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Fight Child Abuse

Fight Child Abuse

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This animated short film project of the Barbara Sinatra Children's Center Foundation was produced in collaboration with Wonder Media and the Joshua Center at the University of Washington. Directed by Ryan Cannon.
"are you okay?" was named 2021 Best Animated Short at the Los Angeles One-Reeler Film Festival.
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Rob DAT BOI Il əvvəl
This girl is so talented she literally draws more realistic than her actual reality
Scarlet Web
Scarlet Web 20 gün əvvəl
This girl is an artistic genius
Mephisto_Lover Love
Mephisto_Lover Love 21 gün əvvəl
i was trying to draw that drawing
sunflower! Ay əvvəl
The Abyss
The Abyss Ay əvvəl
haha hold
Judea Hallal
Judea Hallal Ay əvvəl
THANK you like so real
DoggoPlays 2 ay əvvəl
Honestly, the "Are you ok" Can literally make a person's day. Everyone has problems, so noticing others is the best. I am left alone in school, and nobody tells me if I'm ok or not. Nobody notices I'm alive. Then 2 people came to me and asked "Are you ok" it changed my life completely. I am still lonely, but that boosted my motivation
Loveasy journaling
Loveasy journaling 14 gün əvvəl
@*P E R S O N * I hope you are ok❤️🥹❤️‍🩹 We are all created differently. And no one is more valiuable than others when it comes to human life. Don`t let anyone make you believe that you are not worthy! If you would take a lil advice; write a journal, and if there is any danger that someone sees it, then color-code for example a symbol for each day in the color of your emotions that day. I am very isolated too. And what I do is to make my own (blank) journals into monthly and weekly sort of trackers and logs as well as writing things I want to learn, goals etc. I make videos on YT too. And I try very hard to spread the message of being kind to eachother. I have just scetched the set up for August, and will try my best to film and post it today. And I will definately try my best to include in my VoiceOver the importance of keeping the schools safe and to speak up about that it is not ok to make people feel invisible. And it is thanks to you and the one who you answered to the comment that I will highlight this in my video today. I really do hope things will be a lot better soon. Idk where in the world you are from, but lots of love from me (in Norway) to you ❤️🤍💙🤍❤️🥰🥰
*P E R S O N *
*P E R S O N * 15 gün əvvəl
That happened with me too! I used to sit alone at lunch and sit alone. I felt that it would stay like that for the rest of the year.. but then i was crying and a girl at lunch asked “why are you crying?” I honestly was embarrassed but I was greatful for her doing that because the next few days I had more friends :) But now i feel like I’m just ignored every time I come to them. But at least I feel better right?
Kiuna Cox
Kiuna Cox 3 ay əvvəl
I love this short film. Literally all it takes is to have one person ask you, "are you okay". This touched my heart so much and I was in tears. I was bullied from middle school to high school, and I felt like no one cared. Until I had someone ask me the same question and I told them everything about me being bullied. No one knows what others are going through, so it just takes one person to ask that question and knowing that person cares mean everything.
ur_momz_lice 2 ay əvvəl
@Joshua Sebsebe uhm- in the film? My apologies friend, I'm afraid I don't know what vice principal you are talking about, but I don't know anything about the voice actors for this film. 😅
Joshua Sebsebe
Joshua Sebsebe 2 ay əvvəl
@ur_momz_lice is the principle voiced by Kari wahlgren?
ur_momz_lice 3 ay əvvəl
Honestly, just someone genuinely feeling empathy for you is amazing, it make one feel important, and loved wouldn't know from experience though 🥴
Eric Black
Eric Black 3 ay əvvəl
I've always felt that just a little bit of kindness can change someone's entire world. It doesn't even have to be that big. Compliment something that they wear, express a similar interest, hand a pencil back to them that they've dropped. Just about anything. Even an awkward conversation like the ending of this video can be the final push for one or both sides to seek help. And don't just be kind to those who "look" upset. Some of the saddest people are capable of hiding it extremely well. Be kind to everyone. You have absolutely no idea what the other person is going through, and maybe you don't need to. People have the power to make the world better for everyone, even if only for fleeting moments. Sometimes those moments are the ones that stops sometime from pulling a trigger.
destinyRB Ay əvvəl
Thanks for your very true and important words. They really lifted me up right now. 🥰
Kysa_uwu 3 ay əvvəl
1:35 I feel very identified with her at this point in the story, especially because it happened to me. I spent three years suffering from bullying at my high school and they never gave me a solution no matter how much I said it. In those three years I had a state of depression that I should not have passed. The worst thing is that they told me exactly the same thing as her and to this day they still do not keep her promise with other students. It's a great animation by the way, I loved it.
phasroy Il əvvəl
one of the best parts of this is that they didn't insinuate any romance between raquelle and noah.
