Russia flees key city of Lyman, retaken by Ukraine

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Yesterday President Putin declared the Donetsk region of Ukraine was now part of Russia.
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Today the Russian defence ministry said its troops had abandoned the town of Lyman, a key logistics hub in Donetsk, after Ukrainian forces got close to encircling them.
And it could allow a further push by Ukraine into Russian-controlled areas of the neighbouring Luhansk region.
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You daMan
You daMan Ay əvvəl
Great job Ukraine! Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇦💪
boss playaa
boss playaa Ay əvvəl
Biden weak and fragile
Sergiy Tokio
Sergiy Tokio Ay əvvəl
The Russian army has lost the initiative on the front in Ukraine and is retreating. Because of this, the head of the aggressor country, Vladimir Putin, can order strikes on places where military aid is distributed to Kyiv, even on the territory of NATO countries.
Mustafa Khan
Mustafa Khan Ay əvvəl
@Verifiede 😃it is not yYour Ffault. Yyou are bBrainwashed1😴😴🙄
Verifiede Ay əvvəl
@Mustafa Khan The only comedian here is yourself, you're just embarrassing yourself more and more with every comment.
Mustafa Khan
Mustafa Khan Ay əvvəl
@Verifiede 😁aAnother cComedian 😀😃😄😁
Edson De Menezes
Edson De Menezes Ay əvvəl
Slava Ukraini!! Thank you Ukraine for showing the world what fighting evil is all about! Glory to the people of Ukraine! The world thanks you!
Edson De Menezes
Edson De Menezes Ay əvvəl
@Leon Boum 🇫🇷🥐🥖 we surrender we surrender! 🏳️
Leon Boum
Leon Boum Ay əvvəl
Captain Neo
Captain Neo Ay əvvəl
I am so proud of the Ukraine Forces and what they are doing to save their country. They have the knowledge, skills and tactical advantage to take back all of its country.
Leon Boum
Leon Boum Ay əvvəl
Vernon Alexis
Vernon Alexis Ay əvvəl
sugoidessho Ay əvvəl
Joe, YOU are misunderstanding what you're saying: ruZZia has attacked, invaded and occupied Ukraine, and Ukraine is NOT a NATO member country. However, it should be. Also, what the mainstream media won't show you images of is the hundreds and hundreds of buses parked in Moscow that were used to bus these crowds in for Putler's speech celebrating the liberation of Lyman by Ukrainian forces. Apparently they were paid to applaud the monster and wave flags. The whole thing was staged/choreographed and one day after his absurd speech Putler will now be crying into his vodka at the news that Ukraine continues to liberate more parts of territory that he falsely claimed and boasted are Russian.
jazeboy69 Ay əvvəl
Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦 he makes a very good point that Ukraine was supposed to be protected after giving up Nukes. I love how level headed and how controlled the Ukrainians are. Support from Australia 🇦🇺
vinm300 Ay əvvəl
What a terrific experience. To be part of a victorious army in the 21st century. The Kharkiv counter offensive - Russia defeated on an open battlefield for the first time since 1942. Lyman - Russia encircled for the first time since WW2 Oh, the unbearable humiliation for Russia.
Travis Jones
Travis Jones Ay əvvəl
@HENTAI ART Instead Ukraine is a mil. tech sandbox for taking out NATOs enemies, and the Ukrainians love us! Money well spent. 🇺🇲🇺🇦👍🏻
Sam Stephens
Sam Stephens Ay əvvəl
@vinm300 got you brother 💪🏼
Simon Edge
Simon Edge Ay əvvəl
@Leon Boum So true! Figures do not lie, but in this modern (western) world, figures do not get to see the sunlight too often :(
Simon Edge
Simon Edge Ay əvvəl
@vinm300 Thanks so much for that! I was just curious if there was some sort of modern hard-and-fast definition. For example Mariupol has a population of 450K, Lysychansk & Severodonetsk 100k each, so your clarification has helped a lot...
vinm300 Ay əvvəl
@Simon Edge If someone gave you a definition it would only by convention. It would simply be what that person thought or what a group of sociologists had decided. Historians may apply a totally different criteria. I would call 15k a town. But in sparsely populated Tibet ~1900 that could pass for a city. Hope that helps.
George Marquez
George Marquez Ay əvvəl
I’m from Mexico, we are proud of Ucrania you’r soldiers you’r people.
