Skip & Shannon on whether the NBA is too soft after Jokic’s crucial ejection | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Nikola Jokic was ejected in last night’s Game 4 loss to the Phoenix Suns while making a hard foul on Cameron Payne. The play was reviewed and the official determined it was a flagrant 2 due to the quote, 'windup, impact and follow-through.' Many NBA players reacted to the decision on social media, including Ja Morant who simply tweeted quote, 'league soft.' Hear whether Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe believe Jokic deserved to be ejected in a crucial game for the Denver Nuggets.

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Skip & Shannon on whether the NBA is too soft after Jokic’s crucial ejection | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Ay əvvəl
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A-train13 Ay əvvəl
@Real life Yes, sports are all about offense now, it's cheapened the games, baseball stadiums are a joke now, they look stupid with those short walls, MLB is just strikeouts and homeruns now, the NBA is boring people with all the game stoppage with foul calls, NFL teams mainly play a cover 4 defense, because they don't want all the pass interference calls, which in turn causes the offense to throw underneath the zones, which in turn makes the game look small
A-train13 Ay əvvəl
@Real life There should be such thing as a personal foul, only technical fouls, flagrant fouls, and team fouls, but if have to deal with personal fouls, no defender should be called for a foul the offensive player initiates, in other words, an offensive player shouldn't be able to jump into the body of a defender and the defender get called for a personal foul
Exactly💪💥🔥👑🌹👔MR. SHARP84PAISLEY💜👔🌹🍷🍷.....
John P
John P Ay əvvəl
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John P
John P Ay əvvəl
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John P
John P Ay əvvəl
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John P
John P Ay əvvəl
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20trillion Ay əvvəl
I was just watching nba jam session 94 this league is soft they screamed after every dunk and did dance moves
LednacekZ Ay əvvəl
NBA fans want the score? Am I just to old? I couldnt give F..k if they score 80,100 or 140. I want a good game of the highest quality. They dont even try to defend players, because they are afraid of getting called on fauls. These flopping snowflakes are nothing like the players I want to see.
et de stellis
et de stellis Ay əvvəl
You think refs won't take bribe during " *these trying times* "?
Daniel Lippmann
Daniel Lippmann Ay əvvəl
If Booker ever come to Europe my 10 year old son is going to kick him 😎🤣 NBA = soft league
Tony Arceneaux
Tony Arceneaux Ay əvvəl
This year is the second time CP3 led a team to the Western Conference finals.
Tony Arceneaux
Tony Arceneaux Ay əvvəl
Cameron Payne is a superstar now because he now got the superstar treatment by the referees.
Tetaloach Diew
Tetaloach Diew Ay əvvəl
NBA is softer than a wet q-tip
dibai goqia
dibai goqia Ay əvvəl
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hip hop fiend
hip hop fiend Ay əvvəl
NBA ain't just soft, they've been this way for at least 30 yrs! Ive seen harder fouls in a pillow fight, from the pillows!
Ned K
Ned K Ay əvvəl
It's because he is Serbian
Atrain973 main4life386
Atrain973 main4life386 Ay əvvəl
In my opinion what happened was that what happened after the foul between Booker and The Joker .
It’s so soft lebron can flop 50 times in a game and nothing is said.
Kingdom Mindset
Kingdom Mindset Ay əvvəl
It's Not about who they are. It's what he did rules are rules.. Who hit payne in the face was it any1 no it was Jokic. So yeah that is him he's that guy..
Kingdom Mindset
Kingdom Mindset Ay əvvəl
I never seen a MVP go down 0-3 make bonehead play in a elimination game & the media pleads for him about getting ejected. Why don't you all talk about how a MVP got swept & couldn't get even 1 game & then making a dumb emotional play.. Like if KD would've lost game 5 to bucks. You all would've dragged him threw the mud. He's still playing though & the MVP is fishing.. We see threw the bs.
