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Gerard Piqué, Rey Manaj, and debutant Memphis score the goals in the second pre-season friendly at the Estadi Johan Cruyff

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Sofan ali
Sofan ali 7 gün əvvəl
the spirit of barcelona I continue to support 🙂
Jade Dafter
Jade Dafter 8 gün əvvəl
I’m 8 years old and my highest amount of juggles is 64
Jade Dafter
Jade Dafter 8 gün əvvəl
I love pique
Jade Dafter
Jade Dafter 8 gün əvvəl
I love you
west bobb secka
west bobb secka 14 gün əvvəl
Our new hero❤👍memphis
Keen John
Keen John 18 gün əvvəl
BLAcKING 25 gün əvvəl
Barcelona all the way
Suely Gomes santos
Suely Gomes santos Ay əvvəl
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Ay əvvəl
2 penalties and even girona scored against Barca defense imagine attacking teams like Bayern in UCL
Edina Rosa da Silva
Edina Rosa da Silva Ay əvvəl
Claudecir Ferreira
Claudecir Ferreira Ay əvvəl
Nur Ramadhan
Nur Ramadhan Ay əvvəl
what is the name of the stadium ?
siddharth 150
siddharth 150 Ay əvvəl
This is the first time I saw Griezi with short sleeves
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Ay əvvəl
Havent seem barca that hungry in years... should be a good season, still miss suarez tough:+
Willy So
Willy So Ay əvvəl
Griezman 😍
aswer huio
aswer huio Ay əvvəl
What a great performance Memphis!
Marek xyz
Marek xyz Ay əvvəl
Adilet Karshyga
Adilet Karshyga Ay əvvəl
Barcelona 🔥🔥✊✊💪✊💪
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Ay əvvəl
Pjanic man! 🔥 He deserves more time definitely 💯
Valentino Lenda
Valentino Lenda Ay əvvəl
Penalty F.C
aswer huio
aswer huio Ay əvvəl
Te espero Memphis
Abrar Raiyan
Abrar Raiyan Ay əvvəl
Noone can replace suarez
harrison Miller
harrison Miller Ay əvvəl
Sack pique
aldea juan jose rondon juan jose rondon
aldea juan jose rondon juan jose rondon Ay əvvəl
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Ay əvvəl
илья в
илья в Ay əvvəl
депай ввступает под 9 и 11 номерами. как такое возможно?
Shaggy Tewari
Shaggy Tewari Ay əvvəl
He is doing more in 2 games than what dembele did in a season and he is a free transfer 🤦
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Ay əvvəl
Great perfomance Rey manaj , Memphis Depay❤️
Jeremy Moisés Fuentes Lizardi
Jeremy Moisés Fuentes Lizardi Ay əvvəl
barca barca
Joanna Ay əvvəl
Great perfomance Rey manaj , Memphis Depay❤️
River Plate
River Plate Ay əvvəl
El penal de Memphis 🤙🤙🤙👌
Profes R y C
Profes R y C Ay əvvəl
¡Los seguimos desde México!
Atajan Meredow
Atajan Meredow Ay əvvəl
Depay vvv Barselona ❤❤❤❤🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲
sajjad rizvi
sajjad rizvi Ay əvvəl
Nice Pen 1:52 🔥🔥
Joanna Ay əvvəl
Memphis 👍🏾
Itachi_257 From the Hidden Leaf
Itachi_257 From the Hidden Leaf Ay əvvəl
Te espero Memphis
Szymon Rozpędowski
Szymon Rozpędowski Ay əvvəl
Kelize Ay əvvəl
Whats gonna happen to dembuz and griezmann :( pls dont rot them away to the bench
Ahmex Dahood
Ahmex Dahood Ay əvvəl
Depay is sexy
Қайсар Серікболсын
Қайсар Серікболсын Ay əvvəl
Giuseppe Duca
Giuseppe Duca Ay əvvəl
benjamin sidwell
benjamin sidwell Ay əvvəl
The penalty by Gerona 😍😍🤩
Nabil exo
Nabil exo Ay əvvəl
miss messi
Hamzah Grimes123
Hamzah Grimes123 Ay əvvəl
Where is messi
Sss Medellín
Sss Medellín Ay əvvəl
In Man city
cookie Ay əvvəl
Griezmann and depay are starting to make a bond
I love liverpool
I love liverpool Ay əvvəl
Griezman and Depay big duo 👍👌
Dudu gueye
Dudu gueye Ay əvvəl
Memphis 👍🏾
Onit Uastum
Onit Uastum Ay əvvəl
I won’t be watching Barca till koemann is sacked worst manager Barca ever had no ambition what so ever
Marcos Macarrao
Marcos Macarrao Ay əvvəl
pra que deu o penalti
Adrian Edwin
Adrian Edwin Ay əvvəl
nice game by Memphis Depay 😎
Ded Kolbuçaj
Ded Kolbuçaj Ay əvvəl
Very well by R.Manaj!
