Justin Fields, Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, Bucs (4.28.21) | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF Audio Podcast

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Speak For Yourself

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► Is race a factor in how Justin Fields is being evaluated? ( 00:00 )
► What does Lamar Jackson need to do to prove his doubters wrong? ( 28:08 )
► What do the Browns’ comments say about their belief in Baker? ( 34:42 )
► Will anybody be able to stop the Bucs from repeating? ( 39:28 )
► Should Bill Belichick go all-in on Justin Fields? ( 43:17 )

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Justin Fields, Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, Bucs (4.28.21) | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF Audio Podcast

Speak For Yourself

Moneymarc7221 3 ay əvvəl
I feel sorry for Wiley
Markis Jones
Markis Jones 3 ay əvvəl
If there is any race in the league it sure aint behind draft picks, come on now acho I dont care who got pick 1st, NFL is at a all time high of having starting black qbs
Markis Jones
Markis Jones 3 ay əvvəl
@Ace Senior what question am I answering not to be making sense, just giving opinion of the overall conversation of the topic..
Markis Jones
Markis Jones 3 ay əvvəl
@Ace Senior Your point?
Ace Senior
Ace Senior 3 ay əvvəl
He argued WHERE they were picked in the draft. Not if they start.
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson 3 ay əvvəl
ramsicle 3 ay əvvəl
Can't help but feel the way the system is set up it just leads itself to feel like any minority player is looked at and treated differently. One point I will make and hope to make you think, if you take away all white QB's will the game lose a lot of white supporters? If you take away all the black defense players will you lose a lot of black supporters? So what am I trying to say here? Are those picking the players trying to protect the image of the game to the point they don't even realize how different they are looking at each player cause of their race. Now they will admit this cause it will make them out to be racist, but a QB like Sam Donald takes the Jets no where is still looked at as a good QB, and we blame the Jest organization, where as QB Marcus Mariota takes the Titans to three playoff games and wins one and is now looked at as a good back up. Sam Donald has twice as many interceptions as Marcus who has played twice as many games. Does Sam look that much better than Marcus or does he just look white so he lets look after despite having a worst record than someone like Marcus.?...
Right Or Racist
Right Or Racist 3 ay əvvəl
Great convo. Both sides argued well
“ And knowing is half the…”
“ And knowing is half the…” 3 ay əvvəl
Good point and observation Acho. Mac Jones DWI has been muted with the NFL media matrix.
CPM Music
CPM Music 3 ay əvvəl
But only team talks about him hoin high is 49ers. He's not a top 25 pick
502grillboyz FarrisIII
502grillboyz FarrisIII 3 ay əvvəl
Sir......there is PLENTY of evidence....remove your BLINDERS🤷🏾‍♂️