KJ Hamler: Every Career TD and Long Reception Penn State Career (2018-2019)

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Every TD Hamler scored in his career at PSU, plus long receptions and punt returns.
K.J. Hamler was drafted in the second round by the Denver Broncos in 2020. Hamler scored the game winning TD vs the Chargers (week 8), and two long TDs vs the Panthers (week 14).

- 15 total TDs (14 receiving, 1 rushing), 2018: 6 -- 2019: 8

2018: 42 rec, 754 yds, 18.0 ypc, 5 TDs -- 4 rush, 44 yds, 1 TD
20 KRs, 523 yds, 26.3 avg -- 14 PRs, 96 yds, 6.9 avg

2019: 56 rec, 904 yds, 16.1 ypc, 8 TDs -- 13 rush, 43 yds
24 KRs, 513 yds, 21.4 avg -- 23 PRs, 126 yds, 5.5 avg

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Caleb The Astronaut Ψ
Caleb The Astronaut Ψ Ay əvvəl
I love him cause I'm a Penn State
HLP_EM LOVE Ay əvvəl
Thats the fastest receiver I've ever seen in my life!!!! Denver better step their game up... he won't stay in Denver long come on to the Dirty Birds!!!!
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 3 ay əvvəl
Jodi Logans
Jodi Logans Il əvvəl
Deshaun Jackson
Andrew Lockhart
Andrew Lockhart Il əvvəl
He did football with me
Yeetstone DB
Yeetstone DB Il əvvəl
This man is a freak! Insane athlete with a NOSE for the endzone. Despite some drops, he plays the ball in the air really good..almost like Tyreek Hill. This dude will give some life into this offense along with route running god Jeudy lol. Get pumped for Denver’s O.
Mark Drouin
Mark Drouin Il əvvəl
Many believe hamler may be the biggest offensive weapon in the draft, Denver fortunate to sign him.
Brady 1
Brady 1 Il əvvəl
Jerry Jeudy, hamler, and courtland will be nasty
Brian G. Ellman
Brian G. Ellman Il əvvəl
Yes. this is going to be something special in Broncos Country. Have mercy. !!
td li
td li Il əvvəl
Great job 409.
John Gilmer
John Gilmer Il əvvəl
heeted01 Il əvvəl
Steve Smith but way faster
Derek Santistevan
Derek Santistevan Il əvvəl
Bring the Hamm-ler to the mile high city, nothing but speedy successful touchdowns this season for the Denver Broncos Now kickoff/punt returner! It's show time!
God'sNotDead 00
God'sNotDead 00 Il əvvəl
People say the guy can’t catch... I see a lot of nice catches here!
Brady 1
Brady 1 Il əvvəl
God'sNotDead 00 agreed. He had a huge catch radius too!
Mikey Woomer
Mikey Woomer Il əvvəl
Love hearing the roars of beaver stadium. I live in beaver valley
Mikey Woomer
Mikey Woomer Il əvvəl
Gonna name my dog hammer
McStrokeAvision Il əvvəl
Kid is a fucking beast. Strain speed demon
Hayden Wick
Hayden Wick Il əvvəl
#14 underthrew him almost every time... should have had more tds
Trenton Walker
Trenton Walker Il əvvəl
3:57 that’s our corner too
Ryan Long
Ryan Long Il əvvəl
I was just about to post the same 😂
Shake Il əvvəl
Jason Harris
Jason Harris Il əvvəl
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Il əvvəl
Looks like Tyreek Hill.
Darville Leonard
Darville Leonard Il əvvəl
Kvng_shaba55 Il əvvəl
Welcome to Denver 🧡💙🧡💙
II-next_gen_48 Il əvvəl
Y'all are lucky to have him, as a Penn State fan I can assure you that
BoardandArrow Il əvvəl
Take a shot everytime you hear “Hamler”
Glenard Coleman
Glenard Coleman Il əvvəl
He is the Tyreke Hill. Just better.
owlyoop Il əvvəl
What a stupid comment
Edwin Ramos
Edwin Ramos Il əvvəl
