Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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Never before in human history have we been richer, more advanced or powerful. And yet we feel overwhelmed in the face of rapid climate change. It seems simple on the surface. Greenhouse gases trap energy from the Sun and transfer it to our atmosphere. This leads to warmer winters, harsher summers. Dry places become drier and wet places wetter. Countless ecosystems will die while the rising oceans swallow coasts and the cities we build on them.

So why don’t we just like… prevent all of that? Well, it’s complicated.

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell 2 ay əvvəl
This video was supported by Gates Notes: If you want to learn more about how we handle Sponsorships like this one, we also have a medium article describing how we do it: And here is the sources doc for the vid:
Sierra French
Sierra French 4 gün əvvəl
Can I get a hoya
Rain Telle
Rain Telle 19 gün əvvəl
Climate change speakers just became awake at the mess created by themselves because now they cannot tolerate the smell
Shade 28 gün əvvəl
but we need a different energy sores like harvesting the suns power it can’t just work and I am doing the stuff u told us to maybe a sun collector that can move us form a dangerous event we’ll giving a good amount of energy well and it will make the suns lifetime longer and going to different habitat-able planets so humanity can last longer
Some gamer
Some gamer Ay əvvəl
Fatih Taha Baykal
Fatih Taha Baykal Ay əvvəl
@kurzgesagt-In a Nutshel pls Turkish CC plsss
Roel Camacho
Roel Camacho Saat əvvəl
Coca Cola should use direct carbon capture to carbonate their drinks.
Natessa 3 saat əvvəl
Didn't even have to watch the video the thumbnail told me
Mats16h 3 saat əvvəl
10 years to change climat or we are all screwed. We are fucked. It is over. This was the Golden Era of humanity and it sadly Comes to An end
Elkan Lee Yuen
Elkan Lee Yuen 3 saat əvvəl
So true
Jackson Kjilberg
Jackson Kjilberg 3 saat əvvəl
If your channel get even 50 MILLION subs I would say you guys still need more because of how much knowledge you guys give to us
CE User
CE User 6 saat əvvəl
I don't feel overwhelmed by climate change. My life is pretty good. We will all die and nature will make other animals.
Em 6 saat əvvəl
Maintaining the human species should be a class every student would have to take. The class would cover topics like climate change, and provide these types of solutions so that the kids of the next generation grow up knowing something has to be done thus leading to more people in power implementing change and voters wanting change.
Avi Ard
Avi Ard 10 saat əvvəl
from this moment ill try to be a vegetarian .
kl sc
kl sc 13 saat əvvəl
Kono Haru
Kono Haru 14 saat əvvəl
You live only once. I don't care about climate change. I care more about developing.
JACK FROST 11 saat əvvəl
Well climate change will kill you so
Ray Vertti
Ray Vertti 17 saat əvvəl
God, I facepalmed myself so hard at the end...
PearseOS 18 saat əvvəl
Let’s be real none of us truly care. We will just watch this video and in ten days time we will Have totally forgotten about it. Remember this comment😐
JACK FROST 11 saat əvvəl
spacekookie 20 saat əvvəl
"Just vote for better people" lmao okay sure yea that'll help
Ranger Gün əvvəl
i forgor owl
i forgor owl Gün əvvəl
love the background music
Julia Jodon
Julia Jodon Gün əvvəl
As someone who's turning 18 soon, I'll be sure to remember this when I'm voting. Thank you.
Darth maul
Darth maul 19 saat əvvəl
Focus on your local government. They have done more then big governments in this problem
ThePeanut Gün əvvəl
If we all become vegan, weird stuff will happen, overpopulation of animals and much more.
ValentineF Gün əvvəl
Trees might grow freaking huge due to an abundance of carbon
mar504 Gün əvvəl
No. All of the meat we eat are from domesticated animals. Predator and prey systems are self balancing.
Just Another Fella
Just Another Fella Gün əvvəl
So.. capitalism is the cause for climate change and we might have to work on that?
mar504 7 saat əvvəl
@Law Bringer And yet a socialist county is China is one of the worst offenders. Try again.
