Aaron Rodgers will leave the Packers, it's going to get messy - Shannon Sharpe | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Aaron Rodgers has reportedly been so upset with the Green Bay Packers that he has told people within the organization that he does not want to return to the team next season. Several teams have reached out before and after this report, but so far Rodgers remains in Green Bay. It’s also being reported that the Packers did offer Rodgers an extension. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Aaron Rodgers' frustration with the Packers' organization.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Aaron Rodgers will leave the Packers, it's going to get messy - Shannon Sharpe | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Ay əvvəl
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Opera Singer
Opera Singer Ay əvvəl
@Tru Steppa KT Yes. Talent wise he could be good that long. But body wise? Most QB's have to retire much earlier due to injury.
Tru Steppa KT
Tru Steppa KT Ay əvvəl
@Opera Singer I think he got a hood 5 or 6 left.. he’s a once in a generation type of talent. Look at Brady.
Opera Singer
Opera Singer Ay əvvəl
He probably has 3 years left in the league. He can help a team win the big one.
Tru Steppa KT
Tru Steppa KT Ay əvvəl
William J Kirwan
William J Kirwan Ay əvvəl
"EYES NEEDS to know baby!"
Apple C'd
Apple C'd 7 gün əvvəl
Shannon is right all the way
Patrico Baca
Patrico Baca 8 gün əvvəl
Skip skip skip skip skip Skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip I bought new knee pads come on Skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha
Robert Murdock
Robert Murdock 15 gün əvvəl
Poor ole Rodgers whining and complaining blaming his team mates for his choking in nfc championship poor ole Rodgers he’s such a mistreated diva as greenbay only made him a multi millionaire
Robert Murdock
Robert Murdock 15 gün əvvəl
Poor ole multimillionaire whining and complaining blaming his team mates for his choking in nfc championship games
Taylor Pack
Taylor Pack 28 gün əvvəl
I think packers are just sick of his bad attitude. I mean the man is 37 years old. I’d rebuild too, trade for some picks and look for the future.
MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God Ay əvvəl
This didn’t age well. Extension signed by Rodgers for five years.
M Allen
M Allen Ay əvvəl
Best Rodgers take.......
Al Robison
Al Robison Ay əvvəl
Poor cheese heads. Lose a hall afamer. Bert and rogers
Daniel Barihuta
Daniel Barihuta Ay əvvəl
Can't watch skip talking about Rodgers without remembering "Skip debates himself" lmaoo
Efren Torres
Efren Torres Ay əvvəl
If I'm Green Bay, I would try to get the most out of a Rodgers trade. It's obvious they have been trying to replace him. And Rodgers doesn't want to play in Green Bay anymore. Move on. Why all the freaking drama. This is the mother effin' NFL. Not Days of our lives, soap opera. Or The WWF!
Rick King
Rick King Ay əvvəl
How dare GB prepare for the future . Especially since their 75 million dollar cry baby threatens to quit if he doesn't get his way .GB fired a good head coach because Rodgers didn't like the guy . I am so tired of everyone being compared to Brady . Brady played 20 years and won 6 out of 8 SB for the pats and had a different cast almost every year and he took pay cuts to help make sure the team could afford to get good receivers.Yes the Bucs wanted to give Brady what he wanted because they wanted to win a SB too and he did it . The only thing Rodgers cares about is himself . I am tired of his cry baby BS good riddance .
Star Gazer
Star Gazer 28 gün əvvəl
So refreshing someone else sees him for what he has always been: a big whiny baby! I live in Wisconsin btw, watched the games, then saw the truth and have been waiting forEVER to get rid of this guy.
Richard Longfellow
Richard Longfellow Ay əvvəl
What is the big news on this. Yall act like noone in football has ever been replaced.
Becky Tynch
Becky Tynch Ay əvvəl
Skip dipped into the nose candy 🤧before going live😆😆😆
Robert Wright
Robert Wright Ay əvvəl
Atlanta Falcons need to give Matt and Julio' for Aaron Rodgers?
Ari GSD Ay əvvəl
Messy is fine with me.
jbird1777 Ay əvvəl
I loved 2008 with Favre and I love 2021 with Rodgers! Whoooooooo!!!!!!!
J.R. Morales
J.R. Morales Ay əvvəl
Brandon Rogers
Brandon Rogers Ay əvvəl
Typical corporate type BS...
Chris Carpenter
Chris Carpenter Ay əvvəl
Way I see all this is I hear all day, everyday if a regular person isnt happy with their job/situation then quit. Find better options. And from all I hear this is exactly what Rodgers wants. To get out of a messy situation and find a better option.