VanoVan_25 2 gün əvvəl
@kayla hensley Exactly
kayla hensley
kayla hensley 2 gün əvvəl
@VanoVan_25 It’s for the viewer to decide. I like to think they’re just friends in high school and maybe more when they’re adults.
Adorable Adory
Adorable Adory 6 gün əvvəl
@ghostlylilacs YEP
Rafael Correa
Rafael Correa 10 gün əvvəl
Yeah, they can be friends, a couple, best friends, it doesn't really matter and it doesn't to be always a couple just because two have something in common
maayan 26 gün əvvəl
I love the realism of this film. especially the part when the staff told Raquelle that “sadly” they can’t do anything because they dont own the internet. Schools often push aside bullying even though they say they do the best they can to stop it. To incorporate that detail into the video is really smart.
Purpleblanket 4 gün əvvəl
YES THEY COULD. Those were their students!
FearlessInTheShadows 3 ay əvvəl
4:16 honestly? I need to know what music they used in this. In all seriousness, this was beautifully made and incredibly accurate to how even I feel sometimes. The music was chilling at times and it broke my heart to see this the first time through it, but it's true that this happens all the time. Great work! This deserves more than one award.
VERTEX 18 gün əvvəl
@FearlessInTheShadows yeah but I’d rather listen to the tugs theme song loom it up it’s basically this music but more powerful give it a listen
FearlessInTheShadows 3 ay əvvəl
@Grand Cannon got it, thanks!
Grand Cannon
Grand Cannon 3 ay əvvəl
All original music by the very talented Alexander Taylor!!!
Sean Tate
Sean Tate 2 ay əvvəl
This was done really well! Growing up as a shy quiet artist myself who did experience being picked on in middle school I can so relate to this LOL. I always take to the individuals who are considered different even in my youth!
sadesio 2 ay əvvəl
When I was bullied my mother said to ignore them. It quickly got worse. My bully even started rumours about me. Then my sister helped out and I am grateful about it.
Adaobi Il əvvəl
The worst thing is that bullies forget what they did. They'll never realise what how awful they were and they'll never apologise because in their eyes they were angels.
Martha Gilbert
Martha Gilbert Gün əvvəl
Can't they ever wake up?!
Celestia Lantis
Celestia Lantis 7 gün əvvəl
@Slavoid ꙮ ꙮ ꙮ you do know that sometimes they stronger then their oppoment but never meant to show their powers
justlivinglife ✌🏾
justlivinglife ✌🏾 7 gün əvvəl
yeah ikr? Some people are saying the solution is just beating harder but like that won't really accomplish much. Fighting violence woth violence that is. If your the type of person who feels they need to step on others to get ahead or to feel better, thats you. But not everyone is so quick and ready to beat the mess out of another human being. Especially when they know how terrible it feels. I'd rather keep my moral compass intact than do that you know😅.
justlivinglife ✌🏾
justlivinglife ✌🏾 7 gün əvvəl
@Karlathings right? If I was given a chance at a superpower that sounds like a good one to me🙄. So at least a few less people out there will have such scars you know😏😁
justlivinglife ✌🏾
justlivinglife ✌🏾 7 gün əvvəl
@peatama oof, I feel that pain. Somehow it really hurts when literally everyone even the people you thought were close to you don't care about you or what you went through. And then somehow you'll be being "overdramatic", if you bring it up again or express how and why it hurt you😑
Triverr 2 ay əvvəl
As someone who both witnessed and experienced bullying, this teaches an important lesson.... _'Pain shared is pain halved'_
Adorvus 2 ay əvvəl
Whenever someone says "are you okay?" When I'm sad I just burst out crying. Those words make me cry even more then I already am.
-[P͎a͎s͎t͎e͎l͎]-x-[𝚂𝚊𝚗𝚜]➛ 3 ay əvvəl
I was bullied too, at the start of high school, three years later and the adults did nothing to stop it, even after many complaints, nothing changed, it got so bad to the point where someone put face paint on my face without asking me and said it was “an improvement” and then ran off with my bag, even after the teacher had saw everything she had done nothing to stop it, if we can’t trust the people who are meant to help us in a supposedly safe environment, who can we really trust? It’s been a year, I’m moving schools because the bullying got so bad, but now that I’m finally gone *Now* the staff chooses to do something by giving “bullying classes,” it really shows that it doesn’t matter what happens to the victim until it effects the higher ups, tomorrow is my first day at school, wish me luck- and don’t wait until you have something to prove you are being bullied, your feeling should always matter. Stay safe out there everyone.
meganm 2 ay əvvəl
“Come to Me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” -Jesus Matthew 11:28 I wish anyone who is going through this all the best. I am so sorry you have to deal with this, but it gets better. So keep your heads up and never give up ❤️
potats 3 gün əvvəl
This isn't the place to advertise religion
Mistress Miska
Mistress Miska 7 ay əvvəl
‘’We take bullying very seriously’’ **does absolutely nothing to help** Honestly that was the most realistic part.
