Trey Lance: ‘You’re getting a competitor, I’ll compete regardless of situation’ | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe ahead of tonight's NFL Draft. Lance is projected to be a Top-10 pick to a QB-needy team and explains why he's the best QB in this draft class.

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Trey Lance: ‘You’re getting a competitor, I’ll compete regardless of situation’ | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Ay əvvəl
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JusBee Channel
JusBee Channel Ay əvvəl
Who here after he got drafted
Urbain Delva
Urbain Delva 24 gün əvvəl
Great interview by Trey Lance. Really good guy. Rooting for the dude.
HurricaneStarang Ay əvvəl
I have this video saved
Paul zion singer
Paul zion singer Ay əvvəl
Kid is a total class act. Amazing only 20 years old with so much maturity.
Jakobe Nolando
Jakobe Nolando Ay əvvəl
Seeing his interviews before the draft I completely fell in love with this kid. I would've been so upset if my Niners didn't take him. It's so clear he's gonna be a superstar
Alonzo Mcdowell
Alonzo Mcdowell Ay əvvəl
He definitely nailed that interview, he's hired on the spot or before he makes it home.👍😂
Shawn Michael
Shawn Michael Ay əvvəl
Good kid but let’s not kid ourselves he prolly gonna bust. He played terrible teams, idk what you see in him except a strong arm cause anyone can be accurate against inferior competition.
Q Crew
Q Crew Ay əvvəl
Skip loves this guy
antilia vanish
antilia vanish Ay əvvəl
He is predictable, he'll run the ball 50 percent of the time.
allidoiswin9891 Ay əvvəl
He reminds me of Josh Freeman 😬
Miranda Rumi
Miranda Rumi Ay əvvəl
Good hard questions from Skip and Shannon, Trey managed all the questions very well. He is so mature for being only 20 y.o. I think he'll be a superstar sooner rather than later. Rooting for him, seems like a very nice, well brought up man with good characters. Wishing him the best and I think he's in the right place with the 49ers
David Holmes
David Holmes Ay əvvəl
"dad" home & football "trained" [ unMarried no children ] Skip-Sharpe drilled + Sermon + Thomas.. Shanahan knows what he's doing👍😎
Kadaafi_UT Ay əvvəl
Class act
LetUsReasonTogether Ay əvvəl
This is what happens when you have a solid family support system folks. Get married and have kids folks! ❤
sirsaracenknight Ay əvvəl
49ers are going to go 10-7 this season before Jimmy Garoppolo "mysteriously" dislocates his pinky finger in the wildcard game forcing Trey Lance to take over 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jovan Blackwell
Jovan Blackwell Ay əvvəl
This dude is the real deal I’m a fan
DemhA FDJH Ay əvvəl
He’s a good kid, And really Handsome, wish him a lot of luck.
Tobiah Soto
Tobiah Soto Ay əvvəl
I could see this being a Smith/Mahomes type situation for the upcoming season. The biggest knock on Lance, and it's a fair one, is that he only played one full season at the FCS level. By sitting him this year but having him play most the preseason, you help him adjust and essesentially give him a redshirt year. With an extra game added to the season, you could start him for one or two games against weaker competition. Then you trade Jimmy G away before the 2022 season and make Lance you're starter
Aaron Fennell-Chametzky
Aaron Fennell-Chametzky Ay əvvəl
Philly Roberstson
Philly Roberstson Ay əvvəl
He has nice comeback answers. Go 9ers
N B Ay əvvəl
This man reading off a script zzzz
MultiKushie Ay əvvəl
Lance knee the whole time lmao. Good job saving face
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis Ay əvvəl
Lance is gonna be fantastic at the next level
Ned Mononymous
Ned Mononymous Ay əvvəl
Get what Shanahan was saying about the guy coming across like a CEO. He aced this interview. Seems like an extremely well put together young man. Excited to watch him play for my niners.
CJA Ay əvvəl
This dude has so much social awareness and speaks with high intelligence. I know a lot of Niner fans wanted Fields bc he’s a dawg, but Lance just seems like a different breed. I believe he has the highest ceiling.