Shawon The Boss
Shawon The Boss Ay əvvəl
3:49 Sound
Tualang Syarief Kate
Tualang Syarief Kate Ay əvvəl
Trible winner this season. Visca Barca
Ilyas Şimşek
Ilyas Şimşek Ay əvvəl
formalar karışmış
Rozalina Ay əvvəl
Why Messi dont plays?
adam tice
adam tice Ay əvvəl
Were are you messi
Xpkresx Lost
Xpkresx Lost Ay əvvəl
Griezman still plays for Barca??? I thought he got traded tbh lol
JOKER503 Ay əvvəl
Very good
Huy Nguyễn Gia
Huy Nguyễn Gia Ay əvvəl
who from vietnam
Thomas Alcantara
Thomas Alcantara Ay əvvəl
Pixbet ta me fazendo ganhar muita grana !!!
cabuloso Ay əvvəl
O cara e brabo esquece vai fazer muita coiza boa no Barcelona a os caras dever jogando perto do messi
d1g0bruh Ay əvvəl
Barcelona only won becuase of the two penaltys
ilham elhazzaz
ilham elhazzaz Ay əvvəl
Visca Barca
Vidish Hole
Vidish Hole Ay əvvəl
That free-kick 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Whole goal post had experienced earth quake 🔥
Richard Ay əvvəl
So basically you won because the keeper was a pepega.
Mohamed Zidane
Mohamed Zidane Ay əvvəl
Pourquoi en regardant un match sur Barça TV un panneaux d'affiche masque l' image ?
Atina Davies
Atina Davies Ay əvvəl
Congratulations great job done ✅✅✅✅
Aaron Vlogs
Aaron Vlogs Ay əvvəl
Memphis is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Aries Susanto
Aries Susanto Ay əvvəl
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Adrian Sierra
Adrian Sierra Ay əvvəl
Where is ter stegen
011 TV - Brás - 25 de Março
011 TV - Brás - 25 de Março Ay əvvəl
011 TV - Brás - 25 de Março
011 TV - Brás - 25 de Março Ay əvvəl
não vamos se enganar KKKKKKK CAMISA 10 DO GIRONA quem é? sou mais ele que o GRIEZMANN
Dilrabo Mo'ydinova
Dilrabo Mo'ydinova Ay əvvəl
gamez immortal
gamez immortal Ay əvvəl
Top left great goal from memphis man
Dimas Dwi Prayoga
Dimas Dwi Prayoga Ay əvvəl
Tim bodoh tim gak jelas
NaufalSubansa Ay əvvəl
Muhammad Daffa Rizki
Muhammad Daffa Rizki Ay əvvəl
2:14 3:02
M.Sigit Cahyono
M.Sigit Cahyono Ay əvvəl
Great talent...! The Future of Barca : - Inaki Pena / Tenas - Dest, Mingueza, Eric, Balde / Emerson, Araujo, Comas, Ndiaye - De Jong, Nico, Pedri / Moriba, Gavi, Puig - Collado, Depay, Ansu / Demir, Manaj, Illias AMAZING...!!! 🤭😍
Petra Sunc
Petra Sunc Ay əvvəl
Lucas500k Ay əvvəl
Memphis is going to have a great season at Barça. Killer debut performance 🔥
Кто То
Кто То Ay əvvəl
Oh! Messi absent
Pro Melots
Pro Melots Ay əvvəl
Depay on Fire🔥🔥
Khun Oo
Khun Oo Ay əvvəl
Griezmann is a good guy.
Ako Gambler 2021
Ako Gambler 2021 Ay əvvəl
Why Pjanic didnt play last season?
Allan Hernandez
Allan Hernandez Ay əvvəl
Are none of you Barca fans even remotely curious how this team can perform without Messi? Without that over bearing responsibility to actually pass him the ball? To actually acknowledge they no longer have the Messi safety net and have to win games on their own? I’d be curious lol
kevnev342 Ay əvvəl
john 3:16-18 Jesus loves you Jesus is coming back very soon to judge this world and set up his kingdom that will reign forever and ever. Hell is real, hell wasn't made for humans but for fallen angels but if you reject Jesus and his sacrifice you will end up in hell. Whoever you worship on earth is who you will worship in the afterlife. Repent before it is too late Please i plead with you for the sake of God.
HANGIr Ay əvvəl
Реал Мадрид вперёд!!
N.E.R.D Ay əvvəl
pjanic deserves much more attention
AiLavJu Ay əvvəl
Barca on fire!
manabu horikita
manabu horikita Ay əvvəl
I knew this was actually fifa 2021 you won't fool me ! I recognized those glitches with the ball going through the goalkeeper
Marcos Salinas
Marcos Salinas Ay əvvəl
Hoy en dia siempre ay un golde penalti antes no se veian mucho q pereza esos goles.
José Miguel Yax
José Miguel Yax Ay əvvəl
Piqué is very old
P Orhon
P Orhon Ay əvvəl
Now the era of English teams has come again since Sir Alex Retired. Real and Barca will barely survived in the Champions League looking at their squads today.
vanyaxleo Ay əvvəl
Пьянича в основу
SidOP Ay əvvəl
Why is no one talking about de Jong he played the best out there
bondon chanel
bondon chanel Ay əvvəl
2 penalti 🤣
FLA Ay əvvəl
Esse uniforme e muito bonito amei
Акбар Аминов
Акбар Аминов Ay əvvəl
Гризманн 👏👏👏
Toni Mataj
Toni Mataj Ay əvvəl
Manaj is on 🔥
Abarait nanyamet eng'ol
Abarait nanyamet eng'ol Ay əvvəl
The sound of the post is nice 2:13 and 3:02
Ross Bradley
Ross Bradley Ay əvvəl
Fans celebrating like they watching a golf game
mustafa DA
mustafa DA Ay əvvəl
Was that saul?
Dawood Khwaja
Dawood Khwaja Ay əvvəl
Griezmann, umtiti, Piqué and braithwaite OUT
Feed Me To My Enemies
Feed Me To My Enemies Ay əvvəl
Depay is gonna be class.
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