Nick 13 gün əvvəl
@Rainbow Cat they shouldn't have to go to her again. Further, when the girl went to her she was ALREADY aware it was an issue and was still doing nothing. And even when she did do something it was only to treat injuries and do absolutely nothing to stop what continues to cause them.
Rainbow Cat
Rainbow Cat 13 gün əvvəl
did you look at the drawings at the ned of the video? the two went to the principal again and the principal started to help the others.
Nick 16 gün əvvəl
Cannot like enough times.
trumpet12345 23 gün əvvəl
I recommend anyone truly bullied to gauge the situation. Often it is not one simply to submit a single complaint or fight a single fight. The most destructive bully we had in my year of high school targeted nearly everyone with precision. He knew as a jock to escape the eyes of those that watched him. He changed targets to enable himself. I remained "passive" but with complete documentation of every event he did that I witnessed - to myself and not. I readied the backing of a firm of lawyers that were thirsty if the school didn't act. The person might has well has his balls chopped off after my lengthy report. I suffered too, but never flinched - or raised a fist. Violence is the last choice.
Starfull The NightWing
Starfull The NightWing 2 ay əvvəl
So the moral of the story is: Everyone is a human being even if we are fat, skinny,mean or nice or even dark or light skin color does not matter what matters is they are human
m3hkiath3diza👾🤖 2 ay əvvəl
THIS is why I always ask others “are you okay?”. Whether I know you or not, if your in my classes, or your just a kid passing through the hall. I know that feeling when everything in your life is just absolute rock-bottom and being asked that one question saved me my peace at mind. Sometimes we don’t always have everything going according to plan. We go through drastic changes, we meet people who treat us like we’re worthless, we witness and experience things that take away our innocence. It is apart of growing up however what also should be apart of growing up is HEALING FROM TRAUMA. Trauma is that gut-wrenching, absolute jaw-dropper Moment everyone experiences. When we look back on it, we do nothing but react the same way we did when we were younger. Going a little off topic, but please ask your friends, your classmates, your teachers, your family if they are okay. If you are not, there are SOO many resources out there for you. I hope everyone is doing well, and if your not feel free to get it off your chest. God bless everyone, I love y’all. 💕💕
Lich Dandy
Lich Dandy 3 ay əvvəl
Wow, I have such an opposite feeling as her dad. Social media only really took off when I was in college. I can't imagine what a scary nightmare it must be to try to get through middle and high school with phones being everyone, the internet being so available and so personal. People have so many avenues to go after someone- it must be terrible.
Amber Fryer
Amber Fryer 2 ay əvvəl
This is the most uplifting thing i’ve seen after all the depression and violence I’ve seen in recent months. Thank you!
Beardy McShades
Beardy McShades Il əvvəl
"We take bullying very seriously" was the biggest lie we were ever told by the school system growing up. Addendum: I wasn't saying this to garner attention or internet clout, but I appreciate the likes and the fact that everyone has decided to weigh in on this topic. It's a cruel world out there, but I hope everyone makes it. You only have one life to live, so grow up big and strong and maybe one day we can all come together and make public schools safer places for our own children to learn.
•DIAMONDS •💎 3 ay əvvəl
i have to agree the fact that school thinks they take bullying seriously is joke now days . i been bullied, called names and slur words, and they also say something bad about my religion. i defend my self and almost got suspended. dont to bullied they're just mean people, but sometimes we got live reality of bullying of every day life.
Austin Pelayo
Austin Pelayo 3 ay əvvəl
Austin Pelayo
Austin Pelayo 3 ay əvvəl
Key, to fight this. Confidence.
8soul wolf
8soul wolf 3 ay əvvəl
I beat my bullies and got branded the bully how is that fair when they cornered and I couldn’t call for help when a teacher saw they just walked on by but the moment they saw me lose control and fight back then they noticed some teachers even accused me of lying to get attention
Fax Machine
Fax Machine 3 ay əvvəl
"We take bullying seriously" Isnt seen again. I think that is the most accurate part of this while thing.
