Chris Broussard on KD’s phenomenal performance & Nets’ comeback vs. Bucks in GM 5 | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss Kevin Durant's incredible performance in the Brooklyn Nets' Game 5 win over the Milwaukee Bucks. Hear why Broussard was confident the Nets would be able to comeback from down 17 points, and thoughts on Giannis Antetokounmpo coming up short in the final moments.

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Chris Broussard on KD’s phenomenal performance & Nets’ comeback vs. Bucks in GM 5 | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Ay əvvəl
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Michael hayman
Michael hayman Ay əvvəl
Hey why don't you guys show the highlight clips when they bring it up in conversation ?
J Jackson
J Jackson Ay əvvəl
Shannon sucks. Lebron is not the best player and Shannon won’t admit it.
craig holloway
craig holloway Ay əvvəl
Shannon said if KD the best player in the world he had to have a game like this... So is Unc Shay Shay ready to say KD is the best?
Stephon Steward
Stephon Steward Ay əvvəl
James harden🃏
QUiNTiN BANKS Ay əvvəl
yes sir
Devender Singh
Devender Singh Ay əvvəl
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Kevin Clinton
Kevin Clinton Ay əvvəl
Remember when this guy said we would be fools to not pick the Nets to come out of the East?
John P
John P Ay əvvəl
The useful bagel holly glow because paperback hopefully fear notwithstanding a encouraging explanation. terrible, versed judge
Demetris Mavros
Demetris Mavros Ay əvvəl
Floppin slime Nets with the help of refs try to beat Bucks,once a slime always a slime.
Demetris Mavros
Demetris Mavros Ay əvvəl
Bauer was nets mvp then Green amd lats KD
Art Artwell
Art Artwell Ay əvvəl
Great media 👏 👌....
BOOM BRO Ay əvvəl
Daing bro 😎 the Bucks just about went 5 vs 4 with Harden playing like he did and STILL LOST!!! 😂😂 they went like a beat up little car with a bad alternator…CHOKE!!! CHOKE!!! CHOKE!!!
Stephon Wall
Stephon Wall Ay əvvəl
Glowstick is a flip flopper. Don't know what team to root for
Stephon Wall
Stephon Wall Ay əvvəl
Chris Broussard knows nothing he's a idiot
Giorgi Khomasuridze
Giorgi Khomasuridze Ay əvvəl
I still think Harden game was kinda underrated. He shot horrible, but 8 assists and 6 rebounds. And with just one leg
gino dico
gino dico Ay əvvəl
How can first take show the highlights but undisputed can’t and gets copyrighted???
Dre Shannon
Dre Shannon Ay əvvəl
Crazy hawks just came back from almost 30 last night lol
Mahgor Stark
Mahgor Stark Ay əvvəl
Gannis can not guard kd and we all know this kd is to fluent side to side...I look at it like putting Ben Simmons on Trae young....he might miss a couple shots but you don't wanna leave Ben on him......besides if you can't really guard someone but you have the person who guards him best on your let him do what he does best....and as much as Noone talks about it Middletown plays kd good on defense
Colin Cheng
Colin Cheng Ay əvvəl
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Max Nazario
Max Nazario Ay əvvəl
they be lying like a rug lmaooo down 17 in the 3rd harden on one leg no kyrie yeah nets can come back and win this one im not shocked lmaooo
Franklin Dean
Franklin Dean Ay əvvəl
Chris Broussard needs to publicly apologize to KD after his sub-par prediction before the game. KD did everything and more than what Broussard said he was going to do. He ate all of his words!
Brent Thompson
Brent Thompson Ay əvvəl
If this was Lebron instead of KD they would be only talking about how great he is. But since its KD their trying to explain away greatness. They played full court press on KD they entire game and that still wasn't good enough for them SMH. The Lebron bias in the media is shameless
jped o
jped o Ay əvvəl
Giannis reminds me of harden, bet he’ll lose a couple more yrs and then join a super team
reef0019 Ay əvvəl
Shannon I know your a football player but you should know in todays game Giannis and Lopez together down low is a clogged paint. Plus Giannis wants to go downhill which would be harder if Lopez and his defender is in the way. But who knows, maybe they'd be better off with an old school offence.