Law Bringer
Law Bringer 14 saat əvvəl
@mar504 Yes it is.
mar504 Gün əvvəl
No, it's not. Watch the video again.
frits germs
frits germs Gün əvvəl
Wow. Nicely done.
Kutbi Lukhadia
Kutbi Lukhadia Gün əvvəl
Absolutely simple and directly to the point. Keep it up
Alfonso Urra
Alfonso Urra Gün əvvəl
i really value how they clearly differentiate the opinion part of the data one. This feel strange nowadays where information and opinion are mixed and used to manipulate. Thanks Kurzgesagt!
ACC ACC Gün əvvəl
Video supported by Gates.... He can start by not buying super Yacht
CloudMinecraft 26 dəqiqə əvvəl
Not bill gates, a company named gates.
UnpopularOpinioned Pariah
UnpopularOpinioned Pariah Gün əvvəl
UnpopularOpinioned Pariah
UnpopularOpinioned Pariah Gün əvvəl
Give me the CURE! Give me the CURE! Give me the CURE!
Dylan H
Dylan H Gün əvvəl
Some people fear nuclear energy because they think it will turn them into horrific Cronenberg testicle monsters The rest fear that nuclear plants are just ticking atomic time bombs. Nuclear is the best alternative and if handled with the greatest care will pose no threat, simply use Thorium.
Alex Tapisevic
Alex Tapisevic Gün əvvəl
Stop reproducing... we should all become infertile.
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith 7 saat əvvəl
@ValentineF Give them to Alex
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith 7 saat əvvəl
@mar504 I don't believe you.
ValentineF Gün əvvəl
You should still have children by adopting orphans.
mar504 Gün əvvəl
@Jennifer Smith Done. Now it's your turn Jennifer.
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith Gün əvvəl
You go first.
DM D Gün əvvəl
bxhrbr Gün əvvəl
Ok, SERIOUSLY, is this climate change stuff real or not? Because, I need to make a serious, mature, informed decision as to whether or not I should rent out a car or not. Stop messing with me, government.
CloudMinecraft 26 dəqiqə əvvəl
Just look at the icecaps.
CloudMinecraft 26 dəqiqə əvvəl
It’s real.
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith Gün əvvəl
Well, you have to figure out how much colder it will get if you rent or not.
Earl Shattuck
Earl Shattuck 2 gün əvvəl
It's all a shcrade, there is honestly nothing we can do. We think we have a choice in politics, but we don't. The decision has been decided for us a long time ago. We are the sacrificial lambs resting upon the altar. Will the sacrifice of this world appease the ever encroaching darkness, or will it be a feeble drop of crimson liquid that will go unnoticed to beings so immense that our fragile screams into the void are but the fluttering of an insects wings, going unnoticed or annoyed at the interruption of the serenity of nothing.
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore 2 gün əvvəl
Too difficult. I propose we get rid of all the USELESS PEOPLE!
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith Gün əvvəl
I agree as long as i can decide who is useless.
v Bremont
v Bremont 2 gün əvvəl
When you exist inside a crystal ball cracking it can cause serious damages: Covid & Science: science offers answers to COVID / however COVID: Mutates his mutations opens the door to possibilities, same as a tree & its branch. Externally the mutation is the environment/ internally is the virus on the organism & its reaction/ interaction, & response to the vaccine & the vaccine inside the organism. Science can claim its insight on the smallest; however, the smallest mutates. It can be inside the body & outside the body. Perhaps viruses They might even communicate, G 7 if you like on bandwidth, if they do, talk to each other's is possible. however, understanding viruses' language could be complicated. Communicating with cancer cells could be also complicated. Not Impossible. The human is the completion of the many/ inside of his body & the environment. No different than any virus his particles & language of communication inside and outside of the body. The environment is viruses & humans rocks and atoms, X ray’s & ultraviolet on a Noosphere, encircle by a protective shield & virus live inside as humans and many other things such as particles & photons. A good understanding between humans & the environment can be beneficial on a diplomatic sense.