Leon Boum
Leon Boum Ay əvvəl
Samurai Ace [사무라이 에이스]
Samurai Ace [사무라이 에이스] Ay əvvəl
Thank you amigo ✌️
SC Vandy
SC Vandy Ay əvvəl
Very impressive, newsworthy interview with a knowedgeable, well-spoken official. Imagine the different scenario if Ukraine had not cooperated and given up its nuclear weapons in 1994 only to be deceived / betrayed by Russia's, the U.S.'s and the UK's assurances.
Cat Nap
Cat Nap Ay əvvəl
Go Ukraine! Stay strong and united! Slava Ukraiini!!!! Long live a free and sovereign Ukraine! 💙💛
Tipsy Penguin
Tipsy Penguin Ay əvvəl
“We will defend our land with all the powers and means at our disposal.” "...people in Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. Russia will not betray them." A day later, flees from an important hub city. Close range execution of civilians in a convoy, in Donetsk
Fire Panda Party Penguin
Fire Panda Party Penguin Ay əvvəl
Syrian auxiliaries are fighting on the Russian side. There is no cohesion among or shared purpose on the Russian ranks
Ash.l21 Ay əvvəl
Still can't believe how effectively Ukraine has pushed back. Incredibly impressive.
Gideon Roos
Gideon Roos Ay əvvəl
@Paul Gibbon That is literally it's name though. It's what I grew up calling it and what everyone I know calls it. In my other language we call it that, too; die Oekraïne.
Neil Hands
Neil Hands Ay əvvəl
@Paul Gibbon Even more astonishing Russia won against Germany in WW2 only due to the help of wait for it.... USA who provided heavy military equipment and aid totalling $11.3 Billion (about $180 Billion in todays money). You don't hear Putin thanking USA for that in his Victory Day Parades.
Paul Gibbon
Paul Gibbon Ay əvvəl
@Neil Hands Russia also won the fight against Germany with the help on, wait for it, Ukraine.
Paul Gibbon
Paul Gibbon Ay əvvəl
@Gideon Roos Oh dear, botski, you gave yourself away when you called it "The Ukraine". Reported.
NOw is gOd in youR LOvely Life
NOw is gOd in youR LOvely Life Ay əvvəl
Listen, prepare for January, February and March it'll be tense corona will come back with force, people sick can't heat. Riots and discontentment all over Europe. So another crisis is coming. The health system is almost collapsing because our leaders send money to war for weapons instead of health services. The numbers started to increase already. If it gets to become a wave of infection they'll lockdown again and more economic pain
Shannon Straughan
Shannon Straughan Ay əvvəl
Glory to Ukraine and it's brave people 🇺🇦🇺🇸
tek hee
tek hee Ay əvvəl
One of the best and frank views from a leader of a country under great danger;glory to Ukraine.
PaT Mc
PaT Mc Ay əvvəl
may God bless the brave hearts of Ukrainians🙏❤
Steve Gibson
Steve Gibson Ay əvvəl
Glory to Ukraine. Stand proud, because you know you are strong 💪💪💪and you know what is right
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime Ay əvvəl
So proud of Ukraine you people are tough, Slava Ukraine🇺🇦❤️
James Mccarroll
James Mccarroll Ay əvvəl
I say again when this is over and done Ukraine Army will be the greatest Army in the world.
Ding-a-ling Ay əvvəl
@abdul sijad I didn't
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime Ay əvvəl
@abdul sijad excuse sir I was aware of Ukraine years ago and I knew about what happened in 2013 since day one, I guess you the one who knew nothing about them, or that they were the last country to become independent from the USSR.
Pablo Gavia
Pablo Gavia Ay əvvəl
Russia a big bully, the Ukraine deserves all the help and love against a unfair war
abdul sijad
abdul sijad Ay əvvəl
i bet 6 months ago u didnt even kbow where ukraine was
I love Ukrainians and their patriotism. Also, I can't but thank the West, UN and NATO for their supports.
Frank Davidson
Frank Davidson Ay əvvəl
God bless Ukrainian people and Army Awesome job thanks Ukrainian
Gloria love
Gloria love Ay əvvəl
From nigeria am so so proud ukrainian , victory is urs
Anthony Duffy
Anthony Duffy Ay əvvəl
Alexei is 100% correct “learn the lessons of history before it is too late!”
Amanda Botha
Amanda Botha Ay əvvəl
Glory and victory to the Ukrainian people and Ukraine. Brave Ukrainian solders. Love from South Africa. Slava Ukraine
Amanda Botha
Amanda Botha Ay əvvəl
@CriticallyObjective 😂evil Putin or useless Ramapohsa.
CriticallyObjective Ay əvvəl
Amanda, being from South Africa, why don't you remind this guy that South Africa gave up nuclear weapons??