Loanword Eggcorn
Loanword Eggcorn Ay əvvəl
The word you may be thinking of is emotional intelligence. Self-awareness or mindfulness are similar concepts too.
mystic jay
mystic jay Ay əvvəl
This guy is gonna ball out on the 49ers
Sam Kenney
Sam Kenney Ay əvvəl
Deborah Linda
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Adela Faithfully
Adela Faithfully Ay əvvəl
Thank you Connie Murphy for everything you are doing for people 💕
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Frederick Darren
Frederick Darren Ay əvvəl
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Mason Rodriguez
Mason Rodriguez Ay əvvəl
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Tom Lit
Tom Lit Ay əvvəl
Sounds like a Parent teacher conference
mg19cal Ay əvvəl
Glad my 49ers took him instead of Mac Jones 👍👍👍
TryHard 999
TryHard 999 Ay əvvəl
Minnesota really be having a lot of talent in sports
SoSoPepp49 Ay əvvəl
Facts! And my squads are benefitting beautifully from it. 1st my Zags with Jalen Suggs, now Chet Holmgren, and now my 9ers getting Trey hahaaa, thanks Minne!
LevelElite Ay əvvəl
Welcome to the 49ers!!
G M Ay əvvəl
patreezzy Ay əvvəl
welcome to the niners trey! the bay area is your new home!
J Christopher
J Christopher Ay əvvəl
Antonio Garcia
Antonio Garcia Ay əvvəl
Notfrom Thisworld
Notfrom Thisworld Ay əvvəl
Star is born
David Mckenzie
David Mckenzie Ay əvvəl
Good kid
Dinky Ramirez
Dinky Ramirez Ay əvvəl
49ers 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 Trey To The Bay #6
Kevin Navas
Kevin Navas Ay əvvəl
Week five. ✅
Kendal Jackson
Kendal Jackson Ay əvvəl
Welcome to the bay🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾👑
jpiz224 Ay əvvəl
Congrats bro
Lorenzo Antonio
Lorenzo Antonio Ay əvvəl
Welcome to the Bay Mr. Trey!!
Keiwan Montana
Keiwan Montana Ay əvvəl
Hopes he has a good successful NFL career
Ninersallday 55
Ninersallday 55 Ay əvvəl
penoyer79 Ay əvvəl
good dude with elite talent and a high ceiling. he's got as good of a chance as anyone.
Bryson H
Bryson H Ay əvvəl
Skip the questions🤣
Jason Barnett
Jason Barnett Ay əvvəl
ThirstyFajita Ay əvvəl
Some great questions from shannon with some comparative duds from skip, cool to see.
Chris Fields
Chris Fields Ay əvvəl
Skip was gushing over Trey while he was talking.
Legit Dragon
Legit Dragon Ay əvvəl
Ok Skip Power Hour game, whenever he says: "I got it" "I told you from the start" "Tompa Bay"
Lars Rye Jeppesen
Lars Rye Jeppesen Ay əvvəl
",I was there"
Aaron Fennell-Chametzky
Aaron Fennell-Chametzky Ay əvvəl
“Impossibly great,” “never seen anything like it”
SPECK Ay əvvəl
Wilson and him best two qbs in draft and not even close the only two I would take this year pass on every other qb
Stevie G
Stevie G Ay əvvəl
Bears better trade down and pick somebody at Qb
Matthew Thomas-erwin
Matthew Thomas-erwin Ay əvvəl
Best qb in this class ! Biggest arm and torque on his throws and smoothest release ! 49ers going to get him over fields
Neji Ay əvvəl
Brought up dak…, i like him lol
Cato Mayne
Cato Mayne Ay əvvəl
Myleka Yates
Myleka Yates Ay əvvəl
I promise you hes going to be the best QB in this class..
Kerry Yang
Kerry Yang Ay əvvəl
Trey Lance deserve to be in nfl he got good personality he is explosive he got a throwing arm for sure and he can run if he needs to
M4 Snake
M4 Snake Ay əvvəl
I hope the football gods hear my prayers & get this kid drafted to the 49ers 🙏
derrick c
derrick c Ay əvvəl
Football Gods: You’re welcome, my child.
