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This October, two Spider-Men will swing into action, but only one will swing out!

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Tiger Knight
Tiger Knight 3 gün əvvəl
You guys don't read anything pre Disney do you? Because anyone who looked back at the clone saga would realize this is a rehashed idea that wasn't very popular to begin with. Please stop hiring writers who have no idea what to do with the character of Spider-man. No one wants this. Stop trying to top BND in "Worst Spidey story ever"
Noight Bhoot °
Noight Bhoot ° 7 gün əvvəl
Ben Riley was real spiderman in a comic
spidey fan 64
spidey fan 64 14 gün əvvəl
Really, Marvel, Or Beyond Corporation. No Wonder Why NWH Has A Lot More Hype Than Your Recent Shitty Run On The Amazing Spider-Man. Don't Get Me Wrong, I Love Ben Reilly, But He Does Not Deserved To Be Back Nor Have His Comic Run Series Back. Only Ultimate Spider-Man (Earth 1610) Deserved To Have His Comic Run Series Back. Such A Waste Of Money Of Buying The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 75. Thank God I Threw It In The Trash.
Nayops21 16 gün əvvəl
1:15 What was that for❓🤔
Francesco Marasco
Francesco Marasco 16 gün əvvəl
The art looks amazing…please don’t kill Ben when Peter comes back (again)
Creator Amatir
Creator Amatir 18 gün əvvəl
we miss the Spiderman character played by Tobey Maguire
Spider-Man 20 gün əvvəl
Man this comic SLAPPED!!!
Yeaboyarsh 23 gün əvvəl
NOOOOO! I hope Peter Parker stays as Spiderman and Ben just stays as scarlet Spiderman
THE BAT 89 24 gün əvvəl
Ben your off better as the scarlet spider
House of UP
House of UP 25 gün əvvəl
It seems like they are redoing all the flops of Spiderman history. First Sins Past, then One more day, now the clone saga again. Hopefully, Ben Riley doesn't die again.
Samuel Patricio
Samuel Patricio 27 gün əvvəl
Marvel please return Peter at The 60 anniversary
Твен 27 gün əvvəl
Крутое видео!
Crismon Lightning
Crismon Lightning 28 gün əvvəl
YES! YES, YES! I hope Peter doesn't return back as Spidey! I have waited for this moment ever since they brought Ben back from the dead (and after some arcs where he was semi back in his head) I am so happy! Marvel...please this time...keep Ben as Spidey forever.
Crismon Lightning
Crismon Lightning 25 gün əvvəl
@Samuel Patricio Its better than Dock Ock taking Peters body again.
Samuel Patricio
Samuel Patricio 25 gün əvvəl
ok right its because im starting to read the comics like 4 years ago and i dunno about ben just about peter i know you like ben then marvel can just return peter as spider man wen marvel decide its because peter was always my best spider but now i know theres people that like others than i respect i just dont wanty that peter gone now
Crismon Lightning
Crismon Lightning 27 gün əvvəl
@Samuel Patricio Just keep Ben as Spiderman please, Peter will always be the first and the best. Ben just needs a extremely long time as Spidey so Pete, go ahead and have a semi normal family life, Ben has this
Samuel Patricio
Samuel Patricio 27 gün əvvəl
no peter parker is the real spider man dont do this marvel return peter at the asm 100th 60 anniversary
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 28 gün əvvəl
I'm guessing Peter will be out of commission until December. That way he'll be able to make his triumphant return to coincide with the New Spider-Man movie. Because that's how you sell comic books.
Sean Rutherford
Sean Rutherford 29 gün əvvəl
Beyond Corporation huh? I don’t trust it, Ben is gonna learn how dark they really are I bet.
juvydude Ay əvvəl
love the new "spiderman beyond" costume, but there's no way that it'll ever top that scarlet spider suit
Ayhan Zorer
Ayhan Zorer Ay əvvəl
Wow, ben reilly version of superior spiderman nice. I hope peter return by the end of this tho.