NOw is gOd in youR LOvely Life
NOw is gOd in youR LOvely Life Ay əvvəl
Listen, prepare for January, February and March it'll be tense corona will come back with force, people sick can't heat. Riots and discontentment all over Europe. So another crisis is coming. The health system is almost collapsing because our leaders send money to war for weapons instead of health services. The numbers started to increase already. If it gets to become a wave of infection they'll lockdown again and more economic pain
NOw is gOd in youR LOvely Life
NOw is gOd in youR LOvely Life Ay əvvəl
Listen, prepare for January, February and March it'll be tense corona will come back with force, people sick can't heat. Riots and discontentment all over Europe. So another crisis is coming. The health system is almost collapsing because our leaders send money to war for weapons instead of health services. The numbers started to increase already. If it gets to become a wave of infection they'll lockdown again and more economic pain
Paul Bendikas
Paul Bendikas Ay əvvəl
@NationalAmerican TeroristicOrganisationNATO azov are Nazis
Megan Baker
Megan Baker Ay əvvəl
Long live Ukraine!! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Will always support you!
jessica lakui
jessica lakui Ay əvvəl
With love and care from us Dayaks here in Borneo. Good job Ukraine soldiers,good job. If they don't flee, send them to jail for hard labour to clean all the war debris that they have created. Glory to Ukraine. God bless Ukraine and Israel.
Un combat La vie
Un combat La vie Ay əvvəl
Ce n'est pas du bluff. Gloire à l'Ukraine. 🇺🇦♥️🇺🇦♥️🇺🇦
Andre Barnaby
Andre Barnaby Ay əvvəl
Proud of you heroes of Ukraine 🇺🇦
uribensh Ay əvvəl
Glory to Ukraine. Glory to the brave Ukrainian soldiers
Samurai Ace [사무라이 에이스]
Samurai Ace [사무라이 에이스] Ay əvvəl
@G A ty prosto eblan
NOw is gOd in youR LOvely Life
NOw is gOd in youR LOvely Life Ay əvvəl
Listen, prepare for January, February and March it'll be tense corona will come back with force, people sick can't heat. Riots and discontentment all over Europe. So another crisis is coming. The health system is almost collapsing because our leaders send money to war for weapons instead of health services. The numbers started to increase already. If it gets to become a wave of infection they'll lockdown again and more economic pain
ILER Ay əvvəl
G A Ay əvvəl
sharon shaw
sharon shaw Ay əvvəl
@Francisco Scaramango playing dumb or you're really dumb, vatnik? Ok will spell it out: warlord in chief is pooptin, whose depraved russia mir concept, like his hold of annexed Lyman, is the equivalent of pee on the sidewalk in that it's there for a few minutes, gone very quickly but leaves a bad smell for a long time
fausto1111ful Ay əvvəl
Barbara Niedenthal
Barbara Niedenthal Ay əvvəl
Slava Ukraini We love and support you. The falsely annexed land by the abusive Kremlin monsters, is your land Heroiam Slava God bless
ahm1018 Ay əvvəl
Good. Keep going Ukraine! Never give up! We support you to the end!!!
Kimmy Ros
Kimmy Ros Ay əvvəl
Stay strong Ukrain✊✊🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦❤
stevie 007
stevie 007 Ay əvvəl
A total level-headed gent, he speaks total sense and definallty speaks from his heart. Long live Ukraine.
Jay Bee
Jay Bee Ay əvvəl
@Josh Hencik >> The main thing though is that the Venusians won’t go into State 26, and also they’re running out of fleejix.
Josh Hencik
Josh Hencik Ay əvvəl
@Thierry Martin Very true. The main dragon ate the solid silver tomb that housed the sacred toaster that eventually led to the division between the clown people and the court jesters and now the world refuses to hear the screams of the ignored house flies that are dying by the tens at the hands of the frogmen from Planet Z!
Mike Georges
Mike Georges Ay əvvəl
Why is everyone ignoring Kazakhstan? Like Ukraine, Kazakhstan inherited a significant Soviet era nuclear weapons legacy, but chose to abandon it.
Leif Otto
Leif Otto Ay əvvəl
@Dan you’re right. In February 2019, South Africa ratified the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, becoming the first country to have had nuclear weapons, disarmed them and gone on to sign the treaty. But, apparently, the actual dismantling of their stockpile was in 1989. Weird that it took 30 years to make it “official.” But, yep, I saw the headline and missed the fine print. Thanks!