Lobotzin Diego antes Ness Lopez
Lobotzin Diego antes Ness Lopez 2 gün əvvəl
YT-Watcher 2 gün əvvəl
Climate change is normal .. humans effect by using fossil fuel is like 10% only add.. global climate change is normal thing... it simply cannot be same....
Darth maul
Darth maul 19 saat əvvəl
Fact no.1 CO2 traps heat Fact no.2 humans are adding CO2 into the atmosphere that has been trapped for millions of years
mar504 Gün əvvəl
Climate change is normal on an extremely slow scale of hundreds of thousands of years, not decades. What we are doing is NOT normal and will have a significant effect on earth experienced by future generations.
marty bates
marty bates 2 gün əvvəl
it's cute how people think we can actually do anything to stop this, like the earth hasn't been through this many many times before,. the planet has been hotter and colder . It just makes the tree huggers all warm and fuzzy when they hear about crap like electric cars and carbon taxes
CloudMinecraft 24 dəqiqə əvvəl
And last time both of those happened mostly/everything went extinct.
Darth maul
Darth maul 19 saat əvvəl
Earth will recover from this. Human society? Probably not
mar504 Gün əvvəl
If we started it, they surely we have the ability to stop it by the choices we make. Earth has been through changes of climate before, but on a scale of hundreds of thousands or millions of years, not decades. Why do you bother watching a science video if you don't believe in science?
Daniil 2 gün əvvəl
I'd say that one of the biggest problem is methane, because this gas gives more effect on our enviroment and there is only one thing that pollutes the air with methane, its giant garbage mountains in south regions of the planet.
Royston Murdeshwar
Royston Murdeshwar 2 gün əvvəl
*Sees thumbnail* Thank you very much
whitebarone 2 gün əvvəl
This video should have been shown at COP 26. Nobody has explained this problem in a better way than Kurzgesagt, in only 16 minutes
Mirwais DeSanchez
Mirwais DeSanchez 2 gün əvvəl
COVID is already changing it by lowering consumption
Mirwais DeSanchez
Mirwais DeSanchez 23 saat əvvəl
@Kast "VOA News - Venice canals unusually clean as italy remains on Covid-lockdown."
Mirwais DeSanchez
Mirwais DeSanchez 23 saat əvvəl
@Kast Makes no sense to discuss with you, mate. If facilities are temporary closed, traffic being limited and people forced to stay at home in countries like china and india, pollution like smog will dissolve. What did you think - that smog or pollution is totally natural 🤣🤣 is that the same reason the ocean and sealife stomaches is getting full with plastics...because plastic is a natural resource?😁 People always come up with stuff like you if they are left without arguments. "Ive seen enough of you" and bla bla.😄
Kast Gün əvvəl
@Mirwais DeSanchez Okey, i've seen all of you now. None of your points have any value for now on. Claiming things with no basis whatsoever, just your personal opinion. This conversation is closed from my end.
Mirwais DeSanchez
Mirwais DeSanchez Gün əvvəl
@Kast no but restrictions not only keep the climate good it also ensures the oil giants remain in their position lol. Iam also doubting covid as we only see a majority of 60+ ppl in hospitals. These ppl are even vulnerable to flu.
Kast Gün əvvəl
@Mirwais DeSanchez So we just gotta confine ourselves again forever. That's not a solution. We need a systematic change that affects all the planet for the better. A disease is not gonna help in the long run.
1 2
1 2 2 gün əvvəl
Literally sponsored by a psychopath. Nuremberg 2 awaits your presence.
Darth maul
Darth maul 19 saat əvvəl
In a court of law you must provide evidence What is yours
Kast 2 gün əvvəl
What is your evidence on why he is a psychopath about climate change?
