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood 18 gün əvvəl
20 people have put out this video
Quaxx 26 gün əvvəl
play geometry dash
BigPlayJohn J
BigPlayJohn J Ay əvvəl
Your hair is to big now lol gotta trim that down my guy
Thellamayayeets Ay əvvəl
from 5:07 and on he didn't say sheesh
Uyt 44
Uyt 44 Ay əvvəl
subscribe to sypher haa you thought i was a bot didn't you 🤔
Dawoud Shorts
Dawoud Shorts Ay əvvəl
Spitting faxs
Gábriel Farkas
Gábriel Farkas Ay əvvəl
He forget to say sheesh after like 6 kills lol
Tim Stevenson
Tim Stevenson Ay əvvəl
R0N1N 51M
R0N1N 51M Ay əvvəl
Nahhw man the symbiotes are the best items🙄
Eazz fn
Eazz fn Ay əvvəl
Parth Pareek
Parth Pareek Ay əvvəl
better than rapid fire my g
Black cloud96
Black cloud96 Ay əvvəl
It gets more accurate as it heats up, crazy.
Nitromitsu_ Ay əvvəl
is it better than brutus'?
devin carls
devin carls Ay əvvəl
Love the videos but……just went to the store and NOTHING is sold out
TheDoffo Ay əvvəl
Yo why did you stop doing sheeeesh
RobbSnipzz Ay əvvəl
At 2:27 he went crazy 🥶
1:12 I'm the one who commented this! I'm so happy that my favourite youtuber noticed me!
ItsChrisBoi Ay əvvəl
Sypher something is happening with the gold cube and the purple cube!!
Waffles 🧇
Waffles 🧇 Ay əvvəl
You missed some sheesh’s 😠
Michael Tyne
Michael Tyne Ay əvvəl
un related but i diddnt know that you can do arena fills
bush ッ
bush ッ Ay əvvəl
Sypher what is ur movement today
bush ッ
bush ッ Ay əvvəl
4:35 actually Arabic characters
Anthony M
Anthony M Ay əvvəl
Getting sandwiched and coming out on top is the reason I believe SypherPK is one of the best players in fortnite. Just an opinion
Ertugrul Uploads
Ertugrul Uploads Ay əvvəl
First time see sypher doing quests
Adam Ferr
Adam Ferr Ay əvvəl
Flixx Ay əvvəl
Read my name and do it please
Bobby Cauffman
Bobby Cauffman Ay əvvəl
Anyone who doesnt think syper use's a aim bot is delusional
Bryan Urbina
Bryan Urbina Ay əvvəl
Didn’t even use it the right way
Tyler Joseph
Tyler Joseph Ay əvvəl
Idk if I’m tripping but at 3:25 sypher pickaxes the sideway monster and it hit for 100
Jesus Ay əvvəl
“Sheesh” is cringe
Samm Vega
Samm Vega Ay əvvəl
Connor Zoller
Connor Zoller Ay əvvəl
I 4v1ed with the mininygun and won
Shadow12 Gamer
Shadow12 Gamer Ay əvvəl
sypher when are you going to play stw again
DatinLatin Ay əvvəl
This is random but Sypher is really good at doing sheesh.
BLASTIN burrito
BLASTIN burrito Ay əvvəl
wait why does phyfer look different?
Dark Gaming
Dark Gaming Ay əvvəl
I never get ratio btw and didn’t knew about ratio your yesterday video I watch that and from that I know what’s ratio is lol
Zidan Zameer
Zidan Zameer Ay əvvəl
How many subs can someone get from a comment??