Ghost of Crimea
Ghost of Crimea Ay əvvəl
He’s a total liar ,like all Ukrainians.
Johannes Valter di Vizzini
Johannes Valter di Vizzini Ay əvvəl
Well done Ukraine!! You are making history.
SLAVA UKRAINI... great heros... prayers and greetings from Indonesia for you all. God Bless you.
David Marshall
David Marshall Ay əvvəl
The Ukraine resistance has been legendary. This generation of Ukranians will go down in history as heroes. Also, respect to Joe Biden for those strong words of support. Best wishes from Great Britain.
Leonida Velasco
Leonida Velasco Ay əvvəl
Congratulation for Ukrainian soldiers!
Marìa Luisa Valeros Amaro
Marìa Luisa Valeros Amaro Ay əvvəl
Slava UKRAINE, Glory to all the heroes💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 From 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸
Samurai Ace [사무라이 에이스]
Samurai Ace [사무라이 에이스] Ay əvvəl
Hola amigo ✌️
Max Sidhu
Max Sidhu Ay əvvəl
Gloria a Ucrania y España 🇪🇸🇺🇦
Paul Bendikas
Paul Bendikas Ay əvvəl
You mean the Nazis. This the reason you're gass and electricity cost so much
Cheeky Ape
Cheeky Ape Ay əvvəl
Zoink 🇷🇺
Eimi Savage Official
Eimi Savage Official Ay əvvəl glory to facist regime that she'll donbass over decades , we can't deny nothing happen there , time will tell and those who support Kiev will be on huge shame.. 🇷🇺👍💪
Bec Ay əvvəl
Fantastic!!!! Go Ukraine - we are all still right behind you.
yvonne wey
yvonne wey Ay əvvəl
Bravo Ukraine Great Victory💪👍 Slava Ukraine🇺🇦💙💛🇺🇦💯👍🇺🇦
Gimli Son of Gloin
Gimli Son of Gloin Ay əvvəl
No one weeps for the Russian orcs. Slava Ukraine! Keep stacking them up 🇺🇦💪🏻
Victor Olusegun
Victor Olusegun Ay əvvəl
Well done guys. Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 💙💛
Ona Babona
Ona Babona Ay əvvəl
do we have a current list of cities (and locations) that Ukraine took back??I know that there is info about individual locations but does anyone have a map showing it all?? It would be incredible to see together..
Adrian from Scotland
Adrian from Scotland Ay əvvəl
Well done Ukraine,you are very strong,keep going❤❤❤❤❤❤
Karla Ay əvvəl
keep fighting Ukraine 🇺🇲🇺🇦
Karl Schmidt
Karl Schmidt Ay əvvəl
Victory follows victory, all odds are in favour of Ukraine's undoubtful victory! 🇺🇦
Utube Stock
Utube Stock Ay əvvəl
We are rejoicing and celebrating with you Ukrainians!!! And, we continue to pray for you!!! God bless you.
philo betto
philo betto Ay əvvəl
this is a sham Russia never tried to invade Ukraine stop buying what the media is selling
Leanne Robinson
Leanne Robinson Ay əvvəl
@Leon Boum Am I wrong? Would any normal person seriously be against the Ukrainians? Should fascists dictatorships invade any country they feel like? Or be pro war and fascist genocide?
Leon Boum
Leon Boum Ay əvvəl
@Leanne Robinson "rational, reasonable people" ??? 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤔
J Nyquist
J Nyquist Ay əvvəl
@Leanne Robinson I agreed 100%
ice Bear
ice Bear Ay əvvəl
@Leanne Robinson like Iraq genocide !
Linda Brooks
Linda Brooks Ay əvvəl
GOD bless Ukraine always.
eduardo mota
eduardo mota Ay əvvəl
God bless you Ukraine
Purpi Agarwal
Purpi Agarwal Ay əvvəl
Brave Ukraine, we all with Ukraine. Russia alone in this world 🤢
Jimmie Colvin
Jimmie Colvin Ay əvvəl
God Bless Ukraine 🎶🎶🎶👏👏🇺🇦🍺🇺🇲💯🕶️
mikek2337 Ay əvvəl
Great to see Ukraine gaining territory, Go Ukraine!!! Love from USA!!!
Coffee Link
Coffee Link Ay əvvəl
Z for Russia to defeat NATO that destroyed the Middle East
Sam SamSam
Sam SamSam Ay əvvəl
Come on! Negotiations is better thing that Ukraine is doing. It all leads to nuclear war!!