Julieta Kaitlyn
Julieta Kaitlyn Ay əvvəl
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christopher mitchell
christopher mitchell Ay əvvəl
As of Denver was winning this series- Big deal Phoenix was dominating them. Jokic most overrated along with Giannis
Lucazade Ay əvvəl
As much as these two have difference of opinions about most topics, it’s nice to see them agree on something important to stop ludicrous comments from fans etc. Excellent analysis from these two, always a good watch
Mark lopata
Mark lopata Ay əvvəl
Undistisputed video guy sucks you never get to see the video but you watch them watching it every time
panjak yadav
panjak yadav Ay əvvəl
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Lamar Broussard89
Lamar Broussard89 Ay əvvəl
Defense is not really possible in today's NBA
Team Knoxides The Unknown
Team Knoxides The Unknown Ay əvvəl
Rules are rules. Refs determined that with what jokic did that it met the criteria for a flagrant 2 foul. So stop the bitching. History is exactly that, history. No need to bring that into this. You only talk about the moment. What he did met the criteria so...ejecto seato! Also just because he is the mvp does not mean he gets a pass and gets to stay in the game after committing a flagrant 2 foul. In the playoffs is when the rules really need to be enforced hard so each team plays clean and not cause any potential injuries to other players and ending another teams chance at making it to the finals.
Iva V
Iva V Ay əvvəl
Bill Walton said it best: "Happiness begins when selfishness ends. In a game that has been taken over by incessant dribbling for yourself, Nikola Jokic is such a breath of fresh air. And it’s his imagination. Watching him play basketball is like watching Bob Dylan come up with a song..." Nikola Jokic is such a brilliant, decent, great, polite basketball player and young man !!!! Congratulations on this prestigious and well-deserved VMP !! A young man who should be a role model for younger generations, how a young man behaves ...
tadrota qodagsa
tadrota qodagsa Ay əvvəl
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Filip Kaličanin
Filip Kaličanin Ay əvvəl
I dont wanna be conspiracy theorist but this is crazy. Jokic never gets calls,whole season he is beat up with 0 calls and then they eject him for one thing, it is weird it is like NBA doesnt want him to succed
AllProGrows Ay əvvəl
I love how shannon said the league isn't soft then immediately starts talking about how much more tough the league used to be
Igotyourhoeinthebathroomwefuckinglikenikko&mimi Ay əvvəl
Igotyourhoeinthebathroomwefuckinglikenikko&mimi Ay əvvəl
Can we see what y’all talking about?
DC Bay 12th Man
DC Bay 12th Man Ay əvvəl
Now you want to admit the league is soft, just know their NBA Current leader is soft….it starts with him
Chaser Blade
Chaser Blade Ay əvvəl
The only thing I'll say is, Jokic was making a play on the ball, NOT the man, so it could have been a flagrant 1. Also, I think there are actually alot if guys in the league that could play in the 80's and/or 90's.
Benjamin Welch
Benjamin Welch Ay əvvəl
Dude nah, he reared back and just blindly punched at that man after looking visibly upset. Whether he landed the punch or not shouldnt matter
Olive Perry
Olive Perry Ay əvvəl
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Tyler Lo
Tyler Lo Ay əvvəl
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Nate Lowe
Nate Lowe Ay əvvəl
Should’ve just said the West “is soft”
Rupert Wisdom
Rupert Wisdom Ay əvvəl
They are contradicting themselves. On one hand they said the refs call are inconsistent and other other hand they say to look on players history and mvp status’ and other factors to make the calls
Drew Ogle
Drew Ogle Ay əvvəl
Of course Shannon won’t admit the league is SOFT, because he has to say anything he can to keep LeBron legitimate to Michael Jordan. 😒
Hector Sanchez
Hector Sanchez Ay əvvəl
Oh we crippin today
AmountStax Ay əvvəl
Shannon : "Scoring is up and everyone is loving the NBA". NBA ratings be like. 📉 They're down like 60-70% Watcha talkin bout Shannon?
