UFC 254 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 1

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

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UFC 254’s Walt Harris, Lauren Murphy, Justin Gaethje, Sam Alvey, Jared Cannonier and backup Michael Chandler train outdoors. Then everyone (including Buffer) boards the flight to Abu Dhabi. Khabib Nurmagomedov gets an enthusiastic welcome at the hotel. SPECIAL START TIME of 2pm ET / 11am PT! Order UFC 254 now: bit.ly/2vNIBE8 (U.S. only)
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Tytiyauna Malone
Tytiyauna Malone Ay əvvəl
aesop rock
Nurul Fitri
Nurul Fitri Ay əvvəl
Khabib told DC, he didn't wanna embarrased Justin in front of his parent so he'll make sure he can stand up fine
jimmy dang
jimmy dang Ay əvvəl
That was the best hypeman I've ever seen. Should replace Bruce.
Ronij Khan
Ronij Khan Ay əvvəl
Khabib....love from 🇮🇳🤲
Paloma Camarena Soriano
Paloma Camarena Soriano Ay əvvəl
Karate NWSK
Karate NWSK Ay əvvəl
“What better way to show the UFC fans who Michael Chandler is than my running shorts”
Michelle Mae Simplicio
Michelle Mae Simplicio Ay əvvəl
The Russian humility and poise is something to admire about.
Natasha Ay əvvəl
Guy in the white hazmat suit: 1; Khabib ears:0
WildyVarian Channel
WildyVarian Channel Ay əvvəl
Very Humble, Khabib.. Masha Allah
irisz mae
irisz mae Ay əvvəl
'Do the shenanigan? '..😂😂😂
Nick Kabeya
Nick Kabeya Ay əvvəl
I'm lost y'all who is Chandler suppose to gight
Fahad Ali Khan
Fahad Ali Khan Ay əvvəl
Everybody else comes in a plane, Khabib comes in an SUV.
91' until infinity
91' until infinity Ay əvvəl
Damn Embedded censors now? That sucks.
Greg Ay əvvəl
The fact they have these guys holed up in a Holiday Inn just shows why UFC fucking KILLS it in Earnings...
Siti Aida Kamaruddin
Siti Aida Kamaruddin Ay əvvəl
when you became famous i'll little bit stressed out..but what we can do?just be nice to everybody...hahahA
K Cz
K Cz Ay əvvəl
8:28 what? is this from new far cry?
K Liss
K Liss Ay əvvəl
nope ... dont like him ... dont know him an he's already speakin at the third person o.O
NV615 Ay əvvəl
Lmaooo who was the guy yelling
Jonathon McKinney
Jonathon McKinney Ay əvvəl
A little late but I paused this just to say, HIRE THAT HYPED ASS WORKER AS AN ANNOUNCER/ PROMO HYPE VOICE OVER!
footytang Ay əvvəl
Khabib wanted to punch that dude that was screaming in his ear
KingOfStrength Ay əvvəl
Why is Micheal all of a sudden such a cocky asshole 🤔
Om C
Om C Ay əvvəl
Damn that African dude waaaaaay too hype
Leo Ay əvvəl
Fuck yea that guy at the end hyped me up I fought my neighbor
BobRob Rudolf
BobRob Rudolf Ay əvvəl
justin da eyepoker
John Miltenberger
John Miltenberger Ay əvvəl
Easy money is blood god 2nd round tko/ko bet it people
Louis Browne
Louis Browne Ay əvvəl
They all seem to be training with bone conduction earbuds.
Neo Maredi
Neo Maredi Ay əvvəl
Ant Jonez 218
Ant Jonez 218 Ay əvvəl
Lmao had to come to the comments after seeing that guy at the end lol
Brian Ay əvvəl
Not sure if you guys knew...but Chandler is not here for a long time, but here for a good time
momo Ay əvvəl
Someone knock out egotistical chandler please
Jeancarlo Cardenas
Jeancarlo Cardenas Ay əvvəl
Khabib with the knowledge 🔥🔥
Patriot Sleeper Cell
Patriot Sleeper Cell Ay əvvəl
You love UAE because you are an islamist like they are!