Anais Healy
Anais Healy 2 ay əvvəl
This film was so beautifully put together. Bravo!
Chez 3 ay əvvəl
Love it, the small acts of kindness can really go a long way to lifting someone’s spirit and making their day better. I was severely bullied throughout school and had no confidence to fight back. I tell my daughter now that bullies have their own issues and are simply projecting, what they say about her is not true and she is lovely as she is. Unfortunately there will always be bullies, but the key is not allowing them to have power over you, to have faith in yourself that you are the better person and it’s also probably best to come off the social media or anonymously block them online so you don’t see their post about you.
chubs gcf
chubs gcf 2 ay əvvəl
i remember when someone asked if i was okay. i cried reading their message, even though i said i was fine. i didnt want to burden them, and just by asking they made me feel just a tad bit better.
Mr.STAR4567 3 ay əvvəl
I LOVED THIS! This describes what kids go through SO accurately. It's the DEFINITION of smooth animation. I don't know how to describe how much I loved it.
Geeoh Il əvvəl
the best part about this was the accurate portrayal of most adults not doing anything at all to curb the issue
Foggy Hollow
Foggy Hollow 2 ay əvvəl
I’m in your basement 😀
I’m in your basement 😀 2 ay əvvəl
@JOOSEBOX at least 1 adult cares, better than 0
Ulambayar U
Ulambayar U 2 ay əvvəl
Samuel Ramos
Samuel Ramos 2 ay əvvəl
Idiotic._.LocalTrash 2 ay əvvəl
@Gracekim23 nope
simone Naidoo
simone Naidoo 3 ay əvvəl
I love how the video is not just about bullying but, how it makes you feel. And how you feel like you're drowning in sadness but the simple thing that make's such a big difference is asking that 3 worded question " are you ok? ".🙁😣
chubs gcf
chubs gcf 2 ay əvvəl
i remember when someone asked if i was okay. i cried reading their message, even though i said i was fine. i didnt want to burden them, and just by asking they made me feel just a tad bit better.
Shekhar Choudhary
Shekhar Choudhary 3 ay əvvəl
No, I'm not okay. Thank you for this beautiful masterpiece ❤️
Ryu Hanja
Ryu Hanja 2 ay əvvəl
I remember when there was bullying at my school similar to this and it’s hard to do anything which matters, you try to stand up to them you get picked on for not being an asshole. If you tell a teacher you are a snitch. In the end the way I stood up for my friend who was being bullied was by knocking them out on his behalf. At least that kept them quiet.
br_dlee Il əvvəl
This is one of the most realistic anti-bullying ads I've ever seen. It didn't end with 'every realized how cool we are and stopped bullying us!' or 'we used the power of our CLOSE friendship to save the day' These two characters hardly know each other, but they do /know/ and have /seen/ what they're going through. Just knowing someone will ask you if you're okay and knowing people care is irreplaceable. Along with having a support system where someone actually understands. Absolutely incredible short film.
Scarlet Web
Scarlet Web 20 gün əvvəl
Daniel Gocan
Daniel Gocan 2 ay əvvəl
Daniel Gocan
Daniel Gocan 2 ay əvvəl
Aaron Faggo
Aaron Faggo 3 ay əvvəl
This is such bullshit, lmao.
hope your day goes well
hope your day goes well Il əvvəl
•B€au Br€ad•
•B€au Br€ad• Ay əvvəl
“And that’s how I met your mother” Literally, this need to be taught at school just like parents say “just ignore them” school says that too.
N3RDYG0GGLES Gün əvvəl
Absolutely LOVE this. And honestly this sort of thing is why I’ve never respected the “don’t snitch” attitude for everything. There’s betraying someone sure, but demonising people for “snitching” when it’s something really important or when the culprits are causing someone genuine harm, is just abusive/toxic people’s way of trying to manipulate everyone into letting them get away with it. “You told them what I did and it rightfully got me in trouble, but that makes YOU the bad person”. It’s pathetic and wrong.
Krish Mohile
Krish Mohile 4 ay əvvəl
Damn the topic they chose And the animation everything was just perfect And this is An important video for those who are facing bullying problems
LightningThunder 4 ay əvvəl
This was so beautiful. Tbh I'm grateful smartphones with cameras weren't a thing when I was in school, it could potentially be even worse now as this video shows. This should be mandatory viewing in all schools.
Fake Laminated
Fake Laminated Il əvvəl
The way people talk on the social media is actually accurate in this animation.