Bussin Nuts, Fuckin Butts
Bussin Nuts, Fuckin Butts Ay əvvəl
When is Peter gonna turn into a RESPONSIBLE adult and start killing people.
Indra Taylor
Indra Taylor Ay əvvəl
Linda Rozalinda
Linda Rozalinda Ay əvvəl
Why Ben though? Kaine is more interesting character! Besides Slott and David made Ben a villain. It will be hard to redeem him
CryptoZoo Mauler
CryptoZoo Mauler Ay əvvəl
The death of The Grim Hunter, Sergei Kravinov's son, shall be avenged!
Raj Parmar
Raj Parmar Ay əvvəl
We want Andrew garfield
Abraham Begashaw
Abraham Begashaw Ay əvvəl
Abraham Begashaw
Abraham Begashaw Ay əvvəl
Abraham Begashaw
Abraham Begashaw Ay əvvəl
That Was Unexpected
Hanz Zachary Cruz
Hanz Zachary Cruz Ay əvvəl
Imagine this suit in spider man 2
futurewarriorhero123 Ay əvvəl
I feel like we are trading dangerously close to som old grounds. Lets, for the sake of argument, say Pete and mj get there happy ending in 74 with the hopeful retcon of OMD. when this storyline happens it will end with Pete retiring the role of spider-man to ben once more or something akin to that so that he could start a family proper. if marvel is going to do this and have Pete and mj actually bring home a kid to the 616 universe then please stick with it. because these are similar beats that happened in the clone saga.
Alexis Collins
Alexis Collins Ay əvvəl
Honestly I would be completely okay if marvel kind of left pete for a bit and give the guy a break 😂
Deboraj Haflongbar
Deboraj Haflongbar Ay əvvəl
Yes yes yes yes I love ben so much as spiderman and i will be more than happy if he stays thats way.
Blacc Youth
Blacc Youth Ay əvvəl
I’m hype! So glad to see Ben brought back in a creative way 🕷
Gourav Nainwaya
Gourav Nainwaya Ay əvvəl
PLZZ.make ultimate Spider-Man season ,5
David Blyth
David Blyth Ay əvvəl
Spectacular season 3-5, plus the movies. Ultimate sucks.
N M Ay əvvəl
Not a big difference on the suit but I can't hate on it honestly
Pushpraj Suman
Pushpraj Suman Ay əvvəl
plot of no way home
marko 2001
marko 2001 Ay əvvəl
If Peter dies without having children who Will follow his legacy, you can go screw yourself.
JezyPlaze Gaming
JezyPlaze Gaming Ay əvvəl
Marvel Entertainment is giving a CLUE!
H Talks
H Talks Ay əvvəl
Kolyte Ay əvvəl
That was the hint of no way home
Jonathan Appleseed
Jonathan Appleseed Ay əvvəl
but why tho
Ajit Choudhary 🚩
Ajit Choudhary 🚩 Ay əvvəl
Marvel guys make all the games open world, they are more cool and cool. The mission should also run open word like GTA etc. are of the company. Children and teenagers think that they should do the action of Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man, Thor etc., feel those characters themselves by playing in Freedom,
Ajit Choudhary 🚩
Ajit Choudhary 🚩 Ay əvvəl
Marvel guys make all the games open world, they are more cool and cool. The mission should also run open word like GTA etc. are of the company. Children and teenagers think that they should do the action of Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man, Thor etc., feel those characters themselves by playing in Freedom,
ContinentalArt Ay əvvəl
Don't tell me they're gonna do another clone saga..!
Chris Nudge
Chris Nudge Ay əvvəl
I’m glad Patrick is back
Bob Granstaff
Bob Granstaff Ay əvvəl
No body dies in comic
Luigi Trippitelli
Luigi Trippitelli Ay əvvəl
I waited 4 month for that
Rizieq Shahab
Rizieq Shahab Ay əvvəl
i hope marvel will make a deadpool version of peter parker character like gwen into gwenpool sorry i ask a lot and also i hope marvel will grant my request
_ymc _
_ymc _ Ay əvvəl
Is Kaine gonna be shown ?