John Ureta
John Ureta Ay əvvəl
Hell yes! Can't wait to see Chandler fight!!!
Oisin Ay əvvəl
Mr. Potato Head
sonnyblack0870 Ay əvvəl
I dunno how a big man like Walt Harris can do all that running and bouncing around on the concrete and still have working knees and shins.
Dominique Hanot
Dominique Hanot Ay əvvəl
Weirdly enough, the pumped up guy's wetsuit looks likes one if the triple K... 😅
Christopher W
Christopher W Ay əvvəl
Lmfao you know that guy is the slick type😂probably trying to get a gig as a UFC promoter
Dan Hazard
Dan Hazard Ay əvvəl
Medical guy Reminds me of MaximBady.... Thass It!!!
Dan Hazard
Dan Hazard Ay əvvəl
Chandler shows up, makes weight gets paid, not bad Chandler not Bad, he ain't even fought yet
M H Ay əvvəl
Walt sounds like the Game 🤔
Byron ‘92
Byron ‘92 Ay əvvəl
Michael Chandler got that championship mentality
Byron ‘92
Byron ‘92 Ay əvvəl
1:22 why is this dude wearing a bra?
Siyavuya Sam
Siyavuya Sam Ay əvvəl
He needs to work with Bruce Buffer
Siyavuya Sam
Siyavuya Sam Ay əvvəl
😂😂😂😂That guy really likes Khabib
huricane threeonesix
huricane threeonesix Ay əvvəl
can someone please clip just the end bit!
Bips Muan
Bips Muan Ay əvvəl
Is khabib in different plane?
Johnny Ay əvvəl
Justin looks like some kind of doll or mannequin on an advertising poster
Christopher L
Christopher L Ay əvvəl
I want Walt Harris to win sooo bad
Grace datoc
Grace datoc Ay əvvəl
I love the energy of the African staff....
Tyler Klawiter
Tyler Klawiter Ay əvvəl
5:55 I see those zyns in the corner Justin ;)
Quasi 1
Quasi 1 Ay əvvəl
I’m super hyped to watch Lauren Murphy fight. Always exciting. I didn’t even know that she was on this card. Also Walt Harris, dude is a savage. Can’t wait 😁!
Slick Silver
Slick Silver Ay əvvəl
Jarrod Canonier is a great fighter imho.
Robin Singh
Robin Singh Ay əvvəl
Where is anatomy of fighter
Madhu Ay əvvəl
Calvin Gibbons
Calvin Gibbons Ay əvvəl
Walt Harris has some of the fastest hands I’ve ever seen from a heavyweight
T Long
T Long Ay əvvəl
Give em hell Gaethje
Papa telenor 2
Papa telenor 2 Ay əvvəl
What Walt Harris said: We are hundred and ten percent ready What i heard:We are hardly 10 percent ready 😀
Angrage Macmuffins
Angrage Macmuffins Ay əvvəl
3:01 ......... Yo, dats raysis!
PAPPA KAP Ay əvvəl
Khabib should hire that guy as a hype man! Love his intensity!
AlexanderDimitrov Ay əvvəl
We know (UFC fans) who is Michael Chandler i'm fan of his for years! :)
Aaron Dryden
Aaron Dryden Ay əvvəl
Well at least we’ve found Bruce’s replacement when he hangs up the mic! 😂
Jan Gracia
Jan Gracia Ay əvvəl
That African guy is Francis Ngannou
Albert Pavliukovic
Albert Pavliukovic Ay əvvəl
Dana White - Give that hotel man a job in UFC. No video package got me so hyped as that guy.
FrenchJauney Ay əvvəl
The African hotel guy sounds like a pirate 🏴‍☠️
BigHarby Ay əvvəl
canennenier punches on Ruff Ryders Pads !!
Dale Blake
Dale Blake Ay əvvəl
How unprofessional was the loud guy at the end lol.