Chris Carpenter
Chris Carpenter Ay əvvəl
Also as a Broncos fan I’d love to go all out and get Rodgers
Hotforteacher 75
Hotforteacher 75 Ay əvvəl
Two idiots talking about another idiot. LOL
Andrew Massanet
Andrew Massanet Ay əvvəl
There are plenty of people saying "wait till he leaves, Green Bay. THEN they'll know how important he is." But it was Lombardi who said, "if you think you will be missed when you leave, stick your foot in a bucket of water, then pull it out. The hole you leave is how much you will be missed." CUT HIM OUTRIGHT. Move on. The Packers will be around when AR is old and gray.
Jason Michaels
Jason Michaels Ay əvvəl
Let him go He's a prima donna
Nick Hlawka
Nick Hlawka Ay əvvəl
...and with the first pick of the 2021 trade Aaron Rodgers selects the Miami Dolphins.
Aey Phan
Aey Phan Ay əvvəl
This is exactly what they did to Favre just not as bad
Captain Chaos
Captain Chaos Ay əvvəl
He wants to go to a team that has some Tradition..A winning tradition Packers are named after women who packed Limburger cheese..Who would want to play football in Green Bay? Nobody I know...They’re so dumb they set Rodger for 4 years for Interception man.
Michael Coleman
Michael Coleman Ay əvvəl
Houston and GB should trade QB's
michael husar
michael husar Ay əvvəl
Rogers should shut up and play. He's acting like a whiny spoiled kid. Why did he sign a $35mil/yr extension if he wanted out.
I'm Just Saiyan
I'm Just Saiyan Ay əvvəl
Green Bay had a more mobile version of Tom Brady for 16 years and got one ring...
J W Ay əvvəl
Shannon, he'll have to play Mahomes twice a year! That's so great for us. I hope he goes to Denver. They won't win either 🤣
TonyMaestro Ay əvvəl
Anywhere he goes he’s not getting a Super Bowl, let’s be real lol. His best chance is with the packers & that’s a fact
Chuck Chuckerson
Chuck Chuckerson Ay əvvəl
Aaron Rodgers is an incredible player, and Green Bay has done him wrong, just like Favre. All that said, Aaron is not a leader, is petty, and is generally toxic, he IS a problem. When almost every coach, and teammate you've ever had has a problem with you, you are the problem.
LivelysReport Ay əvvəl
What should have the Texans done in the Draft? The Texans should have traded picks to go get Rodgers.. they could have used that pick in the 3rd round they used to go get Mills and offered a 2nd round pick next year to go with it.. giving GB a 2nd and 3rd round pick for Rodgers.. He only has a few more years in him.. 3-4 he will be 42.. he is 38 now.. but you are mortaging the future again? No, because I believe we can trade Watson some time here in the near future.. he will get settled one way or another his legal issues.. and long before next draft he will be traded.. getting back far more draft capital.. you do not skip a beat.. even now, they should still go get Rodgers.. The offense in Houston is not the biggest issue.. the real issue being QB.. could be totally solved here.. even now if you go get Rodgers.. Mills can sit behind him and learn.. he needs time to develop anyway.. who better to learn from? The Texans just picked up Nico Collins and Brevin Jordan.. both good offensive weapons.. they have Randall Cobb who Rodgers is familiar with already and Brandon Cooks, a 1000 yard receiver from last year.. and there are a few others as well.. Kiki Coutie, and Jordan Akins.. there are weapons there to work with and they got two running backs in free agency.. Ingram, Johnson, and Lindsey at RB.. and the OLine is not too bad.. they got decent tackles.. and if you let it be known you want to do the same with Rodgers in Houston as Brady did in Tampa.. I think some defensive players would love to come and give it a shot.. and you are talking AFC South.. which is not a tough division to start with.. I say, pull the trigger and go get Rodgers.. get a deal all worked out and get it signed after June 1.. You are not going to play Watson.. you are going to trade him and get the draft capital to turn this team around.. And Houston would be a great spot for Rodgers, with a huge market for him to make some good money on the side.. and everyone would be running to buy a Rodgers Jersey.. Texans.. want to fill your stands this coming year? Go get Rodgers..
wrx3123 Ay əvvəl
Shannon is a Racist !!
Wendy Morris
Wendy Morris Ay əvvəl
Packers management needs to stop the political and manipulative bullsh!t and do what is best for the team. Rodgers needs to stop acting like an ungrateful spoiled brat. Enough already Green Bay!!!