Cheesykitkat 12 gün əvvəl
Scarlet Web
Scarlet Web 20 gün əvvəl
Hey are you okay
computer computer
computer computer 4 ay əvvəl
@Fake Laminated Yeah
computer computer
computer computer 4 ay əvvəl
@Sonic exe Spirits of heaven Try to be good
computer computer
computer computer 4 ay əvvəl
@Dove Man Always be good
Claire Ribeiro
Claire Ribeiro 2 ay əvvəl
I can relate to this short film so much. I get bullied for being quiet but I just try ignoring and its works pretty well but sometimes they can take it a bot too far with me and some other kids. Sadly they do not understand that they are hurting peopled feelings and making them feel so bad inside that they fell like self harming themselves or worse that why most people ask you " Are you ok?" Do not get me wrong hearing those words make me fell that I can tell them anything but sometimes it just makes me wanna cry.
justlivinglife ✌🏾
justlivinglife ✌🏾 7 gün əvvəl
Exactly. And when she cried after hearing him say that, that's what made it so relatable to me. Because whether it makes you feel good or bad sometimes when you hear that.. you just want to cry for some reason...
Vortte Vorvor
Vortte Vorvor 2 ay əvvəl
Im sorry they bully you. Theres nothing wrong with you as a person. Youre beautiful, you're great. You're perfect.But you might not see that yourself. Bullies sense when ppl are insecure. They want to feel less insecure by making others even more insecure. So yes,act like it doesnt bother you or ignore them. Or even laugh and walk away. I know it still hurts but theyll stop. You matter, dont forget that, ever💜
Dee Palmer
Dee Palmer 2 ay əvvəl
I wish there was this much education & support when I was a kid. I’m in my 60s, and still bullied today. It’s not just children who get bullied. Unfortunately Older people do too.
•SuperPusheenicorn•Moon•🍪🌙 21 gün əvvəl
Even though I don’t get bullied, this animation was amazingly made that it made me understand how it feels like. It looks horrible. I’m truly very sorry for everyone out there who gets bullied. I hope things get better for you
Alice Huijbregts
Alice Huijbregts 4 ay əvvəl
So beautiful. I cried so much during the last third. Really captured this generation well.
Luggan Il əvvəl
In some schools it's like this: Kid: *gets bullied* School: hm, okay. Kid: *commits suicide* School: :O
Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
Chris Pirillo Is Eboola Ay əvvəl
lmao delusional. What do you want the schools to do exactly? Sift thru the comments on each Instagram account and page making fun of someone? Bc off schools grounds you can do what you want that isn't illegal
SophieCatIsBack Ay əvvəl
*”Oh no! Anyways-“*
jack daniels
jack daniels 2 ay əvvəl
In other schools Kids: get bullied School:idgaf Kid:stands up to bully/bullies School:call the cops 👮‍♂️
Leina Abdelaal
Leina Abdelaal 4 ay əvvəl
This is a very beautiful and comforting message, thank you so much for this art❤
Ash the Artist
Ash the Artist 2 ay əvvəl
this really does show how just asking someone if theyre okay and if they need help can really effect them. it also shows how bullying can also really effect people. it sucks that people still think its funny to make fun of people.
JNeal134 3 ay əvvəl
In middle school I bullied others out of my insecurities for fear of being bullied myself, and now I feel true remorse towards those I harmed. 😔 I hope many other former bullies are the same, not just forgetting the pain you may have inflicted, and especially not flaunting it.
Scarlet Web
Scarlet Web 20 gün əvvəl
Me too 😔😔😔😔😭😭😭😭
MewMew012 26 gün əvvəl
As someone who always has to be strong in front of others even when I'm under pressure or feel like I'm going to break, hearing someone ask "Are you okay?" usually tips me over the edge. It's difficult to explain why but I feel *bad* when someone is worried about me, which upsets me on top of already being stressed. This is how I've felt my whole life and I'm 28 now.
Stray Il əvvəl
"We don't tolerate bullying", one of the biggest lies told in schools. edit: I completely agree with everyone replying, it really isnt a problem until the victim defends themselves, then the school starts punishing the victim. my best advice would be to fight back though even still, if you cant since you are too weak, try working out so you can, its what I did and its working quite well.
Mayela 3 ay əvvəl
fr the biggest lie
AmazingGrace 3 ay əvvəl
Jesus loves you, you are never alone and you are loved. If you need someone to talk to, talk to Jesus. He wants to listen :) I hope you are doing okay :)🤍
cupcake QUEEN2
cupcake QUEEN2 3 ay əvvəl
My dad tells me if someone is mean to me beat them up and if I get in trouble he would deal with it. Btw I'm in 7th grade.