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez Ay əvvəl
Not from all of us. Record high inflation for our citizens & no relief in sight for common people yet we can fund this BS 🤬
John Wein
John Wein Ay əvvəl
@Lalana yes I thought Ukraine get back their own territory
NationalAmerican TeroristicOrganisationNATO
NationalAmerican TeroristicOrganisationNATO Ay əvvəl
Slava Bandera Slava Azov💛💙
Coco Play🐝
Coco Play🐝 Ay əvvəl
This man did the very thing many Russian soldiers are afraid to do for the safety of their own families. When people from the outside ask "if the economy is tanking, why aren't the people revolting?" and get the response of that the revolt would be crushed with an iron fist and the families of the revolters would be under danger, is the same reason why many russian soldiers who want to quit, don't.
Fred Ay əvvəl
Ukraine will inherit a lot of weapons left by Russians in Lyman. I am extremely happy about Ukraine's brave soldiers. I want to visit Ukraine and shake hands with the Ukraine soldiers!
Inner dinosaur
Inner dinosaur Ay əvvəl
Long Live free Ukraini ! Glory to the heroes !🇺🇦🦖🌻🚜✊
Perplexer1 Ay əvvəl
Good job. Derussification and liberation of occupied Ukraine territory must continue.
OT7Army💜 Ay əvvəl
Slava Ukraine 💪🇺🇦🇿🇦! Stay strong and liberate all of your occupied land from the Russians. Love from South Africa 🇿🇦
Honey Bunch
Honey Bunch Ay əvvəl
@Ard rí you're a fool! Everywhere in the world racial tensions exist 🤣 Aaaand here's 2 facts for you to ponder on: black people are often racist to whites and black people are often zenophobic.
Biß Ay əvvəl
@baerd you claim to have these insightful takes on SA (factually incorrect btw) whith which you place yourself on the moral high ground, yet you discredit Marie Slabbert's argument because she is "very white" Bit hypocritical right? You seem like one of the many frothing haters of that which is society and you can't hide your glee at the murder of my people. People who settled uninhabited areas of South Africa and created job opportunities. The locals flocked in en-masse from transkei, siskei, boputatshwana etc to work in the mimes, farms etc. Yet when Verwoerd saw the impoverishment of these laborers and wanted to help them improve their own countries (yes. Countries) he gets called a mass murderer by indoctrinated fools like yourself. Now we have finally reached the point of breaking where the communists in the ANC have fractured good relationships between all races in SA to the point where white employers no longer want to employ black laborers, since they've been indoctrinated to the point where burning, looting and murdering is accepted. But that's a good thing. The whole ide a of south Africa is synthetic. It will return to a collection of homelands like Verwoerd imagined it. Only unfortunately this time by means of conflict.
General Ay əvvəl
You know people like you make me sick. Putin should just push the button and not bluff so much. Im ready for the apocalypse.
General Ay əvvəl
@Deesus But thats the truth. What about other countries? What about Irak, Afghanistan, Syria and Jemen? Why do everybody carea about Ukraine? Because its in Europe? Maybe Russia should also install Nukes on Cuba and African countries, just to scare Nato.
Truth finder
Truth finder Ay əvvəl
@Ard rí Your a racist clearly
Maria Rucci
Maria Rucci Ay əvvəl
Slava Ukraine from London ❤❤❤
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher Ay əvvəl
Based on the available videos and pictures of the Ukrainian attack against Dudčan, I claim that the number of destroyed up to 10 Ukro tanks and 15-20 BVP during the first day of fighting is very realistic, and if the Ukrainians lost 20-25 tanks in three days only against Dudčan and BVP "that they cannot be enumerated" (if the ratio is the same as the first day, 1 destroyed tank - 1.5 or 2 destroyed BVP, the total number would be between 30 and 50 lost BVP Ukra), I am of the opinion that Ukri will in the very foreseeable future time on the Kherson Front to lose too much equipment and crews to continue the offensive, of course if the Russian lines do not collapse, which I still doubt will happen considering that there should still be a serious team there. If this pace continues, the Ukrainians will lose a tank brigade in 7 days!!! Practically every day they lose a column around David's Brid, so far they have lost God and the Father around Suvo Stavok and Kostroma, and now they have started to spend even more seriously along the Dnieper. It would be unbelievable to me if they can push like this in November. Again, if victory were to be defined by simple mathematics, i.e. in terms of who loses more techniques and people, then 2 SR. ended with the victory of the Nazis, not Kalyenka in front of the destroyed Reichstag. We will see if today's Putin's signature on expanding the territory of the Russian Federation will bring anything concrete, and I mean the immediate arrival of more reinforcements to the front, or we will have to wait until the end of October when the mobilized will start appearing on the battlefield. The West is in a hurry because their economy is collapsing. Did you hear or see the news that the Bank of England had to pump (virtual) money to prevent the pension fund from collapsing!!! Of course, the globalists do not like the news that 20 million citizens will lose their pensions on the front pages. With these measures of abnormal pumping of worthless money into the system, the British will most certainly have "stagflation" in 2023 - economic stagnation + inflation = a sure way to anger at least 70% of the population. Well, all we have to do is keep our nerves and train our patience...nnnn
omid pourhossein
omid pourhossein Ay əvvəl
Russia admitting a mistake has to be the most unlikely thing I've heard all year.