Estevan Garcia
Estevan Garcia Ay əvvəl
Naaaah why are they using Miles’ font? 💀
Crazy56U Ay əvvəl
I am betting even money that they are bringing Ben back and having him be Spider Man because they are killing off Peter.
Henry Gonzalez
Henry Gonzalez Ay əvvəl
I like Ben, but I don’t like when he’s Spider-Man, instead of the Scarlet Spider. Also, corporate Spidey never ends well.
Indalecio Gutierrez
Indalecio Gutierrez Ay əvvəl
1:13 Miles?
Fade Ay əvvəl
Marvel seriously runs ads in their ads…
Gyan Prabhakar
Gyan Prabhakar Ay əvvəl
Vought International?
Maureen Thabo
Maureen Thabo Ay əvvəl
What isn't leaven dead or did I miss the comic where he came back
Spider-Man Ay əvvəl
Ben needs a redemption run over his past as the Jackal and as a psycho-hero from the Peter David run. Plus, the ASM title is in dire need of a quality booster shot. I’m hoping this is the run that accomplishes that. 👍
dsasuke5 27 gün əvvəl
Ben already got his redemption, between the last Scarlet Spider series and Spider-Geddon they pretty much reset him to pre Jackal constant deaths and resurrections.
Amirol_XI Ay əvvəl
Always have love the scarlet spidey suit. The second one
LEGO Batman
LEGO Batman Ay əvvəl
bruh kraven is back? sick
shafiq shah
shafiq shah Ay əvvəl
How many times that Bruce was replaced as Batman due to many reasons and parker is replaced temporarily a little so my 99 percent sure is He will be in comma and Reilly will take his place like John Paul Belly took the mantle Batman when Bane has temporarily knock out Bruce Wayne Broke his Back so good no one can replace Parker no one if they did marvel is doomed for me . This is the reason I like marvel due to spider man peter parker
Azazel The Angel
Azazel The Angel Ay əvvəl
Can people even read video titles anymore? AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, it's literally there. This is like one of the reasons Marvel community is viewed as childish lol.
AniTap Ay əvvəl
I love how marvel is Using Huge hype of No way Home 😀😁
Dope Tech
Dope Tech Ay əvvəl
Marvel is giving us hint
alex Xandra
alex Xandra Ay əvvəl
Aan Anwar
Aan Anwar Ay əvvəl
Scarlet spider???
Crispy Ay əvvəl
Now we know that Andrew's spider man will die in nwh
Crispy Ay əvvəl
@Spider-Man We will see, its been rumoured too.
Spider-Man Ay əvvəl
How? This a comic book. This has no relation to NWH whatsoever.
hygor bohm Hubner
hygor bohm Hubner Ay əvvəl
Please, for the love of God, do not make Reilly ruin Spidey's reputation AGAIN. Seriously, if they go that route, why? Shitting on Spidey's reputation with the public and the other heroes is not something I wanna see, honestly.
crithon Ay əvvəl
wait, I thought Nextwave was writing out of the Marvel Universe? Monica mentioned it slightly as "a dream"
Jeff 2
Jeff 2 Ay əvvəl
Man I got excited thinking that was Kaine at 1:16 but it's just Miles in his new homemade suit
SamuraiDon Ay əvvəl
Really excited for this run.
Moksh Ay əvvəl
Is that superior spider man ??
Daniel Chavez
Daniel Chavez Ay əvvəl
Wait, is that the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man logo?
