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Duke Nightrider
Duke Nightrider 2 gün əvvəl
Ok huge missed opportunity to have Rodger bumpass play ebony maw. Who agrees?
JORURSANDO 6 gün əvvəl
Zombie-Virus and Superpowers mix are too powerful
When will it be unveiled?
Lakshmi Amma
Lakshmi Amma 9 gün əvvəl
I had a doubt Vision says I can't cure her because Of her anger Than I realised If she is so stronger then how did She got infected?
Anferney Russel M. AUMENTADO
Anferney Russel M. AUMENTADO 13 gün əvvəl
if only peter knows thriller they would have survived the zombie apocalypse
Nightwing4380 14 gün əvvəl
0:10 I know he would say that
Joseff Santes
Joseff Santes 15 gün əvvəl
ridiculo pra carai
dark-lit heaven
dark-lit heaven 17 gün əvvəl
When is this gonna come?.
JJAN ZAIR 25 gün əvvəl
Disappointed, not what I expected from Marvel's zombie :(
TheIronGolem 29 gün əvvəl
Bro this episode needs a part two… I will find the email for Marvel studios and state why there should be a part two to episode 5
0ddM0nk3y 29 gün əvvəl
I really hate zombies and anything related to them, but this episode was pretty good. The only thing that bothered me is the stupid choices some characters made, like Vision and maybe Bucky.
stormstrike prime
stormstrike prime Ay əvvəl
Ana Rosa Pereyra
Ana Rosa Pereyra Ay əvvəl
Suks i love marvel but this
Ana Rosa Pereyra
Ana Rosa Pereyra Ay əvvəl
The black panter spider man and ant man save the universe
I like how Banner just looks all calm when he sees this going down Like hus reaction is just "That just seems like overkill"
Emmanuel Lattab
Emmanuel Lattab Ay əvvəl
Amazing ha ha.
Reymark Casipit
Reymark Casipit Ay əvvəl
Wingardium leviosa
Mister SoMeister Backup
Mister SoMeister Backup Ay əvvəl
This was a bit scary
GamerX25X Ay əvvəl
Do a pt 2
Yeah I think it's about time to run a Zombie Hero may still try to bite you . Hahaha 😅 😂
tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood Ay əvvəl
Why was there a raven
Tony Stark ( dead for the 5th time)
Tony Stark ( dead for the 5th time) Ay əvvəl
Look closely it says hallowstream so probably referring to Halloween
Matthew Easby
Matthew Easby Ay əvvəl
From what I’ve seen I think there is three cures for it. One is the mind stone as revealed, the other is the hulk’s radiation because he can’t get infected even when bitten as seen in the end scenes with Wanda so if he could leak his radiation across the world it could fight it off like chemotherapy, plus it would give him a good reason to go World Breaker Hulk and finally, Bucky because he was brainwashed so it changes the way the mind works so if they found a way to brainwash people and zombies, they should be able to get rid of the virus.
Hussein .K
Hussein .K Ay əvvəl
I don't like this zombies episode because it so melancholy😔
Clark Kent
Clark Kent Ay əvvəl
Well that escalated quickly
Princess Rosalina Starstool & Mayor Pauline Fan
Princess Rosalina Starstool & Mayor Pauline Fan Ay əvvəl
Oh, no.... (Shrieks in vain!)
Princess Rosalina Starstool & Mayor Pauline Fan
Princess Rosalina Starstool & Mayor Pauline Fan Ay əvvəl
Halloween is nearly here!
DON'T NERF ME Ay əvvəl
What If Marvel Had An ANIME-esque Animation Style ??
darwinist000 Ay əvvəl
This should be made into a full film.
JohnTheAnimator Ay əvvəl
thunderboltz x
thunderboltz x Ay əvvəl
For me, this was quite depressing
Zhongli Ay əvvəl
When Zombies have more IQ than us😂
An enemy stand
An enemy stand Ay əvvəl
This episode was bad
Jason Birch
Jason Birch Ay əvvəl
finally a version of Marvel Zombies story onscreen, now all we need is an R-rated live action version with a huge cast from different marvel franchises.
Hokage Goji 20
Hokage Goji 20 Ay əvvəl
I wonder if the zombies in I'm gonna have to seem original in the comic since whoever read Marvel zombies knows that the virus is stuck in a time loop because it infected 2 universes that are in a time loop
Evergreen Ay əvvəl
So Thanos gets the stone soon after this fight
Mahim Majee
Mahim Majee Ay əvvəl
Black Panther was like that guy from the game The walking dead season 1.
SF khurram
SF khurram Ay əvvəl
Ansh Gangwar
Ansh Gangwar Ay əvvəl
You have to admit Anime production is far better tha Marvel 👍
PandaKong Ay əvvəl
bruce looking like human shrek lmao!
Fred 006
Fred 006 Ay əvvəl
I feel bad for Ebony Maw. He's only been in the MCU for 3 years and has already died four times.
Robert Merin
Robert Merin Ay əvvəl
Dude I want this series to happen Marvel Zombies. Just like The Walking Dead series.
gregory tagarao
gregory tagarao Ay əvvəl
We need a marvel zombie movie origin animated.
Bae 1 Battle Droid
Bae 1 Battle Droid Ay əvvəl
Honestly it's kind of heartwarming how the avengers are still so functional and co-ordinated even when they're Zombies.
Chito Ay əvvəl
They really know what we all like
FlyTheDog Ay əvvəl
0:37 Iron man:shut the f up
Dakota Jones
Dakota Jones Ay əvvəl
_They just couldn't let Tony rest, could they...?_
Neera Singh
Neera Singh Ay əvvəl
Oof .... That happened.
dheeraj rao
dheeraj rao Ay əvvəl
Real universe or zombie universe, Wong never forgot to cut the hand of that big monster
Raimundo Nonato
Raimundo Nonato Ay əvvəl
otimo video !
Tomb Kings
Tomb Kings Ay əvvəl
I wish they had a second part of this episode.
Kavira Ratnayake
Kavira Ratnayake Ay əvvəl
Maybe dr strange trying to use time stone to turn back everything to normal but before it he also turned into zombie and timestone droped without any protection. after get all the stones thanos came to strange house because his allies(that guy who can control objects using his hand and big guy) didn't return.(he knew where are all stones except soul stone from the beginning coz he planned everything) he found the stone but he became also zombie in that place or after came wakanda.using time stone he watch possibilities to where will be mine stone or vision come and saw most time it will be come to wakanda bcoz it is the only place that have technology to transmit mind stone sub frequencie to roll back zombie apocalypse. Maybe he will use infinity stones together to turn all survivors to his dinner. Srry for bad english.
Roberto 264
Roberto 264 Ay əvvəl
The Iron man Man is so creepy the second time around
Dustin Lifts
Dustin Lifts Ay əvvəl
If there is a part 2 and hulk is a zombie that would make 0 sense. Bullets, lazers and rockets dont cut hulks skin so how will teeth of a rotting corpse cut hulk, plus teeth break easily if you watched the hydraulic press video using teeth. Yeah bruce as human could get bit but as we seen hulk is protecting bruces blind spot as bruce didnt see wandas bite coming but hulk did and it did nothing.
John Ay əvvəl
Where were they hiding
MiD Knight
MiD Knight Ay əvvəl
It was awesome!!!!
X02Overdose Ay əvvəl
These MFs can’t even stop some zombies LMFAO
Anthony Rogers
Anthony Rogers Ay əvvəl
This definitely needs it's own movie, tv show....... never knew I needed Avengers Zombie Apocalypse in my life.
bread Ay əvvəl
This was the best part of the episode. I love how it gave an eerie atmosphere at the beginning when Bruce was the only one until Squidward and Black Dwarf came. Then I also love that little scary tone the music gives when it seemed like Iron Man was gonna grab Maw. After the introduction of this episode things really just fell apart and made the episode pretty mediocre
Marco Giulio Camurri
Marco Giulio Camurri Ay əvvəl
I loved the episode but I found the end way too rushed.
Shaurya Girme
Shaurya Girme Ay əvvəl
Next episode
ultramaximus Ay əvvəl
Best episode thus far.
carbunny Ay əvvəl
Marvel zombies is getting an ova
Knoxx 555
Knoxx 555 Ay əvvəl
Where's Juggernog?
Communication Science
Communication Science Ay əvvəl
Just terrible, the whole series is. Cheap animation, lousy, nonsensical stories that couldn't happen, it's just all a set up for future films and to give all of the actors some extra VO work and that's NOT what "What If...?" is all about.
Nixx Ay əvvəl
its so funny seeing people be wrong
EthanBloxBoy16 Ay əvvəl
I’ve been waiting for this episode
Fiyin Aregbe
Fiyin Aregbe Ay əvvəl
Most funny episode for me so far😅😅
Donovan Boylls
Donovan Boylls Ay əvvəl
Ratul Hasan
Ratul Hasan Ay əvvəl
Just imagine if they made a r rated zombie movie connected to the mcu. How dope it would have been
Muhammad Fitry Yusub
Muhammad Fitry Yusub Ay əvvəl
AaronGaming Ay əvvəl
What if spider man solo’s them🧐
Omio Rahman
Omio Rahman Ay əvvəl
he is the hero in marvel zombies
Kingz Kara
Kingz Kara Ay əvvəl
Kinda scary how fast Zombie Tony, strange and wang took them down like that
Madhavi M
Madhavi M Ay əvvəl
what if series is so dark, tragedy everywhere
CJKuromorimine Ay əvvəl
If only Disney plus was available here in the Philippines
Syamil Basayev
Syamil Basayev Ay əvvəl
Hahah i hope they dont eat galactus and get his cosmic powers and eat almost all of the universe 🗿
Some Person
Some Person Ay əvvəl
Bruh can we stop using Zombies they are such a tired and unironically dead concept like IMO once you add zombies to it then it's just an unoriginal idea we need to try and make new horror ideas that don't just reuse the same 5 things...
OisEasyKhalisi JaLogoKhalDrogo
OisEasyKhalisi JaLogoKhalDrogo Ay əvvəl
"Wingardium Leviosa!" - Antman
Kassidy Miller
Kassidy Miller Ay əvvəl
I can't stand Mark Ruffalo. Hate how he's the hulk even in the animated version
Shane Jacobs
Shane Jacobs Ay əvvəl
The one part of this episode I cant get over is the fact the watcher says "oof that happened"
Grifter CODM
Grifter CODM Ay əvvəl
This shows how marvel heroes are just normal heroes and when they become evil they are like impossible to defeat.
Thor's Twisted Beard
Thor's Twisted Beard Ay əvvəl
I have difficulty expressing myself about this series because having to say Marvel made something that sucks is just awkward.
CoffeeWithTheCynic Ay əvvəl
The films don't exactly have a spotless record either. Iron Man 2 was awful. Thor 2, Iron Man 3, Incredible Hulk weren't...great.
Whaaat the fff...........
Sammy Sam Production
Sammy Sam Production Ay əvvəl
We should leave the animation for japan hahahaha
SirTheatre Ay əvvəl
Part 2 must happen!
Carter's Kindle
Carter's Kindle Ay əvvəl
I thought this series was going to be good, not THIS good. The zombies one was my favorite, but you know what I just thought of? Star Wars. It can be when Tony and Nebula are stranded at the beginning of endgame, but instead a reality-traveling empire or first order star destroyer experiment (this would obviously not be star wars canon, probably a alternate reality itself) would jump out of hyperspace and suck in the guardians ship. I don't know where it would go from there but the Marvel universe has alternate realities, and star wars has the world between worlds, so I would love to see it happen.
Partha Mandal
Partha Mandal Ay əvvəl
Dean Winchester can be seen panicking right now as he gathers his upplies
ali Iraq
ali Iraq Ay əvvəl
Matthew Mcculloch
Matthew Mcculloch Ay əvvəl
As much as I liked this episode, I'm just curious as to why the zombies were so smart in terms of tactics and fighting. Example that repulsor through the portal trick. I'm just curious and if someone can confirm this awesome, are the zombies in the comics that smart? Cause I guess I can understand like tony some what being able to shoot his repulsors but strange and wong being able to use there magic that precisely even in there zombie states. Like how?
KB Faqih
KB Faqih Ay əvvəl
If you read original Marvel Zombie it show that the Zombie in the Marvel is very different species, they as smart as before and keep their personality but when they hungry they have very hard time keeping their hunger and personality as a results they become a very hungry Zombie.
Not_Uhorka Ay əvvəl
Where can i watch it?
Crazy Moose
Crazy Moose Ay əvvəl
Disney Plus
XtremeN00b Ay əvvəl
So now we know what the other side of a sorcerer’s portal looks like
Benjamin T
Benjamin T Ay əvvəl
It’s like a portal gun we’ve seen it on the silver screen too
Patty Ay əvvəl
please don't make this real
Red Giant 7
Red Giant 7 Ay əvvəl
“Yeaaah iron man!” “NOOO IRON MAN NO WAIt HOld uP-“
KB Faqih
KB Faqih Ay əvvəl
i just gonna pretend the reason why it was changed was due too Disney+ i mean y'know what i mean there
Han In Action 2
Han In Action 2 Ay əvvəl
But iron man have half of his body without feets of boots and repulsor ray, he just flying with the half bodies of original Comics
Blip Machine
Blip Machine Ay əvvəl
"That seems like overkill" - me watching the comedy in this episode
Luke Krause
Luke Krause Ay əvvəl
Someone call up Machine man cause he's gotta save the whole ******* world!! AGAIN!!!
KENDRA Ay əvvəl
Episode 5 is great 👌👌👌💥💥💥💥
Shipra Yadav
Shipra Yadav Ay əvvəl
Die what if series!!!! So many sad endings.
Benjamin T
Benjamin T Ay əvvəl
Don’t watch, sad endings aren’t necessarily bad,
Brandin Marxx
Brandin Marxx Ay əvvəl
what’s crazy is that normal tony and strange could’ve been that brutal in the movie , without the biting of course but jesus christ lmfao
Stan Lee
Stan Lee Ay əvvəl
Need to accept, It was pretty dark than I expected 🙂
Kurber Bing
Kurber Bing Ay əvvəl
What if the marvel zombies collide with Resident Evil?
Fatih Wijahartono
Fatih Wijahartono Ay əvvəl
Looks like Nemesis made a harder
Probot FF
Probot FF Ay əvvəl
Worst episode of the series
Brukan Ay əvvəl
do the second part pleaseeeeeeeeeee
Smithy Boy
Smithy Boy Ay əvvəl
I just realized that the events of the Black Widow movie took place during this, she was in Budapest at the time so she luckily didn’t get infected (yet) no wait this theoretically took place during Infinity War so she…I am confused at this point, was she in Budapest or not?
Smithy Boy
Smithy Boy Ay əvvəl
(@Sơn Mmmm Xuân) Oh yeah now I finally realize that she was with them, so it did take place before this
Sơn Mmmm Xuân
Sơn Mmmm Xuân Ay əvvəl
the event of BW happened before this
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