VectorGaming Ay əvvəl
Did anyone else noticed that Sypherpk didn't take any damage when got shot at, at 2:40
smool Ay əvvəl
Yeah its a bug that's been happening lately
DaRk9 GAMING Ay əvvəl
Saying sheeeshh so many times gets annoying tbh ruins the video gg
Evan Wojciechowski
Evan Wojciechowski Ay əvvəl
I dont care what anyone says the autosniper is cooked, you just have to use it from mediem range not long I went on a 4 kill streak just beaming kids with it
Mr. loops
Mr. loops Ay əvvəl
Sypherpk: u get shot Me: it is a shooting game
Squishy Graveyard
Squishy Graveyard Ay əvvəl
When you realize sypher re uses the same like 5 faces for all his videos
SamuraiXyuk Ay əvvəl
Remember when he said it sucked
Cool Gamer
Cool Gamer Ay əvvəl
Hi i wanna give some content u can do the highest kill as fortnite buffed reboot vans I know you can do this
hilmi candır
hilmi candır Ay əvvəl
Sheesh is the most cringy thing of this decade, stop it, get some help
Harrison Karn
Harrison Karn Ay əvvəl
I miss when the new guns Epic added were super good.
Guy Ay əvvəl
I play with keyboard and mouse on ps4 and yesterday I was melting people with mythic minigun and gold sideways rifle
Peter Cao
Peter Cao Ay əvvəl
Can you do a video on how many quests you can do in one game or how to complete quests/ get gold the fastest? Love the content Sypher!!
Marco Zanghieri
Marco Zanghieri Ay əvvəl
TR SatrunXx
TR SatrunXx Ay əvvəl
Please stop
Whippy Hook
Whippy Hook Ay əvvəl
Watching on 144p :)
Nitin Chalke
Nitin Chalke Ay əvvəl
minigun is old news because of the new venom mytics
Eclipse_XP Ay əvvəl
yay 164,310th lol
inner777 Ay əvvəl
Thats a bad sheeesh mate
VasTeX Ay əvvəl
only ogs know the title was changed
Kevin Ay əvvəl
The best way to use sideways weapons is to carry 2 of them and swap whenever they overheat as you dont need to reload those
Ume Fauzan
Ume Fauzan Ay əvvəl
if they tirn sideways into a yhing like if you go in it the other players won't be able to damage you
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Ay əvvəl
The best pair with this mythic gun is recon scanner cuz u cna know where they standing inside the walls and then u can use this gun cuz it goes through walls
DoubLL Ay əvvəl
They should bring back the og minigun that was actually op but make it pretty rare and take up 2 inv slots like the slurp bazooka
Silver back
Silver back Ay əvvəl
Radzzy Ay əvvəl
If you were a real man you would have dropped your other guns and only used the mythic sideways mini gun only. That's why your mom doesn't love you.
CaptainBeast8 Ay əvvəl
3:25 100 damage with pickaxe?
Dead Fish Meme
Dead Fish Meme Ay əvvəl
Sypher forgor💀 to sheesh a bunch of times
Ayyy Bomb
Ayyy Bomb Ay əvvəl
Let's see how many sub's I can get from this comment
FaZe KiNg
FaZe KiNg Ay əvvəl
How to clickbait with Sypher PK
jeremy roberts
jeremy roberts Ay əvvəl
Everybody seems to be pretty happy with this new season and I feel like I’m on the only one that sorta hates it. Idk I just feel like considering what happened in the event there should’ve been a lot more map changes. I mean the mothership literally crashed into the entire island everything should be in ruins
Kermisreporter Ay əvvəl
100% agree. Some poi's should be gone allready! And those slipstreams need to connect more parts of the map so travel is also better
Sasukeyt Ay əvvəl
the tier 1 skin of the batle pass is going to be tray hard
bumpy_king2 yt
bumpy_king2 yt Ay əvvəl
Sheeesh Lmao
Isaak Arrona
Isaak Arrona Ay əvvəl
Ayoooo this thing broken
James Bolton
James Bolton Ay əvvəl
Bro the day I saw the sideways minigun I knew there was gonna be trouble.
TheAmbusher Ay əvvəl
Comment number 346
Rui Lin
Rui Lin Ay əvvəl
nah nah the best weapon is the symbiotes
PikminPug Ay əvvəl
Is the sideways mini gun better then the rapid fire smg?
CompassPvP Ay əvvəl
matia92 Ay əvvəl
Yo did sypher get a fake tan?!? 🤣🤣 he looks like a cast member from jersey shore!!