ArachKing Ay əvvəl
At least give Ben his actual Spidey suit instead of this cross between it and Peter's he's wearing
Ahhhh you teasing me yes I get it
Cosmo Baby
Cosmo Baby Ay əvvəl
DC needs to step up it’s game to hype fandome. It’s really like Pepsi vs Coke nowadays
Explorer 616
Explorer 616 Ay əvvəl
DC has quite a good run at the moment as well: The Batman Fear State stufff looks good Wally West back as the Flash Nightwing by Taylor is just great Robin (Damian gets slowly redeemed after what occured in the past) Superman (and the Authority) by Grant Morrisson and Infinite Frontier (awesome build up to what comes next, seemingly with a concept that has never before been tried (individual happy earth's for everyone, at least that's what it appears to be)
胖虎 Ay əvvəl
Shaun Holton
Shaun Holton Ay əvvəl
Dammit. This is definitely a re-treading of ‘Revelations’ but gosh darn it, I might just be ‘back in’ for this 😬
Adrian Rocha
Adrian Rocha Ay əvvəl
I’m excited I read sensational Spider-Man and it started out with Ben and I loved it I still prefer Peter as Spider-Man but Ben is cool too thanks Marvel your the best
sm4carnageihope Ay əvvəl
Ben Reilly, the actual second Spider-man. Sorry Miles, you're number 3.
sm4carnageihope Ay əvvəl
@Zach D No, because he was never Spider-man, he was a Scarlet Spider
Zach D
Zach D Ay əvvəl
Wouldn't Kaine technically be 3rd??
sm4carnageihope Ay əvvəl
@Spider-Man I'm talking chronologically. Miguel is from the future, so I maintain that Miles is 3rd.
Spider-Man Ay əvvəl
4th. The 3rd is Miguel O’Hara.
KillerTacos Ay əvvəl
Please just let Peter and MJ get married in #74 and finally have the chance to create the family that was taken from them. Let Mayday Parker finally be brought to the 616. I hope Mayday can grow up slowly over time, and like Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker doesn't visually age and they can go on adventures together! How awesome would that be!?! Hopefully Peter is just taking time off to build his family and then he'll come back soon to team up with Ben Reilly etc etc. The future is very bright as long as Marvel doesn't decide to freaking kill Spider-Man again
King Shibe
King Shibe 21 gün əvvəl
Peter gets gassed in the new issue
KillerTacos 22 gün əvvəl
@Tedd Tasco Agreed
Gustavo Sandoval
Gustavo Sandoval 28 gün əvvəl
@Cristian Tapia 😳
Cristian Tapia
Cristian Tapia 28 gün əvvəl
Boy do i have news for you...
Tedd Tasco
Tedd Tasco Ay əvvəl
I would love to see Mayday Parker interacting with Dylan Brock, Like imagine: The Daughter of Spiderman meets the Son of Venom.
Maximus Prime
Maximus Prime Ay əvvəl
Didn't read Nick Spencer's run, but I get the gist that Peter went through the ringer. I always liked the comics with alternate Spider-Men, so this sounds cool! Give Pete some rest for a while.
Create India
Create India Ay əvvəl
Matrix resurrection
Spider-man forever ✌
bladerj Ay əvvəl
so how long will this last ? this is just another proof that sony is taking peter back into their universe and away from mcu.....
Azazel The Angel
Azazel The Angel Ay əvvəl
Is that really a problem?
Jake Jake
Jake Jake Ay əvvəl
… saying Ben suit improve peter by 32-36% is bold of them yea that is a cool suit but it’s useless compare to experience like dragon ball when that green dude took over goku body he had power but didn’t know the experience and knowledge IG how to use it 616 peter sits on top of all spider man and spider friends and die he is their god
Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela Ay əvvəl
Who actually cares anymore? ASM has been garbage ever since One More Day.
Spider-Man Ay əvvəl
@Adrian Rocha Nick Spencer’s run is glorified house cleaning. The only thing he’a going to be remembered for is retconning Sins Past and even that was sloppy. But fans won’t care how it’s done as long as it was retconned.