Yahweh is God and Yeshua is King..i am renee
Yahweh is God and Yeshua is King..i am renee 3 ay əvvəl
and this is y the victim either commits suicide or gets violent...cuz at that point they feel like they have to end it themselves in some way
Delta 76
Delta 76 3 ay əvvəl
To be fair, how are they supposed to know? Most teachers don't use social media, and kids certainly won't tell them. Sick of hearing that it's the school's fault.
nghtblccd 2 ay əvvəl
I'll forever feel guilty, bc there was this boy in another class who got bullied a lot, like from several people. I never talked to him, never asked him if he is okay. I did tell the others to stop it when they were doing it next to me (they were not my friends or anything), but I never did more than that and I think it will forever haunt me. I hope he is doing okay now... he was just quiet, that was all... didn't deserve any of it.
Sad Bean
Sad Bean Ay əvvəl
all it takes to heal a person from this toxic stuff on the internet- is one real and best friend that understands you no matter what
Andrea Palacios
Andrea Palacios 2 ay əvvəl
This made me cry because well i was bullied from 4-9 and i'm still hurt by the words they said. this shows that when your being bullied you drone yourself in self hate, but when the you find people who keep you away from those thoughts you ignore it. I believe this also shows what a true friend is. Thank you to everyone who made this you are all such an inspiration and remember you are amazing,important and those haters wouldn't say it your face :)
Genova Jurado
Genova Jurado 3 ay əvvəl
It's good that someone is always there when you're feeling bad, when you're alone or feel lonely, you just think "it shouldn't exist anymore"
As someone who was (and still is) a victim of bullying, I would just like to thank you.
Derik Chauvin
Derik Chauvin 2 ay əvvəl
Toughen up mate, Jesus, is it that hard?
João. 3.16
@ryoba aishi João. 3.16
Alliana Ali
Alliana Ali 4 ay əvvəl
same ik how u feel 😓😔😞
Mochaplays 4 ay əvvəl
I hope things get better for you very soon!
Animating Hufflepuff
Animating Hufflepuff 3 ay əvvəl
5:11 The really sad part is… a lot of the time the answer is just “yeah i’m fine” and the story just ends there.
Rather StayHidden
Rather StayHidden Ay əvvəl
My school played this and the principle gave an "emotional speech" about how we need to love and care for each other whilst not doing anything about the bullying happening on school campus, lmao.
poshboganchild 2 ay əvvəl
great message, very engaging and all around great short film. Schools should showcase this film for students, great job.
Caleb Cresse
Caleb Cresse 3 ay əvvəl
This is a really good short. Hy can't more people learn from it? I know I did.
ThatOneGuy Il əvvəl
The sad thing is most adults say “Tell someone if your being bullied” but yet when you seek help they tell you it’s nothing. Yooo 3k likes tysm! Also to anyone who’s been bullied, hang in there. Being bullied sucks but it will get better!! (• ◡•)
Foxychan Ay əvvəl
Yea it’s getting better being bulled
Derik Chauvin
Derik Chauvin 2 ay əvvəl
Toughen up mate.
LuckryeTV Il əvvəl
> The sad thing is most adults say “Tell someone if your being bullied” but yet when you seek help they tell you it’s nothing. > OMGMHGMGN 3K LIKES!!1!!!
Tut Sebhatu
Tut Sebhatu Il əvvəl
Easy Star
Easy Star Il əvvəl
@Miko Makowski I am sorry to the
PossiblyTypical NB
PossiblyTypical NB 9 gün əvvəl
Lovely film. It’s interesting what going through bullying without a support network can do to you, and how utterly useless people can be when you need help.
Roxas Gamgam
Roxas Gamgam 3 ay əvvəl
Her drawings are 5 times more pretty than the actual world she's living in
Cyn R. D.
Cyn R. D. 9 gün əvvəl
How am I a year late with this? This is so amazing. I absolutely love the artwork and I am doing my best not to cry after watching this.
Lara Yasser
Lara Yasser 2 ay əvvəl
I loved how the suicide/depression was depicted in the form of something that built up over time in which you drowned in.
Splitspark Il əvvəl
I love the symbolism of the purple jelly. Like jelly, the hurtful words bullies say follow you around and cling to you until you can barely move. But when you find someone who cares and you can relate to and when you stick up for yourself and others, it's like your washing that jelly away and walking away clean.