Lukas Sundberg
Lukas Sundberg Ay əvvəl
Rule of Law
Rule of Law Ay əvvəl
I think what many really missed is that the NBA really hates Jokic for winning the MVP. The media votes are overwhelmingly Jokic. If only we know who they really rooted for.
মোঃ ইয়াকুব আলি
মোঃ ইয়াকুব আলি Ay əvvəl
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Parker Essential
Parker Essential Ay əvvəl
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chao tran
chao tran Ay əvvəl
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lqdxoni1 Ay əvvəl
Game fixing
Alaa Kilany
Alaa Kilany Ay əvvəl
What a lie people love scoring, who wants to see a 130 to 88 game you lose interest after 10 minutes People love competing, love close games down to the wire Not a blowout after a blowout
Alaa Kilany
Alaa Kilany Ay əvvəl
Too soft, took competeiveness out of basketball
Perfect form with attitude
Perfect form with attitude Ay əvvəl
NBA couldn't get any softer. The ladies can play in this league.
ZaCkMoHD Ay əvvəl
League soft and referee being paid by Chris Paul .
Donald Leider
Donald Leider Ay əvvəl
Thank God they don’t referee hockey like this,there’d be no one left!
freedom from
freedom from Ay əvvəl
I’ve seen Shaw do ten times worse and not even get a foul
Big Tay
Big Tay Ay əvvəl
Jokic does have a trackrecord of hard fouls in frustration. I dont think he deliberately hit him in the face but he did deliberately hit him and it resulted in wacking his face.
sobiesky Jimenez
sobiesky Jimenez Ay əvvəl
Jeremiah Ay əvvəl
Payne just brought soccer injuries into the NBA. Give him MVP for acting and fake injuries, he didn’t even have a bloody nose but acted like he got shot in the face. This is why the NBA is soft, reward the fakers.
Stuntman Beatz
Stuntman Beatz Ay əvvəl
Them rules had nothing to do with football or the fans.. it was to prevent potential fights.. hard fouls leads to scuffles which clears benches...
Owen Lewis
Owen Lewis Ay əvvəl
They need to actually call the original rules, you know LeBron takes 3-4 steps each game, the carries, the backcourt violations, 3 seconds....
Derrick Hamling
Derrick Hamling Ay əvvəl
The dude is to aggresive he fingers peoples eyes and cheats hes not a joker hes a joke that shouldn't be allowed in the nba
Guerrini1975 Ay əvvəl
Thanks to Skip & Shannon for the truth!!! Great job man!!! Regards from Serbia with love
S Rhodes
S Rhodes Ay əvvəl
How do the headshots in football “trickle down” to the headshots in basketball? Is there any equivalence here? How many concussions come in basketball from headshots with one player hitting the other?
LordYamz Ay əvvəl
Mike S
Mike S Ay əvvəl
Haha the league is so soft. Just watch LeBron. This is the worst defensive nba in history.
Duca Moris
Duca Moris Ay əvvəl
What about LeBron breaking protocol? I mean if we're following the rule book...
Informer3 Evans
Informer3 Evans Ay əvvəl
Nobody want's to see the 1990's Knicks foul-a-fest with a 72 to 65 score win. But this is the extreme on the opposite end. You literally had to see the replay at the right angle to tell he actually hit his face. True, he did graze his nose and I'm sure it hurt. But that was not intentional. The only thing that makes this not so bad is that Phoenix pretty much had this one wrapped up. Imagine if this was game 7 or like suspending Dramon Green and turning the whole series around. I wanted Phoenix to win, but not like that. This was like "Get up, Prince of Troy! I won't let a stone rob me of my glory!
Shane Reilly
Shane Reilly Ay əvvəl
They're definitely reading Jokic wrong. The guy is a wolf in sheep's clothing.