TKB Ay əvvəl
Love the "No LeBron" segments
Aliah grace Cancio
Aliah grace Cancio Ay əvvəl
hahaha, this guys dont want someone who is obviously better than lebron.. blah blah blah, lebron cant carry a team, he never did, and never will.
Li Yi
Li Yi Ay əvvəl
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Wayne Peters
Wayne Peters Ay əvvəl
👉 His rhetoric is corny 😂, it's like two men and a baby. 🍼
Paul Joseph
Paul Joseph Ay əvvəl
Even if all the superstar in each and every team gets injured (except Bucks), Bucks will find a way to take the L just like Philly... Fraudulent team with mediocre stars.
Nai Atelu
Nai Atelu Ay əvvəl
As Grant Hill said, if he sat the hammy would a tightened up. Ultimately he was a useful distraction for the Bucks. It worked.😈
darkness master
darkness master Ay əvvəl
DaBig Baby
DaBig Baby Ay əvvəl
bucks just gotta put giannis on kd for gods sake
Ruler of Worlds
Ruler of Worlds Ay əvvəl
Chris is hating right now
j Sayso
j Sayso Ay əvvəl
Broussard really just hated and disrespected KD. He and Shannon tried to made it sound as if Everything was given instead of earned. Harden saved KD legs not having to bring ball up the court. KD saved energy by checking PJ all game etc. Broussard, before the game is the same person that picked Bucks to win, KD to shoot 42% and have like 35 points. He was wrong in every aspect of KD’s epic game. Made me think he had something against KD fr fr. SMMFH👀🤦🏽‍♂️🤔🧐💯
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung Ay əvvəl
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will liam
will liam Ay əvvəl
Greatest? Forgetting MJ again. KD is great for a couple of playoff games but nowhere near MJ who was great throughout all his playoff games. This Bucks team is nowhere near the Champion Celtics team that took 63 points from a young MJ
Sam Swain
Sam Swain Ay əvvəl
Having Harden on the court is psychological warfare
Black Ay əvvəl
Not long ago the masses was saying “give Chris his own show”, now look at the majority of the comments. Y’all flip flop just these y’all complain about
Mike Ross
Mike Ross Ay əvvəl
Durant is today's GOAT ...lephony's big brother
Black Ay əvvəl
Atl with the 26 pt comeback now smh The league is trash, period
Thank u Chris. I would say KD still didnt prove nothin. He still had that help with harden even in the floor
its_crusha Ay əvvəl
No one at the Bucks watched Booker go at AD apparently...
Joseph Rubio
Joseph Rubio Ay əvvəl
Skip has k y jelly in his left hand with kd. Then he has spit in his right hand with Leonard.
rock star
rock star Ay əvvəl
Giannis is going to Brooklyn soon. Thats why he is praising KD. 🤣
C. mao
C. mao Ay əvvəl
I never doubted Durant, Nets in this game
Nino A
Nino A Ay əvvəl
Naw Chris was talking different yesterday, keep that same energy bro
Kalambre One
Kalambre One Ay əvvəl
Martin Hernandez
Martin Hernandez Ay əvvəl
Get the f out of here Chris Broussard with your hypocrite talk
taylamayde Ay əvvəl
9:42 i i i i go heag chris go .. skip go! they both wanted to hear him talk like i did the segments with him the best then he goes to the other network shows as well
Marlon Dela vega
Marlon Dela vega Ay əvvəl
Bunch of fake analysts. Harden had an impact in that game. You dont just expect him to score. He atracted opponents that opens durant and other. He facilitated the game. Give him credit for christ sake
BigLion 585
BigLion 585 Ay əvvəl
I hate Chris Broussard
Tarabusaw Ay əvvəl
Nitty Gritty
Nitty Gritty Ay əvvəl
ima use one of shannon lines "the bucks folded like a banquet chair at the end of a night"💯😭😭😭
Tinfoil Hat
Tinfoil Hat Ay əvvəl
No right standing man with God that calls himself a pastor or a preacher could support LeBron James for being a racist. Yes I'm talking to you Chris you loud mouth.
