I don't understand Giannis, when the heat is the hottest, he melts - Skip | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Despite scoring a team-high 34 Points last night, Giannis Antetokounmpo found himself on the losing end of the head-to-head showdown with Kevin Durant as the Brooklyn Nets beat the Bucks 114-108. Milwaukee had the momentum winning 2 straight coming into the game, but Giannis couldn't capitalize playing against a Brooklyn team playing with a banged-up James Harden and no Kyrie Irving as KD had a monster game. The Milwaukee Bucks now face a 3-2 series deficit. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Giannis' legacy after the Bucks' game 5 loss to the Nets.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

I don't understand Giannis, when the heat is the hottest, he melts - Skip | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Ay əvvəl
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Garrett Edison
Garrett Edison Ay əvvəl
Brian Morien
Brian Morien Ay əvvəl
More silly rants from Shannon. LBJ could not stop KD nor could anyone in the league. Then he was gone with injury. Now he is back and picking ip where he left off. Good offence always beats good defense. I don't care if Giannis is defensive player. You cannot overplay one player or another player will be wide open. It's not easy it is a game that has 5 people on each team. That means the entire team needs to play team defence to shut down driving lanes put a hand up and contest shots. If the shots go down they go down. KD is one of the best in the world. Don't put this all on one players back. I am the one who says Giannis is just a talk Westbrook. I do not expect a non shooter to guard a shooter well.
Future Hendrix
Future Hendrix Ay əvvəl
@Jason U facts
Start showing the video that being referred on screen so we can see along with the commentary.
Jason U
Jason U Ay əvvəl
They need to run into Giannis house and CONFISCATE those Dpoys. and grab the MVPs as well on there way out
KimWright 2 gün əvvəl
Useless talk. They all look like clowns now. Skip's words are laughable. Congratulations Giannis and the Bucks
slade123 2 gün əvvəl
Skip a 🤡
Seantoohigh 8 gün əvvəl
Lmaooooo this video aged terrible🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chase Redd
Chase Redd 9 gün əvvəl
Horrible take lol
InventedPlayz Ay əvvəl
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Junior-Corrado Soprano
Junior-Corrado Soprano Ay əvvəl
Does any1 really take skip serious. He never had the makings of a varsity athlete
Anexitilos Ay əvvəl
Didn't aged well. Lets go Bucks.
Vapor_ Swiftyyy
Vapor_ Swiftyyy Ay əvvəl
well this didnt age well
Manos Kranidis
Manos Kranidis Ay əvvəl
you better change yout tone after game 7 and giannis 40pts ...soon he will be a world champion
Rom Sawyer
Rom Sawyer Ay əvvəl
Bucks won the series and all of this is nonsense
Jim Καφες
Jim Καφες Ay əvvəl
KD needs to call Steph and ask for a permission to return to Frisco. You cannot win a championship with a beard and a Muslim named Kyrie.
w lee
w lee Ay əvvəl
Well bucks won so 🤣
Michael Ptacek
Michael Ptacek Ay əvvəl
But he's going to the next series and KD is not.
Societé DSP Historiche
Societé DSP Historiche Ay əvvəl
Awww Skip prooving himself to be the broken clock he always has been.
marcus bradley
marcus bradley Ay əvvəl
This is why I don't listen to skip bayless..he usually doesn't know what he's talkin about
AGS Ay əvvəl
Tell that to gianis face right now skip.
Nick Pap
Nick Pap Ay əvvəl
That didn't age well
Weezy Wayne
Weezy Wayne Ay əvvəl
Im certain that giannis watched this before game 7 as a motivation
buckocb83 Ay əvvəl
Just like Skip himself, a lot of comments in here have NOT aged well! 🤣🤣🤣 Go Bucks! 🦌🦌🦌
Boulder Pathways
Boulder Pathways Ay əvvəl
Skip, the only fire in game 7 was from Giannis' fingertips! HE MELTED the nets for 40! LMAO
CrackShot554 Ay əvvəl
Aged like milk in the sahara desert
Spyros Kostopoulos
Spyros Kostopoulos Ay əvvəl
Ok, Giannis sould run around to cover KD and score 34p and 14reb...nooo.Only if KD defend on Giannis can do this. KD can't defend Giannis.