Lyubov Susanina-blake
Lyubov Susanina-blake Ay əvvəl
A very good guest. Bringing it up that Ukraine gave up nuclear weapons in 1994 with security guarantees even from Russia. Maybe Putin's Russia should be made aware, in case needed, that Ukraine will have nuclear weapons available. Glory to Ukraine.!!! Glory to the brave Ukrainian soldiers!!!
Amanda Werner
Amanda Werner Ay əvvəl
Ukraine soldiers - You are the best!! From South Africa.
AjitaDas399 Ay əvvəl
@HIROW I know why, because Ukrainian boxers easily beat indian and russian ones, so they are always salty
george bignell
george bignell Ay əvvəl
not just the soldiers ,,but all people of UKRAINE..
Blissful Ay əvvəl
@Tomasz Dziubela I don’t care about you
Tomasz Dziubela
Tomasz Dziubela Ay əvvəl
@Honey Bunch and why do you care what he cares about?
Honey Bunch
Honey Bunch Ay əvvəl
@Maniae Official why do you care who cares?
Ashay Dwivedi
Ashay Dwivedi Ay əvvəl
honestly when it first started i thought it's gonna be a breeze for russia, because they're one of the superpowers. but oh boy look at ukraine fighting back
Raban von Studnitz
Raban von Studnitz Ay əvvəl
My sympathies are with the Ukraine and I hope we support them strongly! Watching this interview, I must say, there are aspects of what this Ukrainian is saying where I disagree. He says that the Ukraine is fighting this war for NATO and that we should accept the Ukraine per fast track membership application. This would be a totally wrong move and against the NATO rules. In order to join NATO any applicant member may not have any territorial disputes with a third nation - clearly, this is not the case here. Obviously the Ukraine is the victim here but if the rule stands than this is irrelevant. A second rule in regards to NATO (and also EU accession) is rule of law, democracy and level of corruption. In regards to the later, the Ukraine ranks as one of the most corrupt nations in the world. An argument could be made that had Ukraine been a well governed non corrupt country it already NOW would be a member of the EU and NATO - just as an example the former Warsaw Pact states such as Poland, Czeck Republik, Slovakia, Hungary etc. and also former territories occupied by the Soviet Union - being the three Baltic Nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. So, in a sense the Ukraine totally wasted 30 years since independence and squandered its future and now finds itself as a victim in a war of aggression by its Eastern neighbor. We in the West want to help, should help and do help. It would be nice if we could do so without being insulted (see Melnyk, outgoing Ukrainian ambassador to Germany) by the country we are assisting and constant moaning from Kiew that the West is not doing enough. I stress, we must do more and our very best to assist them in their hour of need. Once the war is over, God forbid they continue with their corrupt ways and bad governance. In such a case, we should put up a huge fence and forget about them. NO state has money, every state has only the money of their tax payers entrusted to spend for the well being of their citizens -. such expenditures would not cover money sent to a corrupt nation on the Eastern fringes of Europe.
Sarah Ay əvvəl
Ukraine 🇺🇦 4ever well done👏👏💯❤
Juancho Ay əvvəl
Slava Ukraine from Latin America!!
Plum Duff
Plum Duff Ay əvvəl
I salute Ukraine 🇺🇦 👏
jimmy Burnett
jimmy Burnett Ay əvvəl
Long live Ukraine !!!!