The Dreadnaught
The Dreadnaught Ay əvvəl
Imagine getting off a 16hr flight to that guy screaming his head off 😂😂
ImThatGuy A
ImThatGuy A Ay əvvəl
6:28 Khabib is not Russian 🤦‍♂️
The Dark Lord
The Dark Lord Ay əvvəl
Khabib has the aura of the Player Character in Oblivion.
David Riddle
David Riddle Ay əvvəl
Guy yelling Khabib "Stress is mounting"
MrJamesdryable Ay əvvəl
Michael seems like a bit of a tool.
JP30th Ay əvvəl
6:11 friends
John Macmillan
John Macmillan Ay əvvəl
Is this the first time michael chandler has gone overseas? He seems really excited to be not fighting
Petru Antonescu
Petru Antonescu Ay əvvəl
Khabib with glasses and a cap looks lowkey like Tony Ferguson
7:32 that's Maxim Bady right? Yallah
Dirkio !
Dirkio ! Ay əvvəl
let's go justin definitely the best year for ufc no doubt 🤙🏽
Insert Name
Insert Name Ay əvvəl
So when are we starting a petition for the brother at the hotel to start working for the ufc??
Shareef Alsayed
Shareef Alsayed Ay əvvəl
This guy should be announcing the fights.
Dajko Lelkeš
Dajko Lelkeš Ay əvvəl
2:30 song?
Bellamy Blake
Bellamy Blake Ay əvvəl
LOL so is Dana hiring the hotel worker???
Nick C
Nick C Ay əvvəl
That hotel employee is hype lol
HADES Music Ay əvvəl
Lol I love seeing more of Khabib. What a humble dude. Great representation of Islam
Megan Andersson
Megan Andersson Ay əvvəl
Just cause your wearing a white jump suit doesn’t make you immune to COVID the fuck 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m dead as hell ☠️😭😂
William Stalvey
William Stalvey Ay əvvəl
Gaetche what a great guy!!
AlternativeState Ay əvvəl
@danawhite hire the African guy fr
MadMatt Gaming
MadMatt Gaming Ay əvvəl
Everyone hates on Chandler so much, and I absolutely don't get it.
William Stalvey
William Stalvey Ay əvvəl
Chandler As the late great Vince Lombardi once Said, " WHAT the Hells going on here" Get some darn shorts son
day, have a nice understandable
day, have a nice understandable Ay əvvəl
Lol that guy watching Friends 🤣
day, have a nice understandable
day, have a nice understandable Ay əvvəl
What time does it start? (Whittaker v canonnier)
ri3it483qthirf Ay əvvəl
Khabib can maul Justin, but if Justin does his leg kicks enough times, he can stop Khabib's shots
Aku Moon
Aku Moon Ay əvvəl
Khabib has his mask on upside down lmao
Steven Allan
Steven Allan Ay əvvəl
Am I the only one who cant't stand Michael Chandler. He's comes across as so fake.
Rusty Ay əvvəl
R. P.
R. P. Ay əvvəl
JG: my parents have been to every fight except the tony ferguson fight, it's only fair if they come to this one Khabib:
Lizzie Torres
Lizzie Torres Ay əvvəl
Someone needs to tell chandler he can’t show up on his first ufc show/embedded.. with those Speedo’s.. and that sweater wrapped around his waist like a librarian. He’s already lost 🙄😂
Glen Williams
Glen Williams Ay əvvəl
Thst plane looks like it was made in 1975 lol
Marcus Herbold
Marcus Herbold Ay əvvəl
8:16 “If you don’t like all the attention you just have to lose” good point
sweet potatoe
sweet potatoe Ay əvvəl
Cannonier is Kevin Harts big brother
Kingdom Citizenship
Kingdom Citizenship Ay əvvəl
Plot twist: the guy in the hazmat suit doesn't work at the hotel, he is a fan who just dressed up and arrived at the hotel to see Khabib.
* Bison
* Bison Ay əvvəl
“To fuck Khabib up” Should be taken out of everyone’s vocabulary
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