Dylan 14 gün əvvəl
JELLY? I thought it was supposed to be poison goo
Oh Okay
Oh Okay Il əvvəl
@King Cyclops I go to my therapist and she just tells me to eat all the jelly. Problem Solved
kylie outit
kylie outit Il əvvəl
eat the jelly 🗿
0 Il əvvəl
iiheartaddyy Il əvvəl
@King Cyclops LMFAO
no one
no one Ay əvvəl
This reminded me of a situation where a teacher said my name wrong and I had to correct it. Everyone in the class heard what the teacher said, and after the class one girl looked me in the eye but spoke to a friend and said "If I had been that guy, I would have killed myself." That situation made me feel like I was nothing and when I told my parents, they just said it was just harmless.
Caarts by nerd
Caarts by nerd 22 gün əvvəl
Isso é tão necessário de assistir, queria que tivesse legenda em português
gWarrior 0303
gWarrior 0303 13 gün əvvəl
So many people never realize the impact some words can have. I remember some years back, we had a little work party. I work at a little local store and my mom works there too so she's how I got the job. The adults had a tiny bit to drink and such and we all hung out. I evidently texted one of my coworkers after we all left asking if she got home okay. Honestly, I don't even remember doing it, but my mom came and told me later in private that me simply asking that question had a big impact on our coworker. Apparently she had a little bit of a problem with drinking, and she had two little girls of her own at home, and when I had asked that question it pushed her to get her stuff together and not drink as much as she had been anymore. It's crazy how much something that may have been small to you was so huge to somebody else.
Vanessa Fernandes
Vanessa Fernandes 3 ay əvvəl
This animation was beautiful ;) I love the art style and how a couple words can mean a lot
Lina Il əvvəl
The worst advice you can get being bullied is "just ignore them"
Guido Mista 🔫
Guido Mista 🔫 3 ay əvvəl
My sister one time got thrown to the ground and was getting hit and so she fought back. My sister got suspended and the other girl nothing happened to her, there was video proof and everything and when she asked what she did wrong our vice principal just said “you should’ve just walked away”
The Noble One
The Noble One 3 ay əvvəl
Best advice: 👊 🤬
Ryan Douglas
Ryan Douglas 3 ay əvvəl
besides like ya know fight the person
Lyriumstone Lady Delirium
Lyriumstone Lady Delirium 4 ay əvvəl
@ZonyDragon yeah it definitely doesn't stop
Kim Bop Balls Betta Ligma Balls
Kim Bop Balls Betta Ligma Balls 4 ay əvvəl
@Lyriumstone Lady Delirium basically ignoring but with a special meaning to u and that's fine and that's what we should encourage it's fine to ignore people who dont treat u with respect
Maryam Abubakar
Maryam Abubakar 3 ay əvvəl
“Don’t let them get to you”. It would hurt even more for a child to be tolerating bullying and up of that a parent being careless and not serious bout it…It’s kinda weird how some high schools or schools have bullies but bully teachers, I’ve seen a teacher body shaming a student, but it was kinda supportive of the students to not take it as a joke and have the literacy to not laugh and encourage poor jokes, it’s a shame to even call it a joke..
WH1T3M4N 3 ay əvvəl
A few girls were picking me a few days ago, I always told myself to stay strong when somebody bullies me. I always standed by that. The girls would take my shoes and fill them with dirt, they would stuff the dirt in my hood and shirt, they kept on doing this several times. Until I couldn't handle it anymore. I felt humiliated, I couldn't help but cry. So I ran away, at that point i cried myself to sleep because I felt i was weak and a coward for running away.
water guy
water guy 2 ay əvvəl
i would do anything to go back in time and stand up for this one quiet girl in my class. probably one of my biggest regrets. i think about it every now and then. i hope she's okay
Ben MacCarty
Ben MacCarty 3 ay əvvəl
"Just ignore them." seems to be the advice many people give. While well-intentioned (I hope), it's lazy and pacifying. We are so afraid of conflict in this society that we internalize it and let it out on ourselves or in the form of anonymous trolling. So I don't give that advice...not in that way anyway. Just like almost everyone, I remember what it was like to feel less than others; to feel unworthy. I was so sure I knew what everyone else thought about me because I thought that way and I had expectations of how people would treat me if they really liked me. The thing was that I had no idea what anyone else was thinking. Maybe I was right about some, but wrong about others. I also isolated myself hoping that people would notice me, which is kind of like hoping to be seen by wearing camoflage in the dark woods. I grew up and I realized that I has spent far too long and missed out on far too much by worrying about others. I let their opinions (real and the ones I made for them in my head) paralyze me. Eventually I learned to do things that I enjoy because I enjoy and because of that enjoyment, people would want to join me. My advice I give my kids is to find something that makes them happy; something in which they find value and fulfillment. Devote yourself to that and become good at it and know that you are good at it. It will give you confidence. When you have that, you won't need to ignore bullies, because you won't care what they say or do. If they are persistant, confront them. Ask them "What about me bothers you and why?" It may sound harsh, but if you want respect, you have to be worthy of it and you can only achieve that through hard work and confidence. Nobody will value you until you do. If you want to be special, make yourself special (and not by re-inventing and making up what is actually special by the way). Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm not helping my kids with that advice. But ignoring and fading into the background only made things worse for me. If I can spare my kids that pain (minimal as it may have been for me in perspective) of worrying about the thoughts of others, and teach them to how to focus on being smarter, stronger, more creative, more ambitious, then I will have done right by them.