Ramunas Cepaitis
Ramunas Cepaitis 2 gün əvvəl
There should be a better explanation how exactly more CO2 in the atmosphere will cause more extreme weather. It's like the default notion with little explanation. But we know that current CO2 levels (415 ppm) are at relatively low point throughout the history of earth. Lowest was 180 ppm two million years ago and the highest 4,000 (that's 10 times more than now) 500 million years ago. And life was flourishing with highest CO2 levels in the atmosphere. So when we are talking about worse living conditions with increasing greenhouse gas, we have to ask - HOW MUCH worse and WHERE? I am not saying that we shouldn't care about our impact on the planet, but we have to use logic always. And the logic tells me that removing CO2 from the atmosphere can do more damage than doing nothing. CO2 is a vital nutrient for the plants, without it they just can't grow. So we have to be very careful with this technology.
Darth maul
Darth maul 19 saat əvvəl
@Ramunas Cepaitis because they also increase the nutrients in the soil
Ramunas Cepaitis
Ramunas Cepaitis Gün əvvəl
@Shady Merchant if CO2 levels have no effect on plant growth, then why commercial greenhouses are buying CO2 gases and increasing levels of it inside to 1200 ppm (almost 3 times than we currently have in the atmosphere)? And while I am not sure if it's due to natural regrowth or us planting trees, but forest land is increasing. And we went back to 1999-2000 year level in the last few years after more than a decade of terrible deforestation. I really hope that this trend persists. And yeah, I agree with you on the last point.
Shady Merchant
Shady Merchant Gün əvvəl
The limiting factor for plant growth is ground nutrients not co2 increasing co2 doesn't help them Now if we planted more forests additional co2 would be beneficial but we aren't Also it isn't that the earth or life can't survive higher co2 its that we like the world as it is and don't want valuable coastal land swallowed up and animals and plants going extinct
Bina Deka
Bina Deka 2 gün əvvəl
The thumbnail was very straight forward
Vogue Inferno
Vogue Inferno 2 gün əvvəl
Thank god
ACanadianDude 2 gün əvvəl
10:48 Nice OSRS Dragon Pickaxe.
artvin nd
artvin nd 2 gün əvvəl
We all want it to stop but we dont want to pay the price especially when it comes to cutting back personaly, Basically everyone else has to do something but me.
Astro toast
Astro toast 3 gün əvvəl
That was a fast answer
blazecobra 3 gün əvvəl
**A fifteen minute long video** The answer: *yesn't*
A. G.
A. G. 3 gün əvvəl
Capitalism is the culprit.
just another human
just another human 3 gün əvvəl
don't think i've ever heard anyone list the top 3 causes of the environment being f**ked or even consider the question. be surprised if more than 1 in 1000 can do anything but guess
live squid
live squid 3 gün əvvəl
One thing You may have missed in this video is about contraception and giving birth to less children. The fewer humans we have on this finite planet, the healthier Earth becomes.
Cheesy NewsNetwork
Cheesy NewsNetwork 3 gün əvvəl
The climate is always changing
mar504 Gün əvvəl
Sure, on a scale of millions of years. This is different, how can you not see that?
Nath G.
Nath G. 3 gün əvvəl
Some days I think the best solution would be the villain's plan from Utopia (US version) - no babies for 3 generations. It works with all problems presented. Does it cause issues? Sure. but some days I sincerely believe it would be the easiest of "fixes", although it would take time to have any effect... just a thought... On the sadder days I've come to accept our fate and hope that we ruin ourselves before completely ruining every other species on this planet, or before abandoning ship and trying to do the same thing to Mars/the moon...
Alex M
Alex M 3 gün əvvəl
wonder how much pollution the Chinese made merch from this channel is causing
Nur Cahyadi
Nur Cahyadi 3 gün əvvəl
what if corona virus is one of the sollution for climate
GunBlade 3 gün əvvəl
Thank you for addressing the poor and developing nations. IMO many arguments feel like it comes from affluent people imposing lifestyle changes on others not so fortunate so it ends up looking like a big city dweller wants others to eat less meat and not drive a car so that THEY fan have a nice green forest to hike in when after they get off their Starbucks MacBook Tesla. I do see the opinion solution and I hear it, though I worry about centralized solutions because on size fits all in my opinion doesn't work. So add this to the individual cannot dent in he issue so maybe take a step up but not all the way up. So decentralized communities can handle it on their own and we can see what works where and collaborate. In the US, the states are supposed to be 50 petri dishes to see which policies work so I he growing centralization will give us less solutions as more power is gained for individuals.
