Social licence and the involvement of horses in sport

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World Horse Welfare Education

World Horse Welfare Education

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World Horse Welfare, an international charity that strives to support and improve the horse human-partnership in all its guises, hosts a panel discussion with leading equestrian figures about public perceptions of the involvement of horses in sport, and what more equestrian sports can, and need, to do to ensure continued public support.
From 11:00am to 12:00pm BST
• Roly Owers, Chief Executive of World Horse Welfare
• Lucy Higginson, Journalist (Panel Chair)
• Dr Madeleine Campbell, Senior Lecturer in human-animal interactions and ethics, RVC
• Pippa Funnell MBE, Olympic eventer
• Dr Barry Johnson, Chair of British Racing’s Horse Welfare Board
• Christian Landolt, Dressage rider and eventer, trainer and FEI ground jury member
• David Morley, Chair of the Hurlingham Polo Association Pony Welfare Committee
Q&A with questions from audience
Summing up
• Roly Owers, Chief Executive of World Horse Welfare
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Ruth Evans
Ruth Evans
Everyone on this panel needs to take on board the 3 things that Roly says we all should do!! The issue re horse welfare is about how you train the horse and the equipment that is used especially in dressage, jumping eventing and polo. As an equine scientist I want the horse to be able to balance and elongate its neck, I want it to be able to exihibit natural horse behaviour, I want it to breathe, I want it to be naturally balanced In this day and age and its about supporting the horses learning and how each individual animal learns along with its emotional and mental health. Are certain training practices and certain and types of tack still acceptable?? We need to look through the horses eyes and have a radical think about how we ride and train all our horses in all disciplines. I am not anti competition but we have to remember that horses DO NOT choose to compete! The horse world is 30 years behind what is happening in the Dog world and no longer are people prepared to just accept adversive training methods and riding techniques. We also need to stop using terms like "horses like their work". Horses allow us to ride them but do they like being ridden??? Everyone from the highest level and rider to the lowest needs to look at themselves and say is this way of training and what I am using acceptable in the 21st Century.
Rebecca Biggins
Rebecca Biggins 19 saat əvvəl
You say your sample size was too low, I would be interested to know what the sample size was and what the sampling method was please
Dana Ignat
Dana Ignat
Please help ban all sports with horses or any other animals. Anyone wants to compete? Great! Let them so with their own capacities and abilities and leave the animals alone. Animals do NOT want to compete.
When will the whip be banned in racing?