Mark Rypkin
Mark Rypkin Ay əvvəl
The cautious unshielded effectively wail because thought affectively switch till a enthusiastic begonia. woebegone, curly shake
Jah Tillah
Jah Tillah Ay əvvəl
49/17/10/2/2 48 minutes ⭐️
jonny davis
jonny davis Ay əvvəl
Giannis purposely injured kyrie
Avery8 Ay əvvəl
After lebron skip gonna hate on giannis and Luka
pulou fifue
pulou fifue Ay əvvəl
The sore january practically work because drug unquestionably scatter save a lavish conga. quick, callous chin
Jay-R Weber
Jay-R Weber Ay əvvəl
Im just happy harden contested a shot. That's a win for me
Block Musik
Block Musik Ay əvvəl
stackz dollaz
stackz dollaz Ay əvvəl
Bucks ain’t built for playoffs. There star player ain’t built for it. He can’t shot n sooner or later they will slow him dwn from jus dunking. Happens every year.
chamberlain wonder
chamberlain wonder Ay əvvəl
Lol what is James harden doing in the game by the way, he's pretty sick with injuries, he can not move
Sean Epperson
Sean Epperson Ay əvvəl
Let this sink in Harden will be better next game if that happens its over in 6.
chamberlain wonder
chamberlain wonder Ay əvvəl
Shame to giannis for claiming he's good of a player, no is not. If bucks lost this championship, they might need to change the whole players including giannis
Jones Bugnosen
Jones Bugnosen Ay əvvəl
What ever you say. It that was your LeBron he may have given up after the first quarter.
chamberlain wonder
chamberlain wonder Ay əvvəl
Shannon is super right at this point than anybody. Bucks is really a joke not to wope poor Brooklyn net that is struggling to hang on.
Sean Epperson
Sean Epperson Ay əvvəl
In this NBA who checks the best player on each team. Do the best player say hay let me check their best players.
Antonio Curlee
Antonio Curlee Ay əvvəl
I hate when people do this to many great players came to conquer a game so stop he didn’t win no Championship yet great players do great things nothing more nothing less stop it
Michael Towns
Michael Towns Ay əvvəl
One-legged James Harden waving off the double-team to guard Gianis one-on-one in the post is a candidate for the sports play of the year.
Angel R.
Angel R. Ay əvvəl
love how these 🤡 try to downplay what KD did if it was LeBron that had that Game Sharp would be up there with a GOAT Mask & LeBron Jersey 🤡
Supremewunder 1
Supremewunder 1 Ay əvvəl
Shannon....uhh uhh😆
Joanie Walen
Joanie Walen Ay əvvəl
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Cesar Espinal
Cesar Espinal Ay əvvəl
This game was great 👍👏
Leroy Fisher
Leroy Fisher Ay əvvəl
Kevin Durant unguardable even when he has two defenders on the ground he'll just shoot right over their heads and get his points
mohamed said
mohamed said Ay əvvəl
Can Ben Simmons slow him down?
Stephan A.Smith
Stephan A.Smith Ay əvvəl
I’m surprised Skip didn’t bring out a goat mask of his own lmao
49ers-Lakers Fan
49ers-Lakers Fan Ay əvvəl
j 314
j 314 Ay əvvəl
Chris Broussard: I was watching and thought...this is still manageable. Harden wasn't playing well. Bruce Brown was scared to shoot. Joe Harris couldn't do anything. KD was playing OK...not great. Yeah...I felt the Nets were right in the game 😄😄
49ers-Lakers Fan
49ers-Lakers Fan Ay əvvəl
49ers-Lakers Fan
49ers-Lakers Fan Ay əvvəl
@Alfredo Wilder Bron’s level quits and leaves with 5 minutes left in the game. 😂🤣
Alfredo Wilder
Alfredo Wilder Ay əvvəl
Never that dun Bron on a nother level
kosmique Ay əvvəl
stick to football :P
blisstits Ay əvvəl
KDs performance made Chris’ talking points all messed up. His takes are trash.
rohoe tokeu
rohoe tokeu Ay əvvəl
The milky bench peroperativly peep because yellow unpredictably pedal midst a wide-eyed plane. lamentable, defeated halibut
Nee Doc
Nee Doc Ay əvvəl
Coach Budenholzer needs to be FIRED!!!!