RJ Ay əvvəl
I'd love to see Rodgers in a NewEngland uniform ...about the number though, thay might be the deal killer with these ego's
RJ Ay əvvəl
On to NewEngland Arron!
Helen coe
Helen coe Ay əvvəl
Another drama queen bret favre, he should be grateful for all the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and opportunity green bay gave him
Jay Gill
Jay Gill Ay əvvəl
Tom had zero say in new England, he had to win 6 super bowls and change teams and win a super bowl there to have some say.
aegisofhonor Ay əvvəl
as a Chicago Bears fan that has had to live through a lifetime of quarterback mediocrity with maybe a season here and there of "greatness" before realizing the QB was only good for one season, I have to say I am loving this development.
84Victorious Ay əvvəl
These guys sure know how to milk a story.
Neil MacKenzie
Neil MacKenzie Ay əvvəl
Rogers is just jealous of Tom Brady . Poor team player
Leonard Aragon
Leonard Aragon Ay əvvəl
Just a crybaby like always who cares about what he does
John Sutphin
John Sutphin Ay əvvəl
I realize without a rebuttal from an opposing perspective there wouldn't be a show, but how can you even be mad at aaron in this situation...
Franklin Benson
Franklin Benson Ay əvvəl
Jason Warnock
Jason Warnock Ay əvvəl
Aaron wants Love to play.
Keith Crampton
Keith Crampton Ay əvvəl
Let him go ,get the best deal you can, and let him go!!
Flee Bag
Flee Bag Ay əvvəl
Urkel on steroids
Giant Steps
Giant Steps Ay əvvəl
Nice smoke 💨 screen Club SHayShay, but the real 411 is Jared Goff in that NFC North!! Rogers does not want to be outdone especially by another CAL Alumni in same division! Goff will have Lions deep in the playoffs this fall and win that NFC North Title!
Scott Schrauth
Scott Schrauth Ay əvvəl
Gruden is infactuated with Aaron Rodgers, don't be too surprised he gets traded to Vegas, and his favorite Rock n Roll band Aerosmith still has residency their for another year
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson Ay əvvəl
They sit there and dis Aaron and say how bad he is and what a terrible person he is, then at the end say he's going to Denver. They're in the cat bird seat. If he's that bad why would anybody want him.
Karnige Ay əvvəl
bruh rodgers chokes in the post season more then a only fans star.....
Karnige Ay əvvəl
man rodgers had a good team last year. that’s on him
Michael Janosko
Michael Janosko Ay əvvəl
You can't compare to Tom Brady. He wins rings at half the price of Rogers.
Starscream69 Ay əvvəl
Whoever takes his place will be a disappointment and I cannot wait😆
Michael Pawlak
Michael Pawlak Ay əvvəl
The bears can trade Foles to greenbay now
Behr Martez
Behr Martez Ay əvvəl
Aaron doing Watson a solid.
Peter Grimshaw
Peter Grimshaw Ay əvvəl
Arron Rogers wimpiest play was his last play in 2020 when they could have won the game and gone to the Superbowl...that will always leave a bad taste in the fans and managements mouth.
Luke Walker
Luke Walker Ay əvvəl
Ion even care about Rodgers, I just hope he leaves that uglyass team. Itd be nice to see the packers look like trash
robert butler
robert butler Ay əvvəl
The nfl is a fugazi with fugazi quarterbacks and fugazi talk hosts talking about fairy dust...stay on the ferris wheel
rick albuquerque
rick albuquerque Ay əvvəl
He needs to go play for the Vikings LOL
Joshua Rios
Joshua Rios Ay əvvəl
Layyyh Aaron rodgers
Perry Ellis
Perry Ellis Ay əvvəl
Levon Bell sat out from the Steelers a entire year, soooooo🙄
Perry Ellis
Perry Ellis Ay əvvəl
Let him go to another team and lose like Farve did🤣😂
Nick Sanford
Nick Sanford Ay əvvəl
These shows lie so hard for Grumy Rodgers. They just want teams splitting up so they can create stories and media buzz with it. Rodgers has one of the best situations in the entire NFL by far and they describe to the viewers a situation like the Lions
Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo
Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo Ay əvvəl
Pretty sure Brady has a lot of victories against even more lame competition in the AFC than Aaron has but it always goes "unnoticed" right Skip?