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Ay əvvəl
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Adam Mokdad
Adam Mokdad Ay əvvəl
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Jon Howitzer
Jon Howitzer Ay əvvəl
DarkLaw94 Ay əvvəl
Skip funny bruh making fun of Giannis’s routine like that
Gogo Gaga
Gogo Gaga Ay əvvəl
Dimi P
Dimi P Ay əvvəl
Well this aged well 😂🇬🇷
Soldier09 Ay əvvəl
Skip is going to have his hands full on Monday after KD choked the game winning shot in game 7 😂
Fa Fa Flohi
Fa Fa Flohi Ay əvvəl
People overreacting as usual
AFAN Ay əvvəl
Hello giannis haters? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Bucks just won at defeated nets, while harden choked again like in every playoffs HAHAAHAHAHA poor harden
LastSinnerSA Ay əvvəl
This did not age well!
nick. Ay əvvəl
this didnt age well
austinclark007 Ay əvvəl
Giannis redeemed himself!
S7ete Racing
S7ete Racing Ay əvvəl
Sometimes a lion has the heart of a mouse. He's a mouse 🐁 with the wrong body
fajmafu rafudkon
fajmafu rafudkon Ay əvvəl
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Ndumiso Mkhasibe
Ndumiso Mkhasibe Ay əvvəl
zbarrett727 Ay əvvəl
That's just what heat does I guess.
mikeB395 Ay əvvəl
i fw skip lol
M K Ay əvvəl
When things get hot, Skip backs down like a punk. Charles Barkley owns him
Gaurav Bose
Gaurav Bose Ay əvvəl
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Rodney Washington
Rodney Washington Ay əvvəl
MJ & Scottie jumped out there on Kukoc. Dream would jump out there on guards and small forwards. Giannas, let's go big fella. Don't be soft. Get MAD and EVEN.
Rodney Washington
Rodney Washington Ay əvvəl
@Societé DSP Historiche Yep For Real💯
Societé DSP Historiche
Societé DSP Historiche Ay əvvəl
@Rodney Washington Let's hope he keeps it up! It was good to see him going strong and sure to the basket in the 4th and OT
Rodney Washington
Rodney Washington Ay əvvəl
@Societé DSP Historiche I know right! I'm proud of him for that. I really hope he wins himself 2-3 rings for his career.
Societé DSP Historiche
Societé DSP Historiche Ay əvvəl
Thank god he did
cr713z M
cr713z M Ay əvvəl
3:19 was literally me at Giannis at the end of the game
Max Enblom
Max Enblom Ay əvvəl
still waiting for him to shoot his FTs
Oakley toniya
Oakley toniya Ay əvvəl
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Eloisa Govan
Eloisa Govan Ay əvvəl
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Philippe Beauvais
Philippe Beauvais Ay əvvəl
He always finds a way to bring up Lebron lol
jon jhon
jon jhon Ay əvvəl
Euros just don't have that "it" factor.
Jomo Cheatham
Jomo Cheatham Ay əvvəl
I will lose my $#!+ if that boi keep on taking all "dem" outside jumpers. Duh-phk!
awebster240 Ay əvvəl
Duck…Duck… Duck… G(oose)IANNIS
Madochee Laventure
Madochee Laventure Ay əvvəl
1:15 “against a duh” is funny to me for some reason
Nick Lazo
Nick Lazo Ay əvvəl
We are all used to the Superman narrative... Giannis, a #15 pick, that scouts had capped his potential at 10 points 7 rebounds, that is carrying a team which 3 years ago had the only goal of reaching the playoffs... All of the sudden the Bucks are supposed to win the championship every year, with no player drafted higher than #10 (Lopez). Just enjoy basketball and don't get greedy...