Craig Burner
Craig Burner Ay əvvəl
Slava Ukraini! 🍁
The93vigor Ay əvvəl
All the power to Ukraine 🇺🇦 💕 God is on there side! Russia will loose more then they can amagine
shine4 Davids
shine4 Davids Ay əvvəl
Stay Strong Ukraine from Namibia
soso-rt -group
soso-rt -group Ay əvvəl
Russia is winning
appletree Ay əvvəl
@Luna Koala Russland neuer Lebensraum in der Ukraine
Cheeky Ape
Cheeky Ape Ay əvvəl
Ukrainians don't like your people. You wish them strength and they wish you weakness
Luna Koala
Luna Koala Ay əvvəl
Grüße von der Kolonialmacht 👋
Bayara Amara
Bayara Amara Ay əvvəl
Bravo Ukraine 🇺🇦
Sarod Rau
Sarod Rau Ay əvvəl
Great victory Ukraine, be sure it is impossible to fight against freedom fighters with demotivated armies who are confused why they are fighting... Russian is approaching towards the fall of their history under the leadership of a inhuman leader no matter how many nuclear weapons he has...
Matthew Schumacher
Matthew Schumacher Ay əvvəl
as much as I want as a veteran to welcome Ukraine into NATO because I recognize their abilities and their warfighters are superb and so they would be assets to NATO the fact is the charter says any nation at war cannot join NATO until such time as war is no longer an issue..and while I can agree with that...Ukraine is a special case and should be looked upon as so by the NATO charter members and considered for acceptance based on the conditions on the ground and actions of putin and russia towards the west..if they break through wont stop and then we will be involved due to article 5 anyways so NATO needs to give serious consideration to making an exception to the war rule
Matthew Schumacher
Matthew Schumacher Ay əvvəl
Ukraine can join NATO and still not have NATO enter Ukraine..its the political weight it introduces directly to the fight that if we wanted to do more than material/financial support, Ukraine as a member nation can have our military help but out of respect that the war had already started with Ukraine a non-NATO country we should accept Ukraine but put limits on NATO involvment directly until such time as the current war can be settled and then after that we can do whatever without threat of putin..its not if Ukraine joins NATO its a matter of when will they be accepted..another rule requires that they have the standardized weapons that all NATO agree to....155s universally fit, rifle rounds universal across NATO etc and the knowledge to operate equipment used by NATO which is not even a problem for Ukraine..they learn fast and at times on the fly so its just a matter of getting proper arms to them and paid for preferably at that point by Ukraine vs donation system...after the war I mean...right now..send what they ask for and as much as they need when they need it and you would see russias army melt away real fast
Mr_Pickman Ay əvvəl
Now that “annexed territory” has been retaken; Ukraine has the most powerful army in Russia now. 🤣🤣
JJ ESW Ay əvvəl
Ukrainian Armed Forces are spectacular, no doubt that they suffered greatly and yet they keep on moving forward... Fantastic people.
Francisco Scaramango
Francisco Scaramango Ay əvvəl
@Thomas Cambrion Don't believe what the BBC tells you. You are being lied to everyday.
NOw is gOd in youR LOvely Life
NOw is gOd in youR LOvely Life Ay əvvəl
Listen, prepare for January, February and March it'll be tense corona will come back with force, people sick can't heat. Riots and discontentment all over Europe. So another crisis is coming. The health system is almost collapsing because our leaders send money to war for weapons instead of health services. The numbers started to increase already. If it gets to become a wave of infection they'll lockdown again and more economic pain
Thomas Cambrion
Thomas Cambrion Ay əvvəl
​@John Freeman what do you mean? firstly it's not 20%, it's reducing daily. secondly it took russia several months to take this territory and they're losing it in weeks
alienblood alienblood
alienblood alienblood Ay əvvəl
Francisco Scaramango
Francisco Scaramango Ay əvvəl
Ukrainian armed forces openly support nazis. The azov battalion are literally Nazis, the only army in the world that has soldiers with Nazi views. People will believe anything if its put on the BBC. The guy above thinks Putin troops were in Kiev.
Mark Irwin
Mark Irwin Ay əvvəl
Difference between soldiers who want to fight vs those who are forced too
Sifiso Dlamini
Sifiso Dlamini Ay əvvəl
Keep going Ukraine 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
МЕМЕ.ехе Ay əvvəl
Slava Ukraini 🇻🇳❤️🇺🇦✊
Judith Campbell
Judith Campbell Ay əvvəl
Bravo Ukraine 🇺🇦. Those brave soldiers are re- writing the book of how to fight and win a war! I'm so proud of Ukraine 🇺🇦. Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦 Glory to the heroes 🇺🇦. I want to thank them ❤
Mayor Moses
Mayor Moses Ay əvvəl
They history will forever live on. Do you believe so ?
Neal Logan
Neal Logan Ay əvvəl
What a great guy. He spoke well, truthfully and with insight. Compare this with the nonsense that comes out of the Kremlin.