B. Wright
B. Wright Ay əvvəl
Skip and Shannon:: you were semi-relevant 2 years ago, when topics were sports related and not race baiting malcontents
Cashh Washington
Cashh Washington Ay əvvəl
What skip know about that get back 😏
Refuge Kids
Refuge Kids Ay əvvəl
Come to the Titans maybe? 🤷🏻‍♂️
Gee Mac72
Gee Mac72 Ay əvvəl
And also, raysisms
ThePasterio Ay əvvəl
Rodgers spent draft weekend at the Kentucky Derby with his beloved teammates. The Chicago media spreads alot of rumors and are tired of Rodgers and The Pack delivery embarrassing and brutal beatings yearly. Just know too that QB Jordan Love will continue the beat down to Teams and become a SB Champion and HOF'er. Be Scared, very Scared........
Scott Baldock
Scott Baldock Ay əvvəl
Aaron come play for the Vikes. We will respect you bro.
Ryan Austin
Ryan Austin Ay əvvəl
"How do you remove a bandaid?" Apparently, you can do it fast or slow, but you definitely don't want the Packers to try!
diegoreds Ay əvvəl
Don’t Forget If Rogers leaves other Players Want Chance at Playoffs & Super Bowl...... Like WR D. Adams! There was is NO PHILIPP RIVERS LIKE INDY TO INSPIRE ANY HOPE??
Mike Ay əvvəl
Aaron sucks anyway. I see no loss😂
sammyvh11 Ay əvvəl
F Rodgers.....he's an overpaid arrogant P
A C Ay əvvəl
Somehow, Someway Shannon Shart will find racism in this.
Freedom Fox
Freedom Fox Ay əvvəl
I don't know how skip could be an analyst it's literally to throw people off and troll them 90% of the time when Rogers has bad games it's because of dropped balls and more than half the time his interceptions are bouncing off receiver's hands they just want to be able to blame the guy for anything because they know he's so much better than they want to admit if Green Bay's front office knew how to draft and trade open up two or three more super bowls guaranteed this is the front office problem not a quarterback problem
Tom Darby
Tom Darby Ay əvvəl
Aaron Rogers to New England! or anywhere besides Chicago
Red Williams
Red Williams Ay əvvəl
Come to Minnesota like Brett did..let's win a ship
raysschoko Ay əvvəl
Organisation over player! Packers will trade him! The organisation will never allow a player to tell them what to do! Now your place in the food chain! no matter who you are! Packers are bigger!
Kenneth MacGregor
Kenneth MacGregor Ay əvvəl
Thing is, there's a HUGE difference between TB and AR.. so no wonder Brady got everything he wanted.
wgooetrik Ay əvvəl
I think aaron will head to tampa next year!
wgooetrik Ay əvvəl
How many gals did rodgers have?
wgooetrik Ay əvvəl
Shannon, brady didn't want lenny
wgooetrik Ay əvvəl
A - aron🤣
Alejandro Garcia
Alejandro Garcia Ay əvvəl
Jordan will shock the world lol can't wait for the shine
The Chosen One
The Chosen One Ay əvvəl
Low key looking forward for Green Bay to be a bottom dweller for the next 15 years. Empty seats, no nationally televised games after 10 years. It would be pure bliss. Let’s goooooo
Oo7'smom 007 papa
Oo7'smom 007 papa Ay əvvəl
Good bye!!!!!!!
Anthony Edge
Anthony Edge Ay əvvəl
Aaron come to New England bill can get you right 💍
Christopher Frost
Christopher Frost Ay əvvəl
The only way I think this will be true, and in order to get out of their is fumble the ball ever play and not care
BobbyWhitehead Ay əvvəl
The packers want it both ways. Keep Aaron until theyre ready to dump him. He isnt having any of it...
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow Ay əvvəl
Rodgers is such a fancy girl.
Josh Kuester
Josh Kuester Ay əvvəl
Skip is delusional
patrick poppe
patrick poppe Ay əvvəl
Packers need Brady so they can get another ring!
Stephan Williams
Stephan Williams Ay əvvəl
I really want the Raiders to figure out a way to get this guy
chuck williams
chuck williams Ay əvvəl
Tom Brady has consistently been the leader of championship teams, took much less money, worked to keep teams together, and played for the purpose of winning. Aaron Rodgers has some grievances, but is heavily paid to play a game regardless his feelings. He didn't win 6 or 7 titles. Didn't even win 2.
kid heartz
kid heartz Ay əvvəl
Tom Pasch
Tom Pasch Ay əvvəl
Rogers is getting exactly what he wants, for everyone to talk about him vs all the newly drafted players. He does this every year during the draft and the Super Bowl. He is an attention seeker. His family disowned him and he can’t keep a GF. Diva is an understatement
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