BJ Young
BJ Young Ay əvvəl
Where was Paul Millsap? He’s supposed to be that Denver teams VET? That’s the guy who should be ripping the team and leading them forward
Ol’ Caruso
Ol’ Caruso Ay əvvəl
No Balance Actors
diehardhardyfan Ay əvvəl
I want that PJ tucker play from everyone because that’s 90s ball and I think if we the fans make that the norm or expected then we we can get better basketball
chief-TH_C Ay əvvəl
Soft and WOKE sucks now!
Joe Montanna
Joe Montanna Ay əvvəl
I feel like its simple if someone hits ur arm while ur shooting its a foul simple..
likio taqie
likio taqie Ay əvvəl
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Jack Kosc
Jack Kosc Ay əvvəl
Nba is the softest organisation ever, judges act like spoiled teen girls
Top Shot
Top Shot Ay əvvəl
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Daron Lewis
Daron Lewis Ay əvvəl
When LeBron James push Joel embiid while he was in the air the referees swallowed a whistle
C VADER Ay əvvəl
Get Tucker out too if that's the case!
Dustin L. Harris
Dustin L. Harris Ay əvvəl
NBA not soft, the refs just suck at their job
Kula Ndifor
Kula Ndifor Ay əvvəl
that was simply unfortunate mvp is mvp 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
2 Gunz Films
2 Gunz Films Ay əvvəl
only thing I disagree with Shannon on....the rule changes didn't help baseball, they actually hurt baseball. it was far more exciting during the Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGuire era of home run hitting "on steroids".
I’mJPFit Ay əvvəl
They find a way to bring LeBron into EVERY SITUATION!
Chris Choice
Chris Choice Ay əvvəl
Everybody knew Aaron Gordon was trash on the Magic. Vuc, Anthony, and Issac were the only bright spots in Orlando.
iali00 Ay əvvəl
Jokic was a joke on defense not just MPJ. Chris Paul got so many open jumpers because Jokic can’t move.
iali00 Ay əvvəl
Has been way too soft for a long time.
George Stephens
George Stephens Ay əvvəl
Not only the league soft the rules are terrible....the one I hate the most is how can you pump fake and jump into the defender for a foul...players now days look for fouls and find ways to get a baller go out there and play hard every second the clock ticking
The Legend
The Legend Ay əvvəl
If this was Lebum he would have stayed in the game.
Wolfof Ay əvvəl
Wolfof Ay əvvəl
8Teen Music
8Teen Music Ay əvvəl
It's kinda uncharacteristic for Skip to agree
BAG Reek
BAG Reek Ay əvvəl
He should have never wound up. He did that aggressively... they wasn’t gone win nothing anyway
Official YoYoGamingTv
Official YoYoGamingTv Ay əvvəl
Shannon says the league is not soft and then proceeds to say how none of the players today could play with the old school teams... He literally contradicted himself in the same sentence... Must be hangin out with LeBraunda Xiames.
Dee Jay713
Dee Jay713 Ay əvvəl
Sharmin ultra league 🚽 🐻
BoDesi The Late Bloomer
BoDesi The Late Bloomer Ay əvvəl
Inglorius P
Inglorius P Ay əvvəl
I think Shannon is wrong. As a fan I hate the insane scoring
Izzy Ay əvvəl
Stop making us watch y'all watch highlights!! Stop being lazy and pull the dam clips up so the audience can see what you're talking about. You're the only ESPN show that I've seen that makes the audience watch them watching clips. It's infuriating.
Antonio Hamboney
Antonio Hamboney Ay əvvəl
NNA is Soft like Tekashi 69.....
Elaine Ng
Elaine Ng Ay əvvəl
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ViceSub707 Ay əvvəl
Shannon is hypermanic
PdoubleEWdoubleE Ay əvvəl
MPJ was a huge disappointment. This was his chance to explode and take off while murray was out and he failed, hard.
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