Adrian Rocha
Adrian Rocha Ay əvvəl
Have you read any lately don’t get me wrong after one more day they kinda dragged a bit then it got good with superior Spider-Man then went down hill after that because Dan slott doesn’t understand Spider-Man but Nick Spencer has been doing a good job and the last issue that came out on Wednesday he retconned sins past and only has one more issue left and it’s going to be an 80 plus issue and he’ll retcon one more day just wait Spider-Man will he returned to his amazing glory
supaaaak1ng Ay əvvəl
Ben Reilly is back?
Joker Ay əvvəl
yeah. you see Miles Warren made a new type of cloning reanimation taking a sample and making a new body with memorys until the moment they died. you see Warren killed Ben many times that he went a bit crazy can became a Jackle he wore a red suit and a egyption jackle mask. then he had a solo series
Spider Luke 2002
Spider Luke 2002 Ay əvvəl
Dang 😯
Tommystate Ay əvvəl
Art Adams rules!!!
Дарья Чубарова
Дарья Чубарова Ay əvvəl
Looks awesome 😃
And-Ant Ay əvvəl
Now i'm worried with Spider Man: No way Home
M Curran
M Curran Ay əvvəl
So... who's the new spidey in town?
DeltaPrime350 Ay əvvəl
Might interesting but it feels weird to do this when the new live action Peter Parker Spider-Man movie is coming out because wouldn’t kids be excited to read a Peter Parker Spider-Man comic after seeing the movie only to get a different person and even it having miles be the main Spider-Man in 616 earth who has a movie and a game that the kids know him from would be a much more interesting choice.
Oyeoye Ay əvvəl
dante wilson
dante wilson Ay əvvəl
I wonder when Kaine’s coming back
The Amazing Spider-Man Comic Dubs
The Amazing Spider-Man Comic Dubs Ay əvvəl
Marvel trying to replace peter with Ben Reilly again?
B Blanks
B Blanks Ay əvvəl
Ben Reilly back as Spider-Man-Man? Yes please. Take my money Marvel, take it. You could have done this years ago! I’ve only waited 20 years to start buying Amazing Spider-Man on a regular again. Take note; a lot of us want an ongoing Ben Reilly solo; even after you guys and gals slide him back into the Scarlet Spider role. But if you can keep Otto and Miles as a Spider-Man as long as you have, then having Ben and Miles as a Spider-Man too shouldn’t be a problem. Would love to buy the Sensational Spider-Man starring Ben Reilly again. Make this Ben fan happy.
Andrew Cutler
Andrew Cutler Ay əvvəl
@Kevin Michaud I love them both, but it’s like comparing chocolate and vanilla.
B Blanks
B Blanks Ay əvvəl
@Andrew Cutler I hope so! I’ve been praying so ever since the Clone Conspiracy!
Andrew Cutler
Andrew Cutler Ay əvvəl
Yeah an old school Ben fan like me! A lot of us grew up with Reilly in the 90s. I think Marvel is finally getting that after pretending he didn’t exist for years. I wonder if we’ll see the Daily Grind crew.
ShadowWolf712 Ay əvvəl
Y'all gotta stop doing Peter like this, man.
Hi-Priest Ay əvvəl
Hey, remember Kaine, the way more interesting Scarlet Spider? Where's HE at, Marvel? And why have you given his costume to Miles Morales?
Vasia Aslanov
Vasia Aslanov Ay əvvəl
В комиксах уже было такое. Зачем убивать Паркера снова?
Дмитрий Попов
Дмитрий Попов Ay əvvəl
Не убьют его. Побудет в коме пару месяцев до выхода фильма.
RangerCoder Ay əvvəl
If Peter not is allowed to be married to MJ, I gonna stop reading till Peter Parker and MJ are married again... so tired of being kept on the hook all over Nicks run only to not get any payoff so far....
Emanuele Polloni
Emanuele Polloni Ay əvvəl
Each time I hear Beyond Corporation the Nextwave theme plays in my head
Spider-Man memes
Spider-Man memes Ay əvvəl
37% lol
Jesus hernandez perez
Jesus hernandez perez Ay əvvəl
En español no soy gringo
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