Metaphysical Cookies
Metaphysical Cookies 3 gün əvvəl
"Never before in human history have we been richer, more advanced or powerful." You mean as far as we know, right? How are you so sure that no single previous civilizations advanced as rapidly as ours and also fell as fast as ours is about to? Hm?
Neon Universe
Neon Universe 3 gün əvvəl
Because there's no evidence
Jeremy Midgley
Jeremy Midgley 3 gün əvvəl
Mono crop / chemical / large scale / animal penned farming is CO2 generating. Pasture & grassland animal farming is CO2 adsorbing. Regenerative naturally improved soil (soil food web balanced) is CO2 adsorbing. This is and can be done on small to large scale farms.
Devas 3 gün əvvəl
the funny thing is that the thumbnail is NO
JACK FROST 11 saat əvvəl
And it true
Elias Taborda
Elias Taborda 3 gün əvvəl
Capitalism created the climate crisis, it cannot and will not stop it
CloudMinecraft 23 dəqiqə əvvəl
OneGood ✔
OneGood ✔ 4 gün əvvəl
Can fix climate change with stop/ clean all Industrial and technology.. Back to natural life before industry age.
OneGood ✔
OneGood ✔ 4 gün əvvəl
Sering kegerahan (sinar matahari terlalu memancar melebihi aturannya, dimana kulit bumi (ozon) menipis karena bangunan kaca, asap pabrik, asap kendaraan..., panas berlebih bisa merusak hutan (membakarnya), dan merusak manusia dari sisi kulit dan kepala (sakit kepala), Volume air laut naik, banyak terkikis bibir pantai.. Daratan / pulau banyak yang tenggelam secara pelan karena suhu panas di wilayah es bumi ( Antartika dll) membuat cair es. Tumbuhan banyak kering karena penenerimaan cahaya matahari sebagai sumber untuk tumbuh, melebihi batas kewajarannya karena tipisnya ozon, sehingga cahaya matahari agak lebih banyak masuk ke bumi. Meteor dengan mudah masuk ke bumi (turun kedarat) jika ozon bumi tipis. Padahal Tuhan sudah mengatur berapa ketebalan ozon bumi, berapa ketebalan volume es di Antartika pada saat awal penciptaannya. Teknologi ataupun industri tidak ada yang baik,semua merusak. Salam berfikir sehat.
vamsi krishna
vamsi krishna 4 gün əvvəl
most dislikes must be from vegans. lol!
phreatomagmatic 4 gün əvvəl
If the troposphere is trapping and retaining more heat, how do you explain Antarctica enduring it's coldest few months on record? I already know the answer to this question, but it underlies an exchange that we barely know anything about or can even proclaim to understand. This exchange is the most probable thing that will most likely prevent the catastrophic climate change that current models predict.
phreatomagmatic 4 gün əvvəl
@TheAdvertisement It's what is known as a SSW or sudden stratospheric warming. When taking the whole climate into consideration, there are no long term temperature records. We are lucky that the temperature of our planet is regulated by the huge body of water that covers around 70% of the Earth's surface. Now if the troposphere does continue to retain more heat, that should in theory lead to an increase in evaporation in turn creating more cloud cover thus reducing uv levels reaching the Earth's surface. All in all a warmer, cloudier more humid world but not the catastrophe that some are predicting.
TheAdvertisement 4 gün əvvəl
It's simple tropical variability- that's it. No one location in Antarctica has been consistently measured over long term.
Majik 1111
Majik 1111 4 gün əvvəl
What bullshit. We are in the middle of the 6th extinction event. We have only 3-4 years to make drastic change. Massive non violent social disobedience is required to force change and to kill apathy, complacency, and delusional thinking born of narcissism and cultural conditioning. Otherwise it is business as usual and the complete extinction of the human race in 10 years. This video assumes that the corporate watered down IPCC is giving us accurate information. They are not considering self reinforcing feedback loops like the Albedo effect, the changing ocean currents, the acidification of oceans, or exponential acceleration of the climate emergency and how all these feedback loops will combine to kill all life on Earth.