lehgefa qukudfil
lehgefa qukudfil Ay əvvəl
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Chris Lee
Chris Lee Ay əvvəl
Skip being low when it comes to big G
Just A Fan
Just A Fan Ay əvvəl
Damn the media goin in on Giannis hope he takes it and become stronger
se Ba
se Ba Ay əvvəl
Giannis should go to golden state , he can rebound for steph n klay lol
nooobiechild Ay əvvəl
What legacy? The only legacy greek yogurt has here is a history of being a loser, and stealing MVPs.
Jeremiah Daniel
Jeremiah Daniel Ay əvvəl
You never hope a NBA player will miss a open shot. "You make them miss it"
Lawrence Stubblefield
Lawrence Stubblefield Ay əvvəl
Shannon just cant stop bringing up LeBron
Bull6599 Ay əvvəl
Kobe once said that he's not nervous taking any shot in any situation b/c he trusts his preparation. Until Giannis patches the holes in his game Milwaukee is a 60-65 win team w/ a 2nd round ceiling.
andola jackson
andola jackson Ay əvvəl
Hes just like simmons...."Getting his" are lay ups...while he expects his team to make every hard shot in the game bc he aint taking any "HARD" shots period. at 30+ mil. Simmons expects seth curry to avg 25-30ppg so he can "COAST". the same way giannis needs middleton to avg 25ppg and the "Others to combine for 70 for 95 pts w.o him? at least. now he is praying KD misses shots. going into game 6
Bucky DoeDowner
Bucky DoeDowner Ay əvvəl
Giannis is a good player.. the only thing holding him back is his VA-Gi-NA
Rose Buds
Rose Buds Ay əvvəl
Isn't Holliday first team Defense? Why we letting him of the hook
Joker2toxic Ay əvvəl
Harden once said "it takes no skill to run in and dunk"
Top Shot
Top Shot Ay əvvəl
The sharp softdrink grossly scare because colony nally gather like a rabid airbus. screeching, shivering objective
cskaismful Ay əvvəl
Hes just limited. Very limited. And this series has proven he doesnt have the spirit or competitiveness. I mean u are the now former DPOY and u dont even guard the oppositions best player. Its just embarrassing if u ask me. And then after the game he just goes out there and says 'Well hes the best player in the world'. I mean cmon now he should be ashamed of himself
Jvfresh Ay əvvəl
producers please show the clip they reference!!
Anthony Small
Anthony Small Ay əvvəl
That’s the difference between good players and great players. Good players do what the coach says. Great players tell the coach what they are doing🤔🤔
Dartez Lott
Dartez Lott Ay əvvəl
Spoiler alert! They find a way to talk about Lebron
Cozier Finess God
Cozier Finess God Ay əvvəl
Giannis is a soccer player playing basketball You can see it in how he moves He’s not a natural born baller Unlike KD he been balling since day ☝🏾 All these players thinking they Jordan Nd Kobe Nd Allen Iverson Nd Lebron Nd Curry Big men wanna cross like Ai Nd shoot like curry Nd have that mamba mentality Nd do fade aways like Jordan Nd be consistent Nd durable like Lebron Smh if you a center play like center Joel Embiid Nd Giannis need to play like shaq Nd Wilt
Scott Freebass #beats
Scott Freebass #beats Ay əvvəl
Giannis needs to give up the ball. Let Middleton and Holiday run the offense with Giannis running pick and roll action and focusing on dunks, layups and offensive rebounds. I cringe every time Giannis takes a jump shot. He needs to stay away from the perimeter because the further away from the basket he drifts, the less power he has as a basketball player.
Armand Azhari
Armand Azhari Ay əvvəl
That was steph curry like for him 😂
lbushquizeanic1 Ay əvvəl
No respect for Giannis in the clutch....wow.