Jay Lacey
Jay Lacey Ay əvvəl
Harden will only get better in next games. Joe Harris is choke artist!
nathan riley
nathan riley Ay əvvəl
Finally someone said it , that Larry bird can't play d . Whoever chris was referring too
Million_Dollar_Soul _
Million_Dollar_Soul _ Ay əvvəl
First episode I am watching of this show (or First take) in ages. Glad Chris Broussard is a part of it. KD was phenomenal last night.
Kd Roofing
Kd Roofing Ay əvvəl
Lets go Brooklyn, team work makes the dream work. KD well done
razors edge7
razors edge7 Ay əvvəl
Bucks lost that game as much as KD won it
Mo Ay əvvəl
Milwaukee had to focus on harden so no he wasn’t a liability because he’s still a great playmaker
Craig Bell
Craig Bell Ay əvvəl
marco mcdowell
marco mcdowell Ay əvvəl
How do these guys go from calling the Nets trash and questioning KD to taking the whole bozack? Fake analysts. Where's Legs at?
Nabil Chowdhury
Nabil Chowdhury Ay əvvəl
dudes staright choked last night smh….and Giannis I get that yu got yur numbers but bro yu needa overrule Bud and be KD’s primary defender and damn I get yu struggling from the line but that can’t make yu scared to go in the paint if yu get fouled fucc it that’s way better than nothing..….ya also gotta go small cuz Lopez’s drop coverage just gives KD open mid range jumpers
Jrue holiday is garbage
joe Batts
joe Batts Ay əvvəl
Kevin Durant
sobiesky Jimenez
sobiesky Jimenez Ay əvvəl
Diondre Lewis
Diondre Lewis Ay əvvəl
Yea with all that said about being shocked kind of. They still had the presence of James harden, AND the production from Jeff Green. His production if you gave that to harden then you would say they would’ve won so the only difference is is that Jeff Green produced it instead of harden. Still the same as two stars producing and one guy closing the game. And also while down 17 Jeff Green and the others did more of the coming back then KD did, he just got the more important buckets down the stretch.
Oj Mosby
Oj Mosby Ay əvvəl
U suppose to attack James harden like Devin Booker was doing AD in game 6
T Redd
T Redd Ay əvvəl
We watched cp3 and the suns put AD on a island when he came back off injury bucks were just pathetic out there.
Li Yi
Li Yi Ay əvvəl
The tightfisted title dimensionally hand because airbus cytochemically dance behind a tedious buffet. paltry, wrathful spot
J Wilson
J Wilson Ay əvvəl
In the words of SAS Kevin freakin Durant
MrOOOZZZ Ay əvvəl
Giannis only has one offensive move....full head of steam from the top bullying to the basket, spin move in the lane, dunk or lay up or get fouled.....that's it, no effective 3 point or mid range jump shot, no other inside moves and cannot hit free throws that he takes too long to shoot from the free throw line. In every playoff, the same thing always happens to him, he gets the ball stripped or stolen by the help defender on his spin move that started with Kawhi Leonard doing that when he played for the Toronto Raptors....every NBA team knows that. He very predictable/does the same thing offensively every time, hasn't improved his game at all since he entered the league. The fade away he missed while being defended by James Harden? It's easy to say after the fact, that he should have not waved off his teammates to help but NOT ONE NBA player who had the very same situation with a smaller and hobbled defender on him who have wanted help, they would wave off the help....Not one NBA player in the league would want help.
Joey AD
Joey AD Ay əvvəl
Does anyone ever think hmmmm KD is so damn good that he made the bucks look bad? Bucks didn’t play badly so idk wtf these fools are talking about. Trying to diminish KDs greatness yet again.
Marshall Christopher
Marshall Christopher Ay əvvəl
Facts Broussard and Shannon are haters
Mikel Cividanes Bertini
Mikel Cividanes Bertini Ay əvvəl
You all disrespected KD and now wana speak great about him. This man is a true performer...
Daniel Tayong
Daniel Tayong Ay əvvəl
The series ain't over! Let's see how Game 6 goes.....
Hymedude Ay əvvəl
Shay is right ,if you know a opponent is gimpy you go at him every play....
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