TheAdvertisement 4 gün əvvəl
While your heart's in the right place, you're going way to radical about it. We have much longer than 10 years.
Shivendra Rajan
Shivendra Rajan 4 gün əvvəl
so basically we're doomed
D4Z7V619 4 gün əvvəl
mar504 Gün əvvəl
It's 2021 and people still don't understand how civilizations affect on climate changes is different than natural change through earths history. There is no chance of making a big change as there are too many ignorant and stupid people who don't understand basic science.
Conducting in Tomfoolery
Conducting in Tomfoolery 3 gün əvvəl
@TheAdvertisement I’m not the ones with nuclear weapons, I just have a small car not fighter jets
TheAdvertisement 4 gün əvvəl
_sigh_ this bullshit again. Politicians aren't the ones giving data on climate change, scientists are, and in fact many politicians are against solving climate change because it directly benefits them. But the Earth has never experienced global warming on this drastic of a scale.
聖戰私菸局穆罕默德 4 gün əvvəl
臺灣 天毅天義 參見
Théo WILLARD 4 gün əvvəl
Great video ! I have doubt on 1 point. Can you explain / show example of a company that grow profit (why should it be an objective anyway) and reduce its emission. Thank you very much
Ali Emre Erdem
Ali Emre Erdem 4 gün əvvəl
"TR den bahsediyor" ):
Alice Chong
Alice Chong 4 gün əvvəl
This is the horrible truth, what will humans do until they finally realise it?
Conducting in Tomfoolery
Conducting in Tomfoolery 3 gün əvvəl
Your a human too….
Carl Jay
Carl Jay 4 gün əvvəl
Can humanity be fixed? No, too.
이가람 4 gün əvvəl
Most ideal way for cooperation between rich and poor countries, I think, is for the rich countries to R&D eco-friendly manufacturing methods and provide them to poor industrial countries to cut down carbon emissions.
Pho Q
Pho Q 4 gün əvvəl
Just in. Bill Gates donated $570000 to kurzgesagt, in an attempt to buy positive coverage!
TheAdvertisement 4 gün əvvəl
It takes just one look at the link in the pinned comment on how Kurzgesagt handles sponsorships, to know that they have the final word on anything in their video, and will not be coerced to spread misinformation.
Raymond Scott Behnoud
Raymond Scott Behnoud 4 gün əvvəl
Jeren Steffen
Jeren Steffen 4 gün əvvəl
Most people who claim to strongly believe climate change needs immediate action don't make any efforts to lower their own carbon footprint. That is why personal responsibility is important, to lead others by example. That's why I take climate change as serious as the private jet flying politicians that grandstand on it.
Jeren Steffen
Jeren Steffen 3 gün əvvəl
@TheAdvertisement Individual responsibility is about much more than just the direct impact. 1) More market demand lowers cost due to scale. Increasing accessibility. 2) The process of turning your theories into reality gives you a ton of perspective. 3) Leading by example persuades others to join in. 4) Most importantly, it exposes all the authoritarian hypocrites who don't actually give a dam. If everyone who claims they believe climate change is a serious concern actually acted as such, the problem would be solved in short time without involving governernment. Instead of going out to eat, but a solar panel. Quit your job and work for a greener company, then the non green companies will conform or collapse.
TheAdvertisement 4 gün əvvəl
The individuals' carbon footprint, while it does admittedly have an effect, is not enough. Even if everyone in America did, America's carbon footprint would still be dominated by companies.
Rohit Bumb
Rohit Bumb 4 gün əvvəl
Yeah it is the main problem with Climate Change. 50% who don't contribute to it but are affected because of it are no where in the picture. 45% who contribute to it in bits but are not affected by it don't give a shit. 5% who need to take responsibility for it come every 3 months with a video to preach the other 95% to take climate action..😅😅
Codex 4 gün əvvəl
theres a group of scientist making ships that will automatically make hexagon shape ice to stop rising of sea level
Dallas Johnson
Dallas Johnson 4 gün əvvəl
heres an Idea what about plastic roads and you could put them together like puzzle pieces and plastic last a LONG time as well so basically we could smash plastic to gather into squares and put them together like puzzle pieces.
