Friends Can Help Stop Sexual Abuse

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Fight Child Abuse

Fight Child Abuse

2 il əvvəl

As a bystander Emilia sees what is going on with her friend, Maria and the much older teacher’s assistant. Friends can help spot the red flags that sometimes we can't.

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Lee Serendipity
Lee Serendipity Il əvvəl
I love how she says “boyfriend or girlfriend”. Sexual abuse isn’t strictly done by men, and I’m glad they point this out.
Sum ツ
Sum ツ Il əvvəl
I like how this is actually true and sounds like it's based of what a real teenager would say.
RaveDX 2 il əvvəl
I'm suprised the characters actually mention events from other episodes. Not gonna lie, its more entertaining that way. Feels like its more of a show that way while still teaching something important.
Thatcrazyfan 22
Thatcrazyfan 22 Il əvvəl
I was sexually abused by my uncle and I told my family, my aunt wanted nothing to do with me and I wasn't allowed to see my cousins. My family didn't support me. About 5 years later I found out he was doing it to my sister. Now my parents finally wanna listen to me and now there is so much going on and I feel so alone.
The J 2.0
The J 2.0 2 il əvvəl
Ngl, this should be be aired on TV sometimes, It’s like a TV show itself, It can help kids who somehow don’t have phones or tablets.
The Rivals
The Rivals Il əvvəl
I knew a girl who was raped 4 times tried to commit suicide 6 times. The school did nothing about it. To this day I’m still ashamed and disgusted that the school did nothing.
Moon 2 il əvvəl
I can’t believe my school restricted this. It’s disgusting how they block out this shit happens
cryptidkoi 2 il əvvəl
I really like how all these stories add up and they aren’t just characters to reuse. They have a whole story together.
Clinton James
Clinton James 2 il əvvəl
This should be on Disney and other Teen television shows... it would help protect them and its a serious subject that needs to spoken about
CatherineMylett Il əvvəl
The thing is: Its NORMAL for kids and teens to crush on adults. That does not give the adult the permission to go for it. As adults we have to be safe for children. That includes not hitting on children just because they might like us???? People have to understand this!
Classic Tails The Fox
Classic Tails The Fox 2 il əvvəl
This needs to be a TV show. That's how good these videos are.
Orangie Il əvvəl
For all the younger people who like an older person..
kaspbrakie 2 il əvvəl
i know this video is serious and all but can we take a moment to appreciate the art and animation style? they should make a show, i would watch the crap out of it
summertime sadness
summertime sadness Il əvvəl
the weird thing is that schools block these videos out and barely teach on this subject, it’s a touchy subject sure but still.
CrabMaster69 2 il əvvəl
I love how you reused Characters, it really makes them feel like real people and how we saw the church again! It really makes everything feel real
Vianey Arreola
Vianey Arreola Il əvvəl
GUYS I JUST WANT TO SAY THIS: Being in a relationship DOESN’T equal consent. Just because you are dating someone, it does NOT mean you have to do anything sexual with them. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT NO MEANS NO!
S pel
S pel 2 il əvvəl
I love how their stories are all intertwined. It makes them even more real and it really curbs the feeling of isolation.
Elora Commons
Elora Commons Il əvvəl
Im 16, and last year this was me. The only thing was no one else cared, and things got worse than this.
G-Money-Gio 2 il əvvəl
Kids there nothing wrong with being hugged by someone you like but if someone tries to touch in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable THATS NO GOOD! it’s your body nobody has the right to touch you if you don’t want them too FIRST YA SAY NO THEN YOU GET OUT OF IT!
JXZX1 2 il əvvəl
Man, this has got to be the worst town ever.
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