King T
King T Ay əvvəl
He's going to be good hopefully he goes to the 49ers
Wisest Owl
Wisest Owl Ay əvvəl
His humility reminds me of Lamar Jackson :)
Acerboy Ay əvvəl
Hope this brother as a great successful career. Just to do nothing against my Lions lol.
Nostalgia Corner
Nostalgia Corner Ay əvvəl
Can Skip just kiss him already 😂😂
Renialate ‍
Renialate ‍ Ay əvvəl
This is going to be an all-time great draft class, mark my words.
Russell Bradwell
Russell Bradwell Ay əvvəl
He is special he studies the game
Nostalgia Corner
Nostalgia Corner Ay əvvəl
Skip loves him 🤣
Cody Ay əvvəl
Pls Shanny
Frank Di Bugnara
Frank Di Bugnara Ay əvvəl
Why do I feel that both Skip and Shannon are not sure that Trey can play in the NFL what is there deal?
Nostalgia Corner
Nostalgia Corner Ay əvvəl
Says he is 2nd best qb in draft
Nostalgia Corner
Nostalgia Corner Ay əvvəl
Skip loves him
👀💯💪Trey 2 DA bay?
Kevin Schart
Kevin Schart Ay əvvəl
seems like a solid human
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain Ay əvvəl
"With the 3rd pick of the 2021 NFL draft, the San Francisco 49ers select *TREY* *LANCE.* Quarterback. North Dakota State University." He is moving like a Trey-mendous machine!
SoSoPepp49 Ay əvvəl
@Chris McDonald No you didn't. We got our guy!
Sur Ay əvvəl
Secretariat reference!
Chris McDonald
Chris McDonald Ay əvvəl
I really hope it’s Mac
GG Ay əvvəl
Did anybody else have to watchTrey Lance commercial before watching this video? lol AZshow ad algorithm is doing fine.
Mac P
Mac P Ay əvvəl
wish skip said "hey its skip" and trey replied him "who?!"
ethan78federico Ay əvvəl
Bro has the right answer for everything
Maxwell Ezonnaebi
Maxwell Ezonnaebi Ay əvvəl
That boy dodging answering questions like a plague!!! 😂😂😂😂
Sayan Andrews
Sayan Andrews Ay əvvəl
lmao he was prepared for skips prying questions
49 Lakers
49 Lakers Ay əvvəl
Box office! Let’s go 49ers!
Banthrall Ay əvvəl
please let my 49ers draft this guy he checks all the boxes to be a franchise QB something we desperately need
Ned Mononymous
Ned Mononymous Ay əvvəl
@Chris McDonald Only because he's got by far the lowest ceiling of any first round qb in this draft.
MJ Zoom
MJ Zoom Ay əvvəl
Wish granted lol
Chris McDonald
Chris McDonald Ay əvvəl
49er fans stay sleeping on Mac Jones
ramboE 1996
ramboE 1996 Ay əvvəl
Anybody else notice he shouted out Wentz? Bet skip hates trey now
WuTangFinancial Ay əvvəl
I’d take this dude over Zach Wilson or Mac Jones
MJ Zoom
MJ Zoom Ay əvvəl
I think Zach will be another Jets bust and Mac Jones will make a nice backup QB.
Miranda R
Miranda R Ay əvvəl
Roll Tide Roll!
KING VON Ay əvvəl
he's a better dak presott
Brandon Bielhy
Brandon Bielhy Ay əvvəl
Solid young dude...seems well-prepared and very self-aware. Rooting for him wherever he goes.
808bboarder Ay əvvəl
This NFL draft class will have some special talents. I think this is the best class in awhile
Nostalgia Corner
Nostalgia Corner Ay əvvəl
Yes it is
Salvador Perez
Salvador Perez Ay əvvəl
I just became a Trey Lance fan and I never seen him play
AS AN EAGLE FAN: I’m hoping we find a way to draft Tray, Surtain, Parsons and Jamarr Chase lol we need all of them
Black Mamba
Black Mamba Ay əvvəl
Yeah sure and while you're at it trade Jalen Hurts for Aaron Donald, Nick Bosa, Fred Warner, Darius Leonard, Quenton Nelson, Jaire Alexander, Derrick Henry, and Budda Baker. Right?
qwerty6801 Ay əvvəl
thats my future qb
Different Ay əvvəl
What a great guy
Adam Hahn
Adam Hahn Ay əvvəl
I like this guy. Hope hes a niner.