Enegort 4 gün əvvəl
Can you fix climate change? The thumbnail: *NO!*
Sintar07 4 gün əvvəl
Ah, as always, the proposed solution to "climate change" turns out to be "vote for my party."
Ana Jaquez
Ana Jaquez 4 gün əvvəl
did they say which party they want you to vote for?
TheAdvertisement 4 gün əvvəl
You haven't watched the video have you.
TinyBearTim 5 gün əvvəl
We will be fine if china stops pollute
Conducting in Tomfoolery
Conducting in Tomfoolery 3 gün əvvəl
@TheAdvertisement and india and africax
TheAdvertisement 4 gün əvvəl
Nah. China's a huge contributor, but they aren't the only country that needs to change.
Justus G. Plörer
Justus G. Plörer 5 gün əvvəl
Sometimes I wonder if we should stop discussing how to stop rapid climate change, but rather prepare for the consequences.
Kieran Allen
Kieran Allen 5 gün əvvəl
Dear Kurzgesagt This is a brilliant and informative video. Thank you. I won't comment on the positives other than your way presenting the big picture, along with stastictics comparing industries is amazing! There one striking error, in my opinion, which I'd like to raise: You present a confusing, contradictory message on individual responsibility: One the one hand, you suggest can have no impact, but you then correctly encourage better consumer choices, and correctly suggest reduction and life style change on the part of the consumers in affluent societies. Urm. Huh? The whole point about 'individual choice' is that it isn't individual. This is like voting. The whole idea is that it only works when everyone knows that one vote makes no difference but realises that everyone voting makes all the difference. As we learnt from Monthy Python's Life of Brian: There isn't really such thing as an isolated individual. That is a consumerist myth. You mention pressuring big industry to change. If big industry changes, so will individual life styles. You correctly point out that this might annoy some people. You fail to raise the point that the very same people complaining about fossil fuels will not want to change their lives in the way that will necessarily happen if the fossil fuel industry collapses or is replaced. The whole debate on Individual VS Industry is a FALSE DICHOTOMY. Individuals work for, consumer, manage, and prop up industry. Industry depends on individuals. You actually makes the very same point when you suggest that consumer behaviour will motivate industry to change. So this clashes with your strange logical sequence of comparing one persons life time carbon output with the entirety of all industry. Because you later then make the very valid point that our behaviour influences others. I submit that having people in not only rich countries, but in the growing middle/upper classes of poorer countries become more self aware, perhaps be influenced by a little healthy dose of "guilt" (heaven forbid) is a good thing. You cannot thinking of others suffering (people or animals/eco systems) without feeling some guilt or anger which then motivates you to change or act. This can be encourage at the SAME TIME as encouraging huge focus on systemic change. Because the two are the same thing. Eternal apologies for this lengthy rant and all of the carbon i emitted while typing it on my computer, and having it take up space on a youtube server somewhere :-) Much love and keep up the amazing work!
Татьяна Барсукова
Татьяна Барсукова 5 gün əvvəl
We invite you to the international online conference "Global Crisis. Time for the Truth," to be held on December 4, 2021. The conference will be simultaneously translated into more than 100 languages and broadcast on thousands of media channels. The conference is organized by the Creative Society, an international project bringing together people from 180 countries. It is not connected to any political movement or personal interest or profit. It is a real volunteer project, carried out by people's initiative, by our own efforts and resources.
Lucy Triggle
Lucy Triggle 5 gün əvvəl
Ive always tried my best in personal responsibility, and once i have passed my driving test i intend to invest in an electric vehicle, as you stated yeah maybe it’ll be a bit more pricey. But it will be worth it. And also credit plans exist lol. But this has changed my view on who to vote for, and i will actively be looking for an MP to vote for who will take this into account. Also, While a lot of meat production is responsible. Is the Fishing industry also part of this? Im curious due to my preference of white meat or fish (im not a massive fan of red meat anyway..)