Please fall to the 3rd round! Would make a sweet 2nd drafted receiver for the Raiders. At pick 12 take care of the need for a true #1 receiver and go with 1a. Jeudy or 1b. Lamb, and then draft Hamler with one of their 3rd round picks. That would leave ZERO room for excuses as to why Carr can’t win. Shit or get off the pot, DC. ☠️☠️☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️
Edwin Ramos
Edwin Ramos Il əvvəl
@TheReel TravisScott lol...yeah, not exactly how I wanted that to work out. Overall and as a whole, I'm still happy with what the Raiders ended up with.
TheReel TravisScott
TheReel TravisScott Il əvvəl
He predicted Danvers draft! Ha...you must be a Denver spy posing as a LV fan lol
DJ EST1992
DJ EST1992 Il əvvəl
Instead Denver got Jeudy and now Hamler lol.
Edwin Ramos
Edwin Ramos Il əvvəl
@409 Edits Oh I don't doubt that. The problem is that the Raiders don't have any 2nd round picks this year. They had two 1st rounders and have three 3rd rounders.
409 Edits
409 Edits Il əvvəl
Trust me, he's a steal in the second. There is no reason for 6-10 guys to go ahead of him. Anywhere he goes, he'll be a star.
Hulk Butter
Hulk Butter Il əvvəl
This is supposedly "the next Tyreek Hill"? I don't see it. He's fast, but he ain't Tyreek fast.
David Lee
David Lee Il əvvəl
Yes he is
garbiel spaghetti
garbiel spaghetti Il əvvəl
does anyone know what kind of helmet KJ wears that shit is icy 😬😬
409 Edits
409 Edits Il əvvəl
Gabriel I believe it’s a Schutt F7
De Lilian Kramo
De Lilian Kramo Il əvvəl
I hope my Chiefs draft him so after next season with the departure of Sammy Watkins and possibly Demarcus Robinson we gonna be set for the future. By the way if we have a chance to draft Claypool or Reagor I won't be mad personnally
De Lilian Kramo
De Lilian Kramo Il əvvəl
409 Edits agreed with the Tyreek clone argument. But about Claypool he can be a mismatch if he is used as a receiver/TE in the slot especially if we have him and Kelce in the red zone.
409 Edits
409 Edits Il əvvəl
De Lilian Kramo anybody that gets him is getting a great player but I mean he’s a tyreek clone that’s not ideal. Claypool is a nice big guy who is almost a TE as well... mims is another big body
Jeromie Munoz
Jeromie Munoz Il əvvəl
T. Hill clone
Roman Perrin
Roman Perrin Il əvvəl
Jeromie Munoz more of a DeSean jackson or John ross
Logan D
Logan D Il əvvəl
Lol I hate when people say that. Not even close to Olympic speed
Hulk Butter
Hulk Butter Il əvvəl
No way. Hill has OLYMPIC speed. This guy isn't even close.
409 Edits
409 Edits Il əvvəl
Big praise! Def got the potential but Tyreek is a different breed, so I'm gonna wait to see what KJ does in the NFL first. He's gonna be nice though
His qb was kinda trash. Hamler is special tho! THill special
Sol Asar El
Sol Asar El Il əvvəl
@Hulk Butter lol you don't watch football ... First two seasons he always was in rotation to Return.. just like mecole is doing now for kc
Uso Penitentiary
Uso Penitentiary Il əvvəl
Hulk Butter better returner > Hill for sure Better receiver coming out of college > Hamler Gonna be fun watching these 2 dudes in the division
DTS Il əvvəl
409 Edits Hamler is more Hollywood Brown than Tyreek Hill.
409 Edits
409 Edits Il əvvəl
Hulk Butter yeah agreed that he’s not tyreek. I commented that somewhere else. Hamler is really talented but Hill is a different breed and he’s done it at the nfl level
Hulk Butter
Hulk Butter Il əvvəl
You know how you can tell he's not as good as Tyreek? They're still kicking the ball to him.
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