Bread Loaf
Bread Loaf Il əvvəl
the most realistic thing about this is that the teacher said they take bullying seriously at this school and proceeded to do nothing
Kathakoli Bhattacharya
Kathakoli Bhattacharya 6 ay əvvəl
Ikr!! So true!
𝔅𝔯𝔦𝔞𝔫𝔫𝔞 𝔒𝔵𝔣𝔬𝔯𝔡
𝔅𝔯𝔦𝔞𝔫𝔫𝔞 𝔒𝔵𝔣𝔬𝔯𝔡 6 ay əvvəl
melove 7 ay əvvəl
And act like nothing happened
Tatiana Legolas
Tatiana Legolas 7 ay əvvəl
Exactly. That's how it always is.
bubble bfdi
bubble bfdi 7 ay əvvəl
harbingerofevil 3 ay əvvəl
awesome, just awesome. And you get the message for the bullied and those who can help by showing empathy which is a kind of caring.
Sneha Singh
Sneha Singh Ay əvvəl
I'm still not aware about this, but it was fantastic. And if I ever get into this situation I will 💯 absolutely use it.
Squirele-RS _YT
Squirele-RS _YT Ay əvvəl
Awe I love this and I hope that all the bullies watching this learn this lesson! Since we don’t go to school to get bullied
siegheart 18 gün əvvəl
a very moving animation, it really gets the message going. I hope others are inspired by it.
gr1mmers Il əvvəl
i like that the language they use for the teenagers is actually pretty realistic and not some cheesy or cringey stuff
Guzmán Jaider
Guzmán Jaider Ay əvvəl
Anna Aloha
Anna Aloha Ay əvvəl
@Derik Chauvin how
Derik Chauvin
Derik Chauvin Ay əvvəl
This video is cringe asz
darkbudgie25 E
darkbudgie25 E 4 ay əvvəl
i will agree
-Lilla Conte ♪
-Lilla Conte ♪ 3 ay əvvəl
This is terribly accurate. I can tell by my experience. People these days only care about themselves and their well-being. If someone disagrees with them, they'll never like you anymore. I don't fully support LGBTQ+, since I'm Christian and a person with a personal point of view. But I've never done anything to someone from the community, and my friends knew that. But just posting status about liking an lgbtq couple was enough to make them hate me forever. They won't even look at me, they make fun of me and talk shit on me when I'm not around. And they were starting to be close friends; we sit together everyday. And I moved classes specially to be close to them, because I was bullied in the other class, for the same damn reason. It's just so hard to find someone who understands you today, or respect your apparence, the gender your attached to or the people you like to be around. But, if you find one, don't let them go away. These people can be the reason to get up. Someone even said I am a retarded who should kill yourself, in a joke a friend of mine did on his status. I hate the fact no one mesures their words while talking to/about someone. I've cried many times because of them. My humor yesterday was down the whole school day. But, yeah, I know I can't be sad at all, because if I know my self worth, nobody will ever upset me. But, in some situations, it's hard. And it's not an excuse to not change, either. Nobody is strong all the time. But staying down forever is not a solution. Stay safe everyone!
Anime Tea
Anime Tea 18 gün əvvəl
this video is one of my favorites, it truly showed that you should love your own traits and ask people of thy are okay. Bullys don't see the slime they are building on their victims. the more slime there is, the harder it is to brush away. So treat everyone the same and talk to someone if you feel bothered.🙂🙂
Pup&Bun 3 ay əvvəl
Who ever made this is a great person and should definitely be seen more of this
Sen Si
Sen Si 3 ay əvvəl
AMAZING ART, great storyline (not in a bad way, of course, lol) like SERIOUSLY, good job, pls continue inspiring people to stand up for themselves, because you are great at it. Btw, who else came here just because of the art but yet this is the very first video of theirs you've watched?? XD