Douglas Taggart
Douglas Taggart Ay əvvəl
You're proving how guilable you are and how easy it is too manipulated and brainwash weak minded people.
Kuro Usagi
Kuro Usagi Ay əvvəl
@BloxyPlayz2SubwaySurf he’s just counting sheep to go back to sleep so he continue to dream of Russian victory. Don’t be so hard on him.
BloxyPlayz2SubwaySurf Ay əvvəl
@Paul Bendikas Continue coping
Paul Bendikas
Paul Bendikas Ay əvvəl
🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑 🐏 🐑
arseface2k Ay əvvəl
@Francois Schrijvers europe has woken up to the fact that russia is not their friend.
Pop Pilman
Pop Pilman Ay əvvəl
Ukrainians are some of the most courageous warriors ever!
Frame352 Ay əvvəl
I stand with Ukraine 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦
Moises Hernandez
Moises Hernandez Ay əvvəl
Slava Ukraini!!! Geroim Slava!!!! 💛💙💛💙
luciano balaquit
luciano balaquit Ay əvvəl
Go go Ukraine good job!
rotrohan Ay əvvəl
Whole civilised world is with Ukraine.
리드 Ay əvvəl
And I don't think its bad for India, Southeast asia, Africa, Latin america and Central Asia to remain neutral I understand they need cheap russian gas
리드 Ay əvvəl
Putin is crazy right now The countries that support Russia are China, North korea, Iran, Syria, Belarus, Serbia Normal countries do not support Russia
NOw is gOd in youR LOvely Life
NOw is gOd in youR LOvely Life Ay əvvəl
Listen, prepare for January, February and March it'll be tense corona will come back with force, people sick can't heat. Riots and discontentment all over Europe. So another crisis is coming. The health system is almost collapsing because our leaders send money to war for weapons instead of health services. The numbers started to increase already. If it gets to become a wave of infection they'll lockdown again and more economic pain.
CaneofLoxley Ay əvvəl
@K Jensen it's not 100 years ago. Britain and US have never stopped spreading war oppression and exploitation (imperialism). Russia are no better or worse. The only hope is workers uniting across borders not fighting over the territory of our respective rulers /gangsters
Aadan Aadan
Aadan Aadan Ay əvvəl
@Ксенія♡укр well , any other language you speak it. I pointed out very painful points and memories, deal with it. You are so brainwashed to believe that you are the kings and queens of this world. Narcissism.
Jonah Bliss
Jonah Bliss Ay əvvəl
Sue Strong
Sue Strong Ay əvvəl
💕America and the UK stands beside Ukraine‼️🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧💙💛🙏
limboigah Ay əvvəl
Thank you for pronouncing Lyman correctly!
idang nasagac
idang nasagac Ay əvvəl
GOD BLESS UKRAINE 🙏🙏🙏💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛
Graham Griffiths
Graham Griffiths Ay əvvəl
Absolutely fantastic you deserve all the glory, keep it going guys you are ridding the scumbags from your territory
Engleză pentru Сonstructori
Engleză pentru Сonstructori Ay əvvəl
ridding the scumbags!
Sage 421
Sage 421 Ay əvvəl
God bless Ukraine
J. MAGOO Ay əvvəl
Brilliant Ukraine God Bless each and every Ukrainian
CriticallyObjective Ay əvvəl
Totally disappointed that the interviewer let him get away twice with the claim that Ukraine is the only country to have given up nuclear weapons. Come on!
Happy Hippo
Happy Hippo Ay əvvəl
The point is that from there you can hit very important logistic routes with HIMARS
Oussama Rahhab
Oussama Rahhab Ay əvvəl
Stay strong Ukraine and kick hard 💙💛
raja aqib
raja aqib Ay əvvəl
Ukrainian power❤❤❤❤❤
Kylie Storm Music & Art ©️
Kylie Storm Music & Art ©️ Ay əvvəl
Glory Peace Ukraine 🇺🇦
Paintball USA
Paintball USA Ay əvvəl
👏👏👏👍💪Slava Ukraine Forever ✊🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🙏🏻
TH Ay əvvəl
I am quite impressed by this Ukraine MP: very well spoken and intelligent.
simon men
simon men Ay əvvəl
Ukrine Army and people are hero.Salute to there bravery.💪👍
Jimmy Ohara
Jimmy Ohara Ay əvvəl
THEIR bravery. Not over there. seriously 😐
Deborah Briskie
Deborah Briskie Ay əvvəl
It's so scary... Why, do we allow few to make decisions for us all? It's crazy. Peace and love for the people and the planet. What will be left if nuclear weapons are used?