C Mc
C Mc Ay əvvəl
It's quite interesting that when LA Bron loses he doesn't have enough help, but Giannis loses he can't say he doesn't have enough help I mean you can't make this s*** up smh.
Don peta Zaragomatuta
Don peta Zaragomatuta Ay əvvəl
The dude is historically not good
Jeff Kaplan
Jeff Kaplan Ay əvvəl
when skip starts saying mmm yep mmm yep you know hes about to spew some hot garbage
Tyrone Fant
Tyrone Fant Ay əvvəl
Giannis proved he’s not that guy.
Levi Ay əvvəl
You know whats insane? They really had Giannis a 2 time MVP.... he did not deserve the 2nd.
thegantz87 Ay əvvəl
They didn't put on any vasceline for this one.
MrClebophd Ay əvvəl
Last game showed how difficult to be a mentally dominant player in the NBA. Given how Giannis grew up, he probably feels extremely blessed to be in his position. I can respect that, and I do not want to bash on him for not being very mispleased or angry for losing. Also, Giannis is not in his prime. In his case, the mental aspect is still too cordial and respectful on the court. Coach Popovich would be great fit to bring out the alpha male in Giannis. "I want some nasty!" Someone should teach Giannis to abuse his opponents physically. Giannis should look at KD and think "You can't stop me. You are to weak and small." He should tell his coach "I want KD on D!" We're still waiting for him to get it all together, and if he does - look out.
Odi Gomez
Odi Gomez Ay əvvəl
Giannis ain’t that guy. He can’t put a team on his back. He doesn’t have that in him.
Omar Valladares
Omar Valladares Ay əvvəl
What makes folks vote for this guy!? Are these blind folks voting that just hear the game and don't see it live!?
Omar Valladares
Omar Valladares Ay əvvəl
When someone's game is trash of course you're gonna waive off a double team. DPOY!? Who decides the awards??
1stname brandon
1stname brandon Ay əvvəl
Why is Giannis not guarding KD at any time during the game!!????
Jason Rolling
Jason Rolling Ay əvvəl
Skip: "He's got DUCK 🦆 in him" lmao
v8trax Ay əvvəl
Jordan would never bow down to his opponent like that
A E Ay əvvəl
They always looking at video we can’t see. Terrible production. Even told us to look at home and…nothing.
Juan Marte
Juan Marte Ay əvvəl
“He’s got duck in him” lmaoo
ericimi Ay əvvəl
Yawn Us auntie kumpo
Lg Steelo
Lg Steelo Ay əvvəl
IMO Giannis is a Super Saiyan option 2. He's amazing but no option 1.
Eugene Shannon
Eugene Shannon Ay əvvəl
Let me tell you something MOE
Charles Walker
Charles Walker Ay əvvəl
Somebody help me understand why they don't understand. When the better team just showed up 👀🙄🥴🤷🏿‍♂️
Brandon Hails
Brandon Hails Ay əvvəl
If Milwaukee planning to win this game starting lineup they need to take out PJ Tucker and put in Bobby Porter's
Aku Reiku
Aku Reiku Ay əvvəl
34 Pts 12rebs 3 ast 14- 22 Fg .... he Dropping over 30 plus a game !!! Wtf are we doing criticizing one miss shot ... he was the only buck player to score under 2 mins in the fourth 😂😂😂
Amir smith
Amir smith Ay əvvəl
Imo the is something mentally going on with him,he hasn't been playing like his normal self ie being a beast down low,not attacking the basket,taking terrible shots,I think something personal is going on!
Aku Reiku
Aku Reiku Ay əvvəl
chase millz
chase millz Ay əvvəl
13 mins of just bashing giannis 🤦🏾‍♂️ he got a tough road ahead of him
The MILKMAN Ay əvvəl
Jesus I get tired of these two bringing up bron when the title has nothing to do with him
Corey Humphrey
Corey Humphrey Ay əvvəl
Giannis got time, he needs to try and learn the sky hook. He can make it look good like Kareem did
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