Itz snowy
Itz snowy Ay əvvəl
I had this mythic and I won that solo game
PapaBear Ay əvvəl
did he actually drop the rapid fire
Drexter Ay əvvəl
sypher can you please talk about ab big problem that is happening this season. 3RD PARTYING! yesterday I got in a fight hadn't killed the guy THEN.... 3 people decide to rock up and join. THAT'S 5 PEOPLE TRYING TO KILL EACH OTHER AT THE SAME TIME! I saw this happening towards the end of season 7, and now its abundant.
SB Lance
SB Lance Ay əvvəl
No homo but sypher was lookin like a daddy 0:08
RedWolf. Gaming
RedWolf. Gaming Ay əvvəl
try mythic sideways rifle, the heated ones are 57 damage
Nolan Maples
Nolan Maples Ay əvvəl
Probly the pump
Kahlaa Rabbani
Kahlaa Rabbani Ay əvvəl
how do you survive the sideways? you cant build, the low grav makes it difficult to aim (in my case)
sir. fartfecth'd (give me pokemon video ideas)
sir. fartfecth'd (give me pokemon video ideas) Ay əvvəl
I have gotten top 15 with the minigun once as a solo against trios it is insane, with heals
Yesiamyellow Ay əvvəl
if your hiding from sypher shaking clap ur hands
NSA KEY Ay əvvəl
Am I crazy, or does this female character have man hands?
AO Ryze
AO Ryze Ay əvvəl
I have a glitch where my lobby's are actually hard
RogueTurtle Ay əvvəl
the minigun is better then brutus if you learn how to use it
Hylian740 Ay əvvəl
2 days ago: "the minigun isnt that good" today: THE BEST ITEM IN FORTNITE"
n280 Ay əvvəl
How different would season 6 be if crafting was as smooth as it is now.
grace Ay əvvəl
I actually liked the crafting in s6 tbh
SANS Ay əvvəl
It's more complex now
RealorNot Ay əvvəl
@aditya singh yeah
aditya singh
aditya singh Ay əvvəl
Nah crafting in s6 was best
Alvin Hutchinson
Alvin Hutchinson Ay əvvəl
Sypher is finnaly coming to his mini gun senses
RealSwitchnite Ay əvvəl
It is super op but it’s annoying that you can’t build in the sideways, cause I just get Sprayed in the air, And I hate it.
L1Lwiza Vods
L1Lwiza Vods Ay əvvəl
i just streamed the new venom powers and they are nuts!
Bobby Cauffman
Bobby Cauffman Ay əvvəl
Not really that nuts
TheNeon 12019
TheNeon 12019 Ay əvvəl
My only problem with the sideways minigun is how hard it is for me to see where the bullets go when I shoot. So it's either I lazered them or shooting blanks.
Real3D —
Real3D — Ay əvvəl
When he said that the minigun doesn’t shred builds…I thought Sypher was just hating at that point. Sypher said that he was using the minigun in a way that not many people are using, bruh everyone does that. But at the same time, Sypher wasn’t even using it right. He needs to hear it up but he keep stopping it from heating
Jace Gamer12
Jace Gamer12 Ay əvvəl
Sway'Von Wheeler
Sway'Von Wheeler Ay əvvəl
The Sideways guns are good but the Sideways Minigun is better than the Sideways Rifle
Hadi Yousaf
Hadi Yousaf Ay əvvəl
Dear sypher, Please help me, I play fortnite on Nintendo switch and I am getting paired up with people who are sweats and are way better than me and I’m just an average player. All of the pc players with me but I don’t understand. I have been trying to get my first win for 5 days straight and can’t t do it. What should I do? I am on eu servers Thanks
Zach Speer
Zach Speer Ay əvvəl
I think they should add a concept in the sideways where you can build for 3-5 secs after getting shot by an opponent. Therefore not being able to build when hit by monsters but at the same time make it easier for less sweaty players in the sideways. But that’s just my opinion.
Paperzlol. Ay əvvəl
Hi Sypher!
beewreck Ay əvvəl
When you notice that he stopped saying sheesh
so I started drama with the x2twins...
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