Daniel Tayong
Daniel Tayong Ay əvvəl
Trey Lance has a confident vibe
Tim Drake
Tim Drake Ay əvvəl
Don't mess this up 9ers. Lance or Fields.
Cody Kirschbaum
Cody Kirschbaum Ay əvvəl
Can't wait to see my guy play in the league! People were lying the whole time acting like he ain't ready for the NFL.. only until a day or so ago has he sky rocketed up the draft boards (again).
Diane Fobian
Diane Fobian Ay əvvəl
Our Best To You Trey Lance.🏈🏈💖🙏🏻💖🙏🏻 Please Pray That The NDSU BISON'S Win On Sunday.🙏🏻🏈 Keep #78 Jake In Your Prayers Too, He Was Injured During Practice. Thank You All.🏈🏈💖💖💖💖🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Natasha cutie pie
Natasha cutie pie Ay əvvəl
He definitely passes the Patriots rigorous Handsome QB test lol
Minato Namikaze
Minato Namikaze Ay əvvəl
@callmecatalyst 😂😂‼️💯
callmecatalyst Ay əvvəl
Have fun with Mac Jones lololol
Ryan Schuessler
Ryan Schuessler Ay əvvəl
Already a fan of this man! Dudes EXTREMELY intelligent, respectful, and driven, can’t ask for much more when choosing a franchise QB. Whichever team selects him, that organization will be good, guaranteed!
HarshTruth728 Ay əvvəl
Terrible answer tbh. Every man on the 53 roster is a competitier. It's like asking why should I let you join my swimming team and then saying bc I know how to swim. Like duh, of course. Not exactly a great sales pitch.
rounz1 Ay əvvəl
@Kishon Moore LOL! IKR? Everybody's a critic
NewbCT Ay əvvəl
Yeah but sometimes these guys are so talented that they are not fully invested into football and are not willing to put in the work to improve.
Kishon Moore
Kishon Moore Ay əvvəl
Then you go get drafted to be a NFL player and give ur own answer. 👍
I Want Iguodala
I Want Iguodala Ay əvvəl
Looks like Regis Prograis
I Want Iguodala
I Want Iguodala Ay əvvəl
The biggest plus for him imo is his film study habit. That is the most important thing in any sport
Fier The Great
Fier The Great Ay əvvəl
@Aplestamatos2 Yup... people assume that because they play QB that they do all of the intangibles at a high level. Having a film study habit on your own vs just studying film when required to.
David Ay əvvəl
@Skens Saintginat some of them are just natural talent. NFL is elite vs elite, a place where you have to do far beyond than just going out there and playing.
Aplestamatos2 Ay əvvəl
@Skens Saintginat u don’t know if all of them do or not ur just talking lmao. Jamarcus Russell was the #1 overall pick and never watched film so that’s just an ignorant statement
Skens Saintginat
Skens Saintginat Ay əvvəl
The top 5 QBs in the draft has that habit, or else they wouldn't be as successful as they are.
Ted Graham
Ted Graham Ay əvvəl
I’m jus happy the 49ers can pick up a qb that can help us win. Jimmy is good but not great and will be a great backup or maybe better suited for another team
Ted Graham
Ted Graham Ay əvvəl
@Erik Dayne exactly, Jimmy reminds of alex smith. both talented, but injuries and being good but not great keeps them off the field.
Erik Dayne
Erik Dayne Ay əvvəl
@Ted Graham he’s certainly talented enough to be a back up, and I’m sure there are some teams he could start for, the problem is can he stay healthy
Ted Graham
Ted Graham Ay əvvəl
@Erik Dayne I agree about the money but , I’m just really speaking of talent.
Erik Dayne
Erik Dayne Ay əvvəl
He’s too expensive to be a back up. Rosen can be the back up for far cheaper and they can use Jimmy’s cap space to re-sign Fred Warner or Nick Bosa.
Matthew Galloway
Matthew Galloway Ay əvvəl
Trey Lance is the second best QB in this class. He’ll be a great player
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