Josh Green
Josh Green 5 gün əvvəl
Isolate c02 in our atmosphere and send it to mars to start heating it , problem solved 2 birds 1 stone
Jellyfesh 5 gün əvvəl
Terry Monks
Terry Monks 5 gün əvvəl
I have just accepted humans will not fix this problem. Mother nature will. Eventually this planet will not be habitual for humans, 5,000 years later animals will be living in our old buildings
Jellyfesh 5 gün əvvəl
5k years later earth is a huge desert
Vickielindstrander 5 gün əvvəl
It is strange that if atmospheric carbon dioxide increases from 0.03% to 0.04%, the temperature will rise or not, or no one will experiment in a closed laboratory.
Riku Keyblade Master
Riku Keyblade Master 5 gün əvvəl
Yeah but unfortunately there are a few issues with this hydrocephalus and LMC which were both genetic on my father's side and every single other female that's had these disabilities haven't lived passed since the age of two years old and so far as I know of I'm the only one that has and trust me living with these disabilities are p in the park if you ask me they're not exactly easy to deal with so unfortunately I have to keep finding ways to make things much easier until there's a cure for these issues which sadly I do not believe there is ever going to be. Not saying that I lost hoped but I'm just trying to do things the way I can for now until I can find some form of a possible cure even if it takes an eternity
Sumit Ranjan Sahu
Sumit Ranjan Sahu 5 gün əvvəl
This video should have been played at the COP26 in Glasgow.. 👍👍Great job team!
Krick La Salty
Krick La Salty 6 gün əvvəl
….brought to you by the oil companies.
Dorian Corompt
Dorian Corompt 6 gün əvvəl
For capturing CO2, what about an available working cheap technology which worked for millions of years called "a tree"? Plant and bacteria are the best, and cheapest technologies we have to absorbe CO2, why rely on human technologies which create more garbage ?
Crispr CAS9
Crispr CAS9 5 gün əvvəl
Trees only capture CO2 when they are growing, and new growth forests are surprising difficult to establish and maintain.
Agent ATS
Agent ATS 6 gün əvvəl
"You will be content with something when it's gone." -Dhar Mann
Jon Of Sasek
Jon Of Sasek 6 gün əvvəl
There could be a systemic solution, but we won't deliver it on time. Just embrace the fact that doom is inevitable.
Loofah McScrubbinz
Loofah McScrubbinz 6 gün əvvəl
Stop having kids
M D 6 gün əvvəl
If all industries reverse planned obsolesence and make things that last like they used to many decades ago, then we have a chance. But all corporations want to do in every industry is make more and more $$$$ and pay their CEOs billions collectively for destroying the planet.
Flavius Barbuia
Flavius Barbuia 6 gün əvvəl
politicians, bussines men, people....see, it s all beautiful, but most people that are ignorant and stupid live a individualist lifes....,,what s it all matter if i die in 70 years,,.....stupidity,ignorance, corruption and lazyness....those are the biggest problems we have, climate change is just a repercussion....
Dima Matat
Dima Matat 6 gün əvvəl
I believe the best way to fix climate change is complete deindustrialization and a spartan lifestyle.
Diver13666 6 gün əvvəl
Or let's stop making babies! Progressively, but fast enough to reduce the world's population to 1 billion in a few dozens of years and ideally much much lower. With all the technologies available today those last hundreds of thousands will be the happiest humanity we ever seen in history. The climate change will be slow down enough to provide enough time for long term solutions to shine. The problems of this solution are: 1. It must be a world wide rule to follow and the humanity is completely split apart 2. Almost nobody accepts this idea and especially the government (in general), because population growth maintains profit growth for elites and social instability and inequality which facilitate the "crowd control" 3. We have to find a proper economical solution to maintain the comfort life for the quickly aging population 4. People are dumb and overpopulation is very often a taboo subject anyway because: reasons
Gareth Wigglesworth
Gareth Wigglesworth 6 gün əvvəl
I do not believe in climate change
Gareth Wigglesworth
Gareth Wigglesworth 6 gün